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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Yes it’s basically a mini trade that you could put on a shelf, although it’d be very thin.

If you have the Paul Pope Batman 100 books it’s like that.


Thanks - one more Q: Ads? Or not?

Would suspect there are now, but old-style Prestige comics didn’t have them.


Black Magick continues!


I don’t recall seeing any while thumbing through at the store, but may be wrong.

I might be talking myself into going back for it! It’s only a dollar more than the Batman Annual I bought.


Just flipped through my copy of Supergirl: Being Super #4, and there’s none.


Thanks, that makes these far more attractive - especially as they don’t yet appear to be trading them.


Update: I did go back for it. Ben’s argument was simply too compelling.


Anyone read the Super Sons annual? I’m on the fence about picking it up.


Weeks/Breitweiser – dream combo.


Read it last night and loved it. The stories are touching and the art is gorgeous. I may still be in the afterglow of it but the second story may become one of my favorite Batman tales.
I’m sincerely hope this is DC turning Batman from the cold, grim continual dickhead to everyone around him to a guy that appreciates the family he’s built and shows it; a guy who has to be Batman but also really loves being Batman.


Yeah I wrote a very quick review as I had just read it in bed on my tablet and the story impressed me so much I wanted to give an instant reaction.

I think King is a very talented writer, his Batman has been a little up and down at times but this was him at his very best and showing while he is always technically adept as a writer he can hit the emotional button too. His idol Alan Moore is like that too, regarded mostly for his cleverness but try and read The Glyph episode in Halo Jones or the Top 10 episode with the failed teleport and not be moved.

I’ve always liked Lee Weeks since he was on Daredevil back in the late 80s. He’s as good as ever and Lark never puts a foot wrong. Annuals can often be seen as an afterthought, sometimes just filler, but that’s the best of the Rebirth run so far.

I also like the way they continue to tackle the in-joke about continuity with Bruce and Selina arguing about how they met (using the golden age and Year One intros) and incorporate it into part of their duelling relationship.


Astounding tale, here. A Batman “The End” that yarn that’s not quite what you would expect.

Maybe the only Batman tale that got me choked up. Beautiful stuff, all around.


I read the Busiek Batman last night. Pretty good stuff, weirder than I was expecting. I honestly have no idea where it’s going. The writing is great and the art is GREAT. I’m not wild about the lettering, however…the story is narrated by an older gentleman and a kid, and they went with cursive for the former and chunky block letters for the latter. It’s fine, except the cursive strains my eyes to read (maybe I need to read by brighter light) and the block letters seem more like Solomon Grundy or the Hulk (Film Crit Hulk?) than a kid. It’s not a deal breaker but I’d have preferred traditional lettering.

Looking forward to reading the Annual tonight. DC just keeps on churning out good, exciting books.


So, the Batman Annual … As someone ambivalent to King’s run, who hates the continual softening of Batman, but bloody loves Lee Week art … Worth getting?


King does good single issues. I might dislike Mister Miracle, a lot, but it was very finely done.


Yes. It doesn’t soften him, it broadens him.


Honestly I wouldn’t bother. It’s a fun enough story with the Super Pets. But it’s a quick read since its very light on actual dialogue. It’s mostly barks and other animal noises. Fun but not essential.


And thus we come to the Fat Bat.

He’ll marry, settle down, discover the wine cellar, get divorced, grow a moustache and there we go!


I was excited about this until I looked at a preview and saw all the cursive. I just can’t be arsed with it. I always end up spending ages trying to decipher each word.


Drive around in the winemobile, fly the winewing, throw winarangs…