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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’m pretty sure the “ghost” will be revealed to be Ferro Lad’s brother, and he would have got away with it if not for those meddling kids.


Or you could have it right now. :wink:


You and I have diametrically opposed definitions of what “having” a comic means :stuck_out_tongue:


Do we ever really “have” anything, David?


I am really enjoying James Robinson’s Wonder Woman a lot more than Rucka’s recent one. It’s kind of crazy and messes around a lot with the recent mythology the films took on board.


Look, everybody, Ronnie’s posting prog rock songs for me! I might cry :cry:


There is no greater sign of love.


I agree, it’s really good. I liked Rucka’s rebooted origin, but his run overall got bogged down by DC’s obsessive need to textually explain their editorial decisions. Robinson’s just getting on with ignoring continuity and telling a good story and, hey, it actually works! :+1:


Technically, wouldn’t they be meddling fossils in the 31st century?


Yeah absolutely, I think Rucka’s one was a bit navel gazing at times with the relationship between Diana and Cheetah and all that. Robinson just sets big stakes, has betrayals and secrets, a proper epic yarn.


Is it me or is he having something of a comeback? His Scarlett Witch series was good…but aside from quality, I feel it’s been a while since he’s had regular Big 2 work. What was he doing before that?


I think he is having a comeback. He hasn’t been away from Big 2 for that long but his main excursion was Airboy at Image and that was amazing. He basically included himself as a main character and mercilessly ripped himself to pieces for poorly received DC work.

Maybe that acted as some kind of strange catharsis.


I think some of the creators he traditionally worked with hampered him as well due to their own issues. He seems to finally have some distance from that as well.


I think so and also he had some notable run-ins with DC when they were into their Nu-52 micro management. I remember him being irked and Paul Jenkins going nuts and asking for his name to pulled off work because editors asked for half a dozen rewrites.

A lot of that seems to have been forgiven and forgotten now they allow more creator freedom.


It won’t be a true comeback until I see a new issue of LEAVE IT TO CHANCE.


Darn tootin’!


Yeah I feel Robinson has been back to producing the kind of comics he’s capable of. Scarlet Witch was really good and under the radar because of the character. Airboy, like Gar says, was pretty amazing.

I’ve picked up his Wonder Woman run but I kind of lost the place with it as I forgot what was happening, she’s not the easiest sell for me as a character, but I think I’ll give it another try.



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New Metal! New Metal! New Metal! NEW METAL!

Nu Metal?


That is all.