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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Merlot the Boy Vintage


The Vintner Soldier.


Shirazrael - Jean-Paul Napa Valley


Bane’s Farm Apple Wine!


Cabernet America v Banrock the leaper




20171127_174349 just got this back from CGC after the Cincy con. Love it!


Just read the Batman Annual.

That…was not what I was expecting. It was moving in ways that I’m going to be thinking about for a few days to come.

Jesus friggin Christ that was a good comic book.


I say go for it. If you have half a heart you’ll enjoy it.


There are no ads in the Supergirl prestige book. Not even house ads.

Edit: sorry, I see Paul already had that covered.


Okay, okay. I’ll give it another go. But, if it sucks you all owe me £3. I accept Paypal.


FWIW, the new DC catalogue says that there’s going to be collections of the Batman, Supergirl, and Zatanna prestige-format series next July.


Zatanna’s is the Mystik one?

Good to see they will be collected, as each sounds very interesting.


It’s that time again!


I just put Batman #36, Superman #36 and Captain America #696 in my ComiXology cart and can’t be more excited to read all three. It’s a good time to be reading serialized comics. I mean look at that Batman cover.


Is that a new trade dress, that DC Universe logo in the corner?


New logo for the floppies


Just noticed it myself when I was picking these up. I really like it. It looks like the different families have indicators.



Yeah, I like it, a return to the old corner box look.


Marvel is also starting to do something similar.


Cap’s not doing a great job of blocking those bullets!