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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Hmm, you could go that way if you want or you play the ‘it’s DC, multiple worlds, multiple continuities, it all happened’ card.


Batman and Elmer Fudd was certainly…something. The first page alone is amazing—basically Rorschach-like monologue coming from Elmer Fudd’s perspective. The rest of the book is not up to those heights but it’s pretty fun, even if the joke wears thin by the end.


Action Comics #982 - The story is kicking into high gear now with the meat of the big fight we’ve been building toward starting in this issue. As much as I prefer Superman as the soul survivor of Krypton and don’t think his story lends towards having his own Super Family, I really liked the cliffhanger especially since SuperLex, who I really love, was involved.

Dark Knight III #9 Collector’s Edition - It was always going to be difficult for this series and particularly this issue to live up to expectations. It didn’t live up to mine but I’m not sure how it could have. I do like the blend of voices here but would be curious exactly how much of each there is. It felt like the beginning of the series started much more tightly plotted in Azzarello’s style but started to go more improvisational in Miller’s style. Kubert’s art had a real feel like it was his own style synthesized through Miller and it was interesting to see Miller’s work next to his. There were some great moments throughout the series particularly in this issue with Superman’s fight against the other Kryptonians. The coda at the end of this issue was a nice touch too. The hardcover package was really nice too. I don’t know if I would buy it as a complete set but it made for good reading and was fun to build over time. I do kind of hope we get a Miller solo DKIV now. At the onset of this story, I don’t think he could have handled his own series for health reasons but he seemed to improve greatly as this was being published.

Saga #44 - It’s starting to feel like this storyarc may not be to my tastes. I can’t exactly put my finger on why but it’s just not clicking with me. Previously, I had held on to this book as it was the only ongoing I was reading among a relatively light pull list but now I am reading so many great books that are mostly ongoing that I’m not sure I am as forgiving. I’ll likely give it one more issue before I make a firm decision.

DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here

I haven’t read the final issue of Dark Knight III yet, but my thoughts on the series in general jibe with yours. It would be interesting to know how much of this series was Azzarello and how much was Miller - I get the feeling Miller basically rubber-stamped Azzarello’s work on the main series and only really directly worked on the mini-comics. But for political (and commercial) reasons, it’s been billed as a more mixed collaboration.

The delays and the addition of the extra issue definitely indicate that the series went off the rails at some point, anyway.

A Miller DKIV might be interesting, but to be honest if he’s got his mojo back then I think I’d rather see him work on something else rather than return to this well again.

I’m glad you said that. I read the issue last night and it didn’t work for me either. I think part of the reason is the subject matter of this arc, and the way it’s being handled by the book. I get that BKV tries to be irreverent and flip with his writing, but the handling of the miscarriage and its aftermath doesn’t feel very emotionally true to the characters.

This issue moves things on very little, and dwells on a lot of the stuff that I didn’t particularly enjoy in the first issue of this arc. The lack of forward momentum also makes the more outrageous moments feel more gratuitous than they might do otherwise.

To be honest though, this fits the pattern of the book exactly. I’ve said before that each arc actually follows a very familiar formula in terms of the pacing and plot/character development, and this is pretty much par for the course for the second issue of a Saga arc. Hopefully future issues can overcome the mishandling of the miscarriage/abortion stuff so far.


I kind of liked the mix. I get the feeling that earlier issues were more of a rubber stamp by Miller and he became more involved as time went especially with him taking over 100% of the backup comics. It also seems like those backups were more and more a part of the main story. It was an interesting exercise. I probably need to reread the full run as a whole at some point. I think this book is also victim to me enjoying so many other things out right now whereas I wasn’t when it started. I think it makes me more critical as I have more choice.

I’m with you here. I was just hanging my hat on him wanting to do a follow on and I think we’re more likely to get something if it’s something he’s interested in. I think he’s already said a lot with Batman. I would be curious to see him revisit Daredevil or something similar again maybe even something new or a character he’s never touched before.

