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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Good, that’s the smart play! I’ll never slag anyone for that. I like that you gave it a go and then went: Nope, not for me.

I was more aiming at the fan tendency to go ‘this is awful!’ and then they buy the entire run of a series they apparently hated from the start!


I am guilty of that with Mister Miracle. I don’t think much of it. But part of why I’m still on it is because we get so little actual focus for the New Gods. I feel like I should at least see it through to the end. See what there is to say.


I do get why people do it, I’m just at that stage now where I’ll instead go: Stuff this for a lark.


Like you said, it’s superhero comics


A quote for the cover of the collected edition.


Doomsday Clock - it’s piffle as a sequel to Watchmen - it basically undoes the point of the finale pretty instantly,
Veidt just looks dumb wearing his ornate costume while skulking around in the owl cave, Rorsharch was a uniquely disturbed character so it’ll take some writing to explain why someone else is acting and speaking in exactly the same way

Get past that (and I have as I was expecting it) and it’s an interesting and well done DC mystery comic. Gary Frank is on fire, I hope he has enough in the can they get to the end without having to resort to fill-ins, it’s been a long time since he did a monthly book and this one is oversized. It does have me wanting to read the next one, so I will. :smile:


I think the idea that it was ever going to live up to Watchmen as a true sequel was always a bit unlikely. I’m glad that those who are interested in it are getting a competently-produced comic, and I hope it manages to make the clash between the Watchmen world and the DC world interesting and entertaining.


Also, apparently two characters are also “Watchmenized” versions of other Charlston characters. So…that’s a neat thing that I liked. Keeps at least the root base somewhat intact.


The afternoon never worked out as planned and the Celtic game was on tonight (no comment) so I’ve just got to Doomsday Clock 1 now.

First off, and I think Gar touches on this in the post above, if you are looking for a sequel to The Watchmen then you are going to be very disappointed, because it’s not what this is.
This is the first real buds from the seeds sewn at the start of Rebirth and the startling revelations of the 80 page Rebirth special that johns wrote away back in April 2016, seemingly bringing The Watchmen characters to the DC Universe proper.

Johns does a good job of making it clear that this is not intended as a direct sequel to Watchmen, it may happen after the events of Watchmen, but the intention is clear here for anyone who has not been reading DC since Rebirth and is looking for a sequel to arguable the greatest comic book series of all time.

And it’s clever.

the end is here you see, it is no longer nigh. Rorschach sounds like a impersonation of himself, because he is indeed not Rorschach. And johns wiaely opts not to leave it until the next issue before bringing a well ‘kent’ face from the dc universe into the proceedings - just to lay down the emphasis that this is a dc universe event and not the next chapter to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons masterpiece

It’s a page turner which raises a few questions and has me as the reader looking forward to reading more.

Gary Frank’s art is fantastic as always, as are Anderson’s colours. It’s a great looking book.


I liked Doomsday Clock quite a lot. It read more like a good Geoff Johns book than a bad Alan Moore book to me. It was a little hamfisted thematically (and the original Watchmen is hardly subtle) but very nice storytelling. Chalk it up to Frank if you wish but I enjoyed it very much as a set-up issue, with a wonderful last panel.

That said if each issue is $4.99 then I might wait for the hardcover to finish it up.


It looks from the solicitations they are $4.99 and at normal page count instead of the longer one here.


Woah, I might join Robert in his wait then.


Strangely I didn’t notice as much because I use the UK Comixology page after merging my Amazon account and their pricing doesn’t seem as much as they seem to increase 50p for each dollar (which is way lower than the exchange rate).

Quick comparison of their pricing to the real value:

$1.99 - £1.49 Real value $1.98
$2.99 - £1.99 Real value $2.64
$3.99 - £2.49 Real Value $3.31
$4.99 - £2.99 Real Value $3.97

After decades of being ripped off on conversion rates by Diamond it’s surprisingly nice the comic was in fact just below $3.99 for me.


Johns is hit or miss with me but I really enjoyed it. Very curious to see who the new Rorschach is. Part of me hopes it’ll be a mystery never solved but knowing this is Johns I have a feeling it’ll be someone we’re familiar with.

Anyone else pick up Moon Knight? Is the Dr Emmett in this book the same doctor Spector fought against in the previous series?


I’ve noticed this recently too. With the way the USD/GBP exchange rate is lately, Comixology’s pricing in general is pretty generous to UK readers.


I really liked Before Watchmen and have no problem considering it canon.

I read Doomsday Clock 1 this morning. Do I have any interest in a Watchmen/DC Crossover? Nope. Am I intrigued to know what happens? Yes…well, enough to buy the first 3 issues at least. Did I like it? It was okay.


My bet is the new Rorschach is the psychiatrist from the prison, they make a big point of showing he’s black.


He was at point zero, I’m thinking son.


Yeah it’s probably payback for some of the very ungenerous conversions for print over the years. I saw someone moan on Facebook the other day at a $14.99 Image trade being sold at £13.99 (should be £11.28).


Everyone raving about Doomsday Clock is missing out on the week’s real big releases.