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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I always prefered Hal as either Parallax or The Spectre. The idea of him being this fallen hero, constantly reminding his friends how far they could fall, was always a very cool concept to me.


He was brought back to the ring because there was a persistent campaign to bring him back. What we’re seeing right now at Marvel is how fans thought of Kyle Rayner replacing a fallen Hal Jordan. Which is kind of funny, because a fallen Hal Jordan in one form or another had also produced John Stewart, Guy Gardner…Really, he’s the Hulk Hogan of superheroes. You might have Macho Man or Ultimate Warrior temporarily succeed him, but Hogan always came back and continued his never-ending dominance at the top of the card. And of course now we have Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz technically succeeding him as Venditti continues what I consider side adventures.

Anyway, yeah, I’m a Hal Jordan guy.


I’ve never liked a GL comic (haven’t read Alan Moore’s GL but I think I might like those comics) and yet I kinda like the character. I thought the character was well used in Red Son.


He only did 3 or 4 shorts, all in the DC Universe by Alan Moore TP. Good stuff.


My Comic Shop Guy twisted me arm until I bought Batman: White Knight.

I’m very impressed. This Sean Murphy fellow can certainly draw a bit, but more importantly (and surprisingly, for me, because I’ve only known him as an artist before) he written a very clever story. I won’t give the details away, but he’s come up with an “Oh of course!” take on Batman and the Joker that you can’t believe hasn’t been done before.

Murphy’s writing is often really wordy – I just tried counting the words in one random panel, and gave up when I reached 100 – and I know some people won’t like that, but it works for me. He’s wordy in the right places, and shuts up to let the art carry action sequences, so the pacing feels right throughout the comic, and the word-count lets him set up and explore the story’s concept thoroughly.

Overall I’m really impressed, and I’ll be back for #2.


Ok, I’m here to redirect the conversation away from the White Noise that is Hal Jordan and back to the fantastic book that is Wildstorm #8. While i agree that Ellis’ ideas and concepts were amazing, Davis-Hunt’s images were mind-blowing as well. When Shen spread her wings, traveled into Jenny’s head and went to meet the previous Doctors, Davis-Hunt excelled to the nth degree.

Two personality concept issues stuck out though. female Jackson is way weird with the Yo Ho’s and the way she treats Mitch and 2.) Shen is now the DOCTOR!!!, WTF! I loved Jeroen :angry: also: jenni mei sparks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


All well, Jenny Media was a pipe dream


Yeah, I thought White Night was very good


It’s that day again. Looks like Action Comics #990 this week for me.


Picked up the hardcover WILDSTORM: A CELEBRATION OF 25 YEARS this morning. What a wonderful surprise!



I’ve been waiting to hear a review on that one before I dive in. Let us know what you think.


Giffen curated the DC Halloween Special this year.

That’s an instant buy.


Not at $10 though, even with that page count.


Detective Comics #967 was pretty special. Light on action, but big on emotion, as we finally get the reunion we’ve waited a year for. We get some really nice team bonding, and the first in continuity appearance of the Gotham Knights. That was a nice touch. Tynion keeps pulling at my 1990’s DC fanboy heartstrings with “and I feel that name tugging on my heart” promising more of that to come. Bat-Tim continues to be badass, with the ending setting up some pretty awesome fireworks to come next issue: “You’re good, but you can’t beat the real Batman and all four Robins at the same time”. Bring it on. Alvaro Martinez is on art duties this issue, and it’s amazing as always. Great book all round.


This is a great celebration of the WildStorm publications. There are pinups and pages referencing Alan Moore’s ABC line and at least one of the Homage books (Astro City), but most of the book is devoted to the books and characters in the WildStorm Universe we knew and loved. And not just the major ones, either; Jet is there, as is Brass, who were both peripheral characters.

The first WildCATs book is republished here in black and white, as are the first two Millar/Quitely issues of Authority (without editorial cuts). The first Grant Morrison/Jim Lee WildCATs issue is included in full color, along with the full script for the second issue. And there are a bunch of small vignette stories written/drawn by the creators must closely associated with certain characters and books (great to see work again from Brett Booth, Dustin Nguyen, Neil Googe and others).

A casual fan may not be as excited about this book as someone like me (or Lorcan), but I am just thrilled that the WS crew put this together. I get the feeling they were as excited and enthusiastic about releasing this as I am to buy it. My only quibble is that the book could have benefited from a Table of Contents.

In summary, if you have nostalgic love for the old WSU, GET THIS BOOK!!!


Will do!

(Do we realize, if paid monthly, October and November are each 37 days long? Funny old world.)


Rereading the first Wildcats book was a joy. looking at young Jim Lee’s full page spreads of Voodoo and Zealot was just as impressive the second time around, Some pinups have a character quote to go with them that really made me smile like “There has to be someone left to save the world” by Jenny Sparks accompanying a Hitch Pinup of The Authority.

edit: for real fans, there is the front and back inside covers where you can name all the faces.


(Green Noise)

(Although White Noise is acceptable, too, strangely.)


It’s Hallowe’en! All the Halloween Man titles on sale!

Done pimping now.