I think we are on the same page here too. I haven’t had to deal as directly with the subject matter but have been quite close to those who have and the handling here doesn’t ring true for me. The threads this arc is picking up from the last are also the ones I’m not as interested in either probably.


Recommended reading for someone reading and enjoying King’s Batman?


Sure, it’s pretty clever. Good for a laugh.


Aye, if Ambush Bug ever gets a resurgence years down the line, and Giffen ain’t around to see it, King could do a good job. He showcased knowing amount of self-wry humor there.


It’s like you’ve never used the Internet before :hushed:


Wait, that was out this week?

Damn. I hope it’s still on my order from last year, because I forgot to re-order :frowning:


I read the DKIII #9 Collector’s Edition HC tonight and thought it was a pretty good conclusion to the series. I liked the minor reveal with Superman and the acknowledgement that Bruce gives him later in the issue.

And I loved the mini-comic at the end - one of those stories that feels like it wanted to make some broad points about life that go far beyond superhero comics. There was a lightness, almost a poetry to it that worked well for me.

I may go back and read the whole series soon and see how it holds up.


I have a question, if I am allowed to be so bold…

How come there is now an ongoing comics thread rather than a new thread every week? I don’t disapprove or anything, I’m just curious.


It was decided that this was a better way to go to keep all new comics discussion in one place instead of needing to reset and relaunch the thread every week.


Plain and simple. :slight_smile:


Pages 4 to 10 of the new Wonder Woman annual is the best new comic story I have read this year.

That’s all I have to say.


I was in town with the wife this morning and while she was shopping for a new phone I wandered into the newsagents WS Smith with the intention of browsing the magazines but ended up buying this.

First time I’d bought / read a Commando comic in about two decades. Great fun stuff - just sat on the ground outside the shop and read it from cover to cover.


Seeing as Marvel gave all of these away for free a couple of weeks back, it would be rude not to give them a try.

Cable - if you had told me, back in the late 1990’s that James Robinson and Carlos Pacheco were going to be the creative team in this book I would have probably exploded with anticipation. 20 years later, both creators are a pale reflection of their earlier selves. However, this book was still an entertaining read, if not really new reader friendly - there’s very little in the way of introduction to the titular character or primary conflict.

Jean Grey - Dennis Hopeless’ new book was a really good read. He’s got a great voice for Jean, as evidenced by his Season One OGN a few years ago, and that carries on here. If you liked his Spider-Woman work this is probably worth a look too. It’s almost good enough to overlook the hideous finale to his All New X-Men run.

Iceman - wasn’t for me. Too much melodrama. Not interested in reading anymore.

Generation X - the original Lobdell & Bachalo run on this book was perhaps my first X-Men run, and it set the bar pretty damn high. This debut falls short of that pretty spectacularly.

X-Men: Gold - over shadowed by the Ardian Syaf controversy this was actually a decent book. Albeit quite run of the mill. I don’t think Guggenheim is a creator with enough clout around which to build a whole line. His work is never going to set the world on fire.

X-Men: Blue - this, on the other hand, I did really like. Cullen Bunn’s work with “the O5” here has the energy of Bendis’ earlier work, but he also has a good handle on X-lore too. This could be a really cool run. Oh, and those Art Adams covers are to die for :heart_eyes:

Weapon X - was pretty cool, for what it was, but I’m really bored with the whole over-done Weapon X mythology now. It’s been over-exposed in the comics and films.


I used to have hundreds of them back in the 70s, and it always seems unbelievable that they are still being published and finding an audience in today’s world. I wonder who buys them now, kids, or nostalgia buffs like us?

I wish you hadn’t said that. I’ve resisted buying them for years because I didn’t want to be disappointed, but now I’ll have to buy one and probably end up hooked again :smiley:


I will say the one I bought was a reprint rather than a brand new story. I’ve no clue if the new stories are up to scratch. I went for this one because of the cover - the new covers didn’t look half as good as this Ian Kennedy one.


Hmm… how would one identify that? It’s not obvious from the cover you posted. Does it clearly state it on an side page?