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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


This came out today. A copy now sits on my desk.


The comic shop pic.

I like that these show a little how popular the books are by the size of the pile (they are all the standing orders so definite sales). Dark Nights doing well in Wales.


I need to give it another read but Batman Lost was pretty great. A nice little labyrinth of a book that dropped cool little bread crumbs everywhere and turned back on itself in a satisfying way.


My shop still didn’t have Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Book One. Next week.

Action Comics #991 - This was the finally of the story that revealed the mysterious identity of Mr. Oz, the man who has been manipulating Superman for sometime. The character goes back to Geoff John’s time on Superman pre-Rebirth. So it’s likely he’s been building toward Doomsday Clock for some time. For those who haven’t been reading, it’s Jor-El. These kind of stories honestly aren’t my thing but I think the team behind it, Dan Jurgens and Viktor Bogdanavic, have done a great job with execution. I’ll be curious to see how this all plays into future plans.

Batman Lost #1 - Like @RobertB said, this is a cool little book that asks more questions than it answers and neatly brings us back to the beginning with a satisfying resolution. This book is a bit like other milestone or vignette books and it might be interesting to see some of these threads followed up on. I’m looking forward to more Dark Nights: Metal.

Mister Miracle #4 - Finally, Mister Miracle punches the shit out of Darkse… Orion. This book has a quirk and feel all of its own that I’m loving. It seems to be telling a cosmic story from the street level which sounds really odd but works so well. King and Gerads are really killing it on this book.



It’s Wednesday again isn’t it? Looks like Super Sons #10, Superman #35, Wild Storm #9 and hopefully a copy of Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Book One.

Edit: It also looks like ComiXology have reverted to the way they used to display new releases on their front page.


Blearily cranking open eye shutters to note Wild Storm - and if there’s others I’ll let you know after my nap.


Not one, but TWO new books from Mike Mignola this week: the restart of JENNY FINN, and RASPUTIN.


Sadly, even FP over here are finding this tricky to get. I’m wondering if DC underestimated the interest.

Similarly, no sign of the big Batman omniboo that hit the direct market last week.



It’s only reinforced my decision to go digital on the majority of my other comics.


The first JENNY FINN series began at Oni Press, which released only two issues. Years later BOOM! picked up the rights and finished up that mini, releasing a TPB called Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah. Now Mignola and Troy Nixey are releasing the second series at Dark Horse.


Thanks, does it also count as a Mignolaverse book?


No connection, as far as I know. This is a standalone, like JOE GOLEM and BALTIMORE.


Thanks, can’t buy everything these days - there’s a lot of good stuff, too much to buy! Isn’t it simply awful?


The latest Mister Miracle (I may be a week late) was the best yet. Tom King is pushing the envelope with these books, the mix of the mundane and the crazy Kirby concepts is amazing, the dialogue with Orion the most effective I have read in any big two book for years.

I have no idea what is going on but I am loving the journey.


Yeah I read this last night I thought it was fantastic


This week wasn’t necessarily a bad week but also wasn’t one the blew me out of the water even with some of the same books that have in the past.

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Book One - The format of this book was nice, almost exactly the same as the Deluxe Editions of DKIII. The art was nice but the story could have used something more. I’ve started to figure out that the endings aren’t always satisfying in the BD style books. There was a big reveal hinted at in this book that was held back for the next. I also have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the Joker. At this point, I’ve probably read enough Joker stories to last me a lifetime especially if nothing incredibly different is being done with the character.

Super Sons #10 - This issue basically set up the new status quo for this book. So there wasn’t anything too exciting. I still like the banter between the characters so it wasn’t bad, just not up to the level of previous issues.

Superman #35 - This has been a storyline I have been looking forward to. It isn’t bad but it seems to be just falling short of the epicness I’ve come to expect from this book. I’m still looking forward to more of this story though.

Wild Storm #9 - This felt like a bit of a “sit and talk” issue without a lot of action or even much exposition. Still not a bad issue but it did feel like it was marking time a bit.


On the latest Wild Storm I enjoyed seeing the variant cover from Jim Lee using his occasional Frank Miller style. Looks like it could have come straight out of the Ronin era.


That’s amazing

I’d love to own that original piece, it merits framing.


At first glance I thought it was Trev Harsine, which is not an insult