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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I can totally see that - especially on facial features.


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How about we talk about some actual comic books for a bit?

Captain America #695 - wasn’t quite the home run I was hoping for, but Waid & Samnee’s debut issue was a lovely palate cleanser for the character. There were some nice storytelling choices, in the use of the flashback and the little girl from the past showing up in the present. But, I did get pulled out of the story when in an earlier scene you could clearly see one of the bad guys wondering around in costume, before their dramatic arrival - did no one notice beforehand? And also, wasn’t Waid one of the creators giving JMS a hard time for his “Superman walks the US” storyline a few years ago? Ironic to see him do basically the same thing here with Cap instead. I do love this creative team, though, and will follow them anywhere. I hope the rumours of a short run are unfounded.

Spider-man/ Deadpool #23 - I loved the Kelly/ McGuiness story arc on this book (seriously, folks, buy the forthcoming OHC - it’s fab!) but I wasn’t planning on buying anymore. They then went and got Chris Bachalo as regular artist, and I couldn’t really say “no”. Bachalo remains one of the few artists who is pretty much a must buy for me. #23’s the start of a new run by Robbie Thompson, but it’s not particularly new reader friendly. Lots of continuity references that went straight over my head. When did Deadpool kill Coulson? Why is Peter Parker a bum again? But … Man … That art!

Defenders #6 and #7 - this book’s really got a great rhythm going now. Bendis and Marquez are a great creative team, and are producing a brilliant comic here. It’s everything you wanted the TV show to be. There’s a fantastic multi-page, multi-panel fight scene in #7 between Iron Fist and Elektra, for example; Marquez really sells that with his art, and it’s clear Bendis is having a ball writing Danny. I don’t know what the future holds for this book, given Bendis’ forthcoming departure, but if they can keep Marquez on it, it’s going to stay on my pull list. I want to read more of this team. They’re great characters that really work well together.


I liked the route they went turning it into an nice done-in-one before their real story gets started. It helps set the stage for their run and gives some idea what their tenure on the book will look like.

It actually took me by surprise but I assumed the villains were people in cosplay using a similar ruse to Steve’s own.

I was actually just thinking about this very thing after reading through solicitations. I think the differences is that it fits Cap whereas it was a poor fit for a Superman story especially when the Superman story just emphasized him walking across the US. Cap can really only be in one place at a time whereas Superman can be virtually anywhere in a matter of minutes.


It was still a great issue. Just not “jump in the air, fist pumping, shouting for joy” great, like Waid’s Daredevil #1 from a few years ago, or indeed Captain America #444.


Cap’s done it before, though. There was a storyline from the 80s where he set up an 800 line for folks to call with problems and he traveled the country solving them. It didn’t last long that I recall.


I did not know that. I didn’t have much interest in Cap before Waid’s initial run.


That’d be by Gruenwald?


That sounds right.


I’ll pick up on this when it gets to Marvel Unlimited. I actually think Bendis is going out on a real high at Marvel. I’ve been reading both his Iron Man books and Jessica Jones recently and they are among his best stuff for years.

(The iFanboy review team also gushed about the Marquez art on that Defenders fight scene).


The comic shop pull list stack:

On that evidence looks like Doomsday Clock is gonna be a big seller (admittedly hardly a surprise).


I’m pretty excited for a 3pm visit to comixology…I’m working from home today and I’m cancelling any meeting invites that come thru for 3-4pm!


Doomsday Clock #1: I have to admit, I was wary. Honestly, the only reason I ended up checking it out was due to finding out that people were making it into a moral/ethical issue. That makes no sense to me, it’s a cape comic. There’s been comics where Orion commits genocide and the Source is evil - but in the end I don’t say that it’s against some sort of moral statute that people read them. So, I thought, could it really be that bad to call a sin?

And it’s alright. It’s definitely a Johns comic, so he adds in more humor and “skits” into the unfolding action. Frank’s art is stand-out the highlight and he really makes use of the 3x3 structure. The series is very much going to be much more decompressed than its predecessor, but the set-up that unfolds here is well done and it has a few impact moments to its credit. Like most expected it’s very much meant to be a Superman story, so I’m looking at it in that lens and…there’s just this brilliant sequence in there. Now give me Luthor, soon!


Read Doomsday Clock out of sheer morbid curiosity more than anything else and hated it.
It felt like a really bad cover version, like Take That covering Nirvana. Just nasty stuff that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


Seriously? Really?

OK, so you gave it a chance, didn’t like it - am I going to have to read the same review for the next 11 issues? Or are you going to do the smart thing and spend that money on something else you’ll enjoy more?


I believe he’s referring to the Mooreists who think Watchmen should be left alone.


That and I saw posts on social media earlier this week saying that the very concept of Doomsday Clock is shameful for the comic industry, creativity, and human dignity.

It’s ridiculous…it’s a superhero comic.


So, they presumably ranted about Before Watchmen a few years back and here they are again, right?

What I find amusing about this is: IF you really wanted to only see Watchmen as the 12-issue series, then logically you would simply not recognise, nor deem to give any attention, any other story claiming to be linked to it. Instead, their ranting gives that which they despise a form of recognition!

It is, absolutely.


I will be walking way. It wasn’t my thing I’m done.
I can understand about you not wanting to hear people bitching though, it can be frustrating.


Aye. Your opinion is valid nonetheless. It’s not a very good rendition of Watchmen, but as a Johns comic, I feel he’s written worse. So if you are looking for Watchmen, steer clear - Johns’ thematics are blunt and groaners so far.