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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


He’s blocking them with his shoulders. He’s just that badass. :wink:


I wonder if he’s thought about using a shield?


Think I’ll trade-wait on The Shadow/Batman - looks like a lot of story. Like the Superman cover. Titan seems to be doing some interesting things.

I think I’m drifting into another one of my I-love-my-pulps phases. A Doc Savage I’m trade-waiting for. Justice the Avenger (gray fellow, only had a few pulps out, may now have many more comics than pulps); another under the “Kenneth Robeson” house name. Kelley Jones has a Shadow project and some other stuff coming up. There was just a Steve Niles / Bernie Wrightson project announced. Even the Dredd Mega-City Zero trade is out.

I just kinda Byrned this week.


Those aren’t bullets; Cap’s shoulder-pads have little blowtorches built into them. So does his sword.


Best interlude issue of Stray Bullets in a long while. I’ve really come to find these interludes annoying, mainly due to how ungodly long this arc has been - but Sunshine & Roses #30 breathed a bit of new life into it. Feels less like it’s outright riding on other, previous, interludes and forging a fun new thing.


Batman #36 - What. The. Actual. F*ck. Seriously? I feel robbed of the 5 minutes it took to Byrne steal the issue at my local.


I quite liked it. :joy:




What was wrong with it? It was a cleverly structured look into the Supes/Bats relationship. I liked the bit where they both felt sorry for each other and thought the other was superior.


Did they discuss their mothers?


I enjoyed Batman. The use of Selina and Lois to call out Clark and Bruce, was well done. And it built to a fun ending. I’m looking forward to seeing Selina and Lois playing off each other next issue.


No, they only discussed yours.


It was the superhero version of I Love You, Man. A sitcom dressed up in the trappings of a superhero comic, featuring Batman and Superman. I despair.


Sold me, and I don’t normally go for the ‘big name’ titles.


I haven’t read the new Batman yet but I have seen a bunch of people doing the whole “SEE Zack Snyder, that’s how you make a Superman/Batman collaboration” on social media, which doesn’t bode well.

I did read the first Priest Justice League book. It’s really just a teaser/setup issue, and not much to judge from, but it’s a promising start. I had thought from the premise that Batman screws up and it’s somewhat about how he’s only human, but it seems clear from reading the actual book that he’s being manipulated somehow. We’ll see. The art, however, is not up to the standards of post-Rebirth DC, even failing to achieve basic stuff like making the characters look the same from panel to panel. The book ships twice monthly so the artist will rotate, so I’m not worried about it. Still, it’s an auspicious start in the art department.


I’m afraid I’m going to run out of superlatives this week as comics were so good.

Batman #36 - In a time when DC is making fantastic comics (especially fantastic Superman comics), this issue even stands out. It’s a fun little story about how Superman and Batman introduce their significant others. The real stars of King’s story are Lois and Selina. Clay Mann’s art is just fantastic. It effortlessly sells the small personal moments as well as the big action sequences like that incredible opening splash. Such a good issue. I can’t wait for more.

Captain America #696 - I know we’re only two issues in but this is the most I’ve enjoyed Cap since @Mark_Millar wrote him in Ultimates and Civil War. Waid has Steve’s voice down perfectly as the humble but confident voice of the American Dream. Samnee is doing classic work here. The splash page of Cap on the motorcycle was pure joy. I can’t wait for more.

Superman #36 - What an incredible wrap up to a great story. I love that it had big action but the solution was a very Superman solution, empower others to take control of their future. This book is so incredible.


Wha?!? I thought it was soooooooooo good.


While we’ve all done it before, it should be noted that “Byrne stealing” is not the optimal conditions for enjoying a book.


Clay Mann’s art was spectacular. Love his work.


Imperious Lex was such a brilliant storyline.
The art and story are top level. This will make a great collection.

Marvel would have created an event out of this, such a big and ballsy concept

Instead this is just another rung on the ladder of Thomasi and Gleason’s book that seems to be getting better and better, when the norm is to fade after such a brilliant start.

Probably the best run on Superman that I’ve read.