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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I had to tweet the Comixology Support team and they gave me this link to ‘recently reduced’.

They don’t seem to be deliberately hiding it which suggests a botched redesign.


Here’s what mine looks like. The “Recently Reduced” is on the sidebar where I’ve circled it.


It appeared on the UK site in the last 5 minutes. Looks like a bit of a balls up.

Edit: Bigger balls up, still doesn’t work, went to the checkout and denied being able to buy the book as it wasn’t the UK site. I am now tied to the UK site because of the Kindle/Amazon link up.


The sidebar is different:


So weird.


Wow those images are amazing - so many of them are great

I now also really want to see a Dini and Samnee Batman book


Yeah, it’s awesome how many sides he shows of Batman in just a few single panels. Plus all the amazing renditions of the supporting cast (I love the Two-Face one and Nightwing/Batgirl one).

EDIT: Just realized the link I posted cut off after Day 23. Here are the rest, including the Nightwing/Batgirl one. Day 24 is just incredible craft- and mood-wise. Day 30 and 31 are simple but really powerful.


I have finally got my comics but had a moan at them after they told me it was ‘no problem’.


black lightening # 1 may have interested me more as a kid, but for a 39 year old who has been reading superhero comics for too long, this was pretty unremarkable and standard stuff.

I don’t think it helps that I have no affinity for the character.

I don’t know how others who do, feel about the book?


I liked the small team-up arc he had with Blue Demon at the start of the New 52, but I agree with your assessment.


There is simply nothing that makes and its subsidiaries move faster nor more efficiently than a snarky comics fan!


Batman #34 Bit of a quick read, but I’m loving the Bruce and Selina banter. And there’s some good Damien moments too. It’s always good to see his brotherly relationship with Dick being brought up. And the scene with Superman telling him Jon wouldn’t want to play with him anymore, if he tried to kill him, made me chuckle.


I’d been thinking about them recently, as I’ve been doing a bit of a re-read of the Runaways, and I took a bit of a gamble on power pack # 63

This was a brilliant and really interesting way of reintroducing these characters as well as a bit of an update on the status quo - written by Devin Grayson

Turns out that this is a one shot, part of a series of Legacy One shots, continuing with Master of Kung Fu, Not Branch Echh(?), Silver Sable and the Wild Pack, and finally Darkhawk - they seem to be designed to get people to write in and request more.

On the basis of this I might check out some of the others.

As much of a mess Marvel is right now, they are again publishing good books there somewhere, just takes a bit of effort to find them.


I also read Gravediggers Union # 1 from Image.

I didn’t ‘dig’ it.

It was written by Wes Craig, the hugely talented artist of Deadly Class.
Unfortunately, his writing skills do not match his art.

I gave up before the end, the dialogue just felt very random and it just didn’t draw me in at all.


My LCS stuck Batman: White Knight instead of Batman: Dark Prince Charming in my box. So I won’t have it until next week. Anyone pick it up? How was it?


Don’t yet have my copy, hopefully soon.


Captain America #695 - Wow! This issue is kind of a done-in-one that also introduces the new direction. The fallout from Secret Empire is dealt with rather well without lingering on it. Marvel has evidently slid the timeline on Cap being revived and the Avengers forming to have happened 10 years ago. All of that is fairly tertiary to the actual story which is sheer Mark Waid/Chris Samnee perfection. This is the kind of Captain America story that I want.

Superman #34 - I’m not the biggest fan of Ed Benes’ style but it’s far from poor and does a good job of telling the story which I am enjoying. I can’t wait to see more of Lex, Superman, Lois and Superboy on Apokolips.


Batman The Devastator was a good one-shot but not the best, Tony Daniels got great art but the story didn’t explain itself well (why did superman suddenly become evil). These would have probably been better as short miniseries like in flashpoint, and relegated to only a few of them, or spread out more considering metals now going all the way to april.


It’s that day again. What’s in your pull box? What’re you reading?

I should be picking up Action Comics #991 and Mister Miracle #4 (hopefully Scott finally gives Orion the beating he deserves :wink: ). I should also have Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Book One as a reorder from last week and might possibly pick up Batman Lost #1 as part of the Dark Nights: Metal series.


Mister Miracle #4 - I’m going to have to take back a bit of my compliments for the previous issue. Scott is still acting pretty dumb. The issue itself is fine at least. Perhaps the actions in the issue didn’t need a full issue - but even if Scott is still somehow blinded to the facts, and King is really under utilizing the Fourth World mythos concepts and still interjects bland terminology, the plot is still actually moving forward. So…things are moving forward is the best I can give it.

Moon Knight #1 (or whatever the Legacy # Is) - I am reading this solely for Burrows and I felt that he is fantastic here. While not as meticulously well crafted as his art on Providence, it’s rather well done visually and the coloring accentuates his strengths more than any of his Crossed stories ever did.