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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Doomsday Clock #1 - I’m not a particularly big fan of Watchmen, I don’t really like Geoff Johns, and I think Gary Frank was better in the old days. Thinking about it, I’m probably predisposed to not liking this. But, I really did. It’s a great first issue. Extrapolating on the end of the original work, and by doing so, clearly commenting on the state of the world today. I can’t wait to see what happens when this world clashes with the DCU. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Detective Comics #969 - the ominously titled “Fall Of The Batmen” starts this issue. Echoing a lot of Doomsday Clock’s themes, funnily enough, this is all set up as the pieces are moved into position for the fireworks to come. Now that he’s back, Tim wastes no time in making his presence felt, having a conversation with Batwoman that marks a pretty big shift in his motives. Be warned, though, @BenObiwomble, this issue also marks the next step in Stephanie’s story with the Victim Syndicate.

Joe Bennett joins the book’s art team this issue, and gives the book a clean and polished superhero look. Unfortunately, it’s quite bland in comparison to the regular work of Barrows and Martinez. Still, that’s a minor concern, all things considered. I love this book so much; I only hope the forthcoming “Fall” doesn’t do irreparable damage to it’s status quo.


Well, shit. I trust you’ll let me know how it works out, this clearly being a big arc and all.


Read a rant against Doomsday Clock (from someone many of us know but is not here at the moment) mostly about Gary Frank’s art, and how it did not match what Dave done did. This seems to be a polarizing comic. That’s always good.


Savage Dragon # 228 - continuation of the new status quo of Malcolm Dragon and family moving to Canada after Trump declares extraterrestrials non grata in America. Larsen is really pushing the adult material now. Three pages in particular made me feel like I needed a shower…and not a cold one.


Damn right!


I think I need to go to the doctor or at the very least the optician as I read the latest War Story (seems Avatar haven’t completely sunk*) and I didn’t once go “This art stinks” and in fact went “That panel/expression/detail/etc looks pretty good” several times.

.* there maybe should be a “yet” there as the usual half dozen pages of upcoming titles were missing, instead replaced with adverts for previously published trades


You, er, know the series is ending, right?


Yeah, but I’m now hopeful the last issue if this story is actually going to get published.


Action Comics #992 - This issue deals with the aftermath of the Oz Effect storyline. I like some of the places they go with it. The surprise appearance by Booster Gold to try to stop Superman from using the Cosmic Treadmill has me intrigued for the next storyline. We’re also 8 issues from #1000. So exciting.

Cable #151 - I like that this story is reintroducing Cable as a time traveler. It appears that the team that is being collected is from multiple points in time. It looks quite interesting. Of course, @JonMalin’s artwork is incredible. If you loved X-Force under @RobLiefeld, you should be reading this book.

Doom Patrol #9 - Still enjoying this book. Nick Derington is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. This issue really seems to start the new storyline rolling. I’m still in.

Doomsday Clock #1 - I have similar pre-dispostions as @Vikram. I’ve never really cared for Watchmen and I don’t think Geoff Johns is horrible but he’s not my favorite writer. I’m not particularly enamored with Rorschach but I do think Mime and Marionette are interesting additions to the mythos. I also like the Clark Kent bit at the end of the issue. I’m curious what Johns et al have planned.


Hi Ronnie, is 151 the first of the ‘new’ arcs & renumbering?

I’m with you on Derrington by the way, surely destined for great things. His covers are amazing as well.


This was the second issue in the arc. #150 was the start.


Ta, I’ll maybe give 150 a read

I’m in the mood for something a bit ‘90s’ at the moment



The first issue of this new volume of moon knight by max bemis & jacen burrows was really good.

Moon Knight has probably Marvel’s most consistently strong book since the Ellis run with Shalvey.

I think this is the first thing I’ve read by bemis and based on the first issue here he could be a writer to watch out for.


Aye, his Foolkiller had moments as well.

Though the worst I’ve read from him was his Crossed arcs. Which were just so bad and felt like they desperately wanted to be Spurrier. But more of a finely tuned voice in Moon Knight.


That Busiek Batman book looks real nice, although I will wait until it’s collected.


Ditto. Really looking forward to that.


Just read the new Batman annual. Loved it. Moving story, great Lee Weeks art (and Michael Lark on the epilogue).


It’s possible you’ll be waiting a while. The last one of these prestige minis they did, Supergirl: Bring Super, finished in June and there’s no sign of a collection yet.


Are they full on, old-style Prestige editions ie. mini-books?