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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Action Comics #990 - Still not completely onboard with the retcons being made with this story but enjoying the story and art none the less. I’ll be interested to see where it winds up. It’s also exciting to be within 10 issues of issue #1000.


I read last week’s dan dare # 1

If anyone has been mulling over picking this up, this is good Peter Milligan.
It’s not the out there Peter Milligan, but it’s intelligent and engaging.
Worth a read if you like the character.

Get the Chris Weston cover though, if you are reading in floppy - the Christian Ward one doesn’t feel right at all for the series. It’s shit.


Agreed. Weston’s cover is the bee’s knees.

My only issue is that it’s not Weston on interiors too.


That is absolutely beautiful…



It’s that day again. Looks like ComiXology is a little slow in updating though. I should have Superman #34 there and Batman: Dark Prince Charming Book One waiting for me in my pull box. I’m pretty pumped about the BD style Batman book. I hope it lives up to my expectations.


Yeah something has gone wrong. I normally see it updated at 9pm (which should be 9am EST). It’s now 2 and a half hours later and they have very limited categories showing. No new releases, no digital first, no recently reduced which are usually there.


I’m really interested in reading the Dark Prince Charming but I’ve just clocked that it’s £8.99 on comiXology and there no way I’m paying that for a digital copy.

I’ll wait until a single volume collection comes out I think.

batman: White Knight # 1 was really good, so much so that I want a collected, paper volume of it - so unfortunately that means holding off on the rest of single issues until it’s collected


Looks like a mess to me, whatever they are trying.


Wow. That’s kind of dumb especially with no warning. I can understand if they’re trying to appeal better to the casual visitor but I wouldn’t think abandoning the Wednesday crowd in doing so would be beneficial.


We’ll see. I have been party to a few web launch redesigns that are disastrous and get reversed. Right now I haven’t bought anything as I tend to use a combination of ‘new releases’, ‘digital firsts’ and ‘recently reduced’ and half of it is missing even using the left navigations.

If others have done the same and it hits them in the pocket then they’ll fix it quickly.


That’s almost my tactic exactly. I do see the “Digital First” and “Recently Reduced” links. I don’t see the “Just Released” (?), the one that was new digital release of old material, though.


Mine is working as normal - is this only US and certain other countries?


Also the Waid/Samnee Captain America run started today.


captain America 695 by Waid & Samnee was a back to basics, stripped back throwback.

I quite enjoyed it, but I’m not a dedicated Captain America reader or long time fan - I really liked Brubaker’s run and I also enjoyed what Remender did.

There’s a nice backmatter page from Waid which does its best to persuade me to keep reading.

I think fans will enjoy this, it maybe doesn’t do enough to attract a casual reader, like me, who is more interested in DC superhero books


I’m on the UK site and ‘recently reduced’ is not to be seen. ‘New releases’ is in a banner instead of the usual category.


Looks like the New Releases are now on one page, separated by publisher. Page is still being worked on, apparently.


Speaking of Chris Samnee and DC superheroes, have you seen Samnee’s Batman Inktober sketches, Chris? They made me want to see him on a Batman book with a writer like Paul Dini ASAP.

Here’s the thread:


They’ve been amazing. I would love to see him on just about any DC book. Though I will gladly pick up the current Captain America book with him and Waid. I met Samnee very early in his career. He’s a phenomenal talent and a hell of a nice guy.


In general, when it comes to comics people I find two categories; good folks and people I have not yet met.


Ah hold on sorry I think I’m getting mixed up