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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


The pedants are revolting.


The only reason I made the distinction is that you are actually buying the book and being given the case because presumably you bought all the other books too. At $12.99 per issue, it’s not like they’re giving you anything. It’s just a really nice set I think.


I would guess that the cost of the slipcase has been spread across the prices for the nine HC issues. It’s probably not that much anyway (although I guess extra shipping/storage costs for such a large item might factor in).


And revolting’s the word :smile:


It looks like retail would be $117 all together.

Similar reissue of collections in this format were $125 for Watchmen and $50 for Dark Knight Returns. So I guess that fits somewhere in the middle.


With all of them it’s a little over $10 an issue, so I guess that’s about right.

To be honest I’m not a big fan of the individual-HCs-for-each-issue format that DC have been pushing lately (especially for books like Watchmen and the original DKR when you can already get collections in pretty much every format you could want), I bought the HCs largely because I wanted to buy the book physically and the HCs had the mini-comic art at full size.

I’m already thinking I might sell the boxset on and buy the regular HC collection when it comes out.


I like the idea as it allows you to treat each issue individually as they would have when they were being issued. However, I would never pay the price for them. I bought the DKIII issues this way for the novelty. I like oversized hardcovers and would like to see more US companies embrace BD style albums. This was as close as some of the come. So I gave it a shot.


My local comic shop didn’t get:
DK3 #9 hardcover & slipcase
Superman #25
Detective Comics #959

That’s my whole week ruined. Me sad :slightly_frowning_face:


What?!? Why?


One (or more) of the boxes in their weekly shipment has gone walkabout.

My LCS guy thinks it’s related to yesterday’s worldwide cyber attack.


I bought the Batman vs Elmer Fudd book.

I’m not proud of this. Review to come tomorrow.


It was the funniest DC comic this side of Ambush Bug.


Oh, I’m keen to hear about this one. The preview looked like great fun.


That happened to my buddy Brian a couple times when he ran Cabin Fever Comics. It’s happened to Jason and Kevin out at Grand Slam, too. Hopefully they were simply delayed.

Oh, and Black Magick #6. Rowan’s back!


Ditto on that one lol


Oh, I don’t know, the title sounds quite of awesome:

“Be very quiet, I’m hunting batties”


It was all the Looney Tunes character analogues in the preview that I liked.


Picked up my copy of DKIII #9 Collector’s Edition. My box came fully assembled with a plug in place of #1-8 and not flat like the earlier picture.

Edit: Just realized that’s actually 4 different boxes in the first picture I posted so all 4 sides can be seen.


Nice :+1:t3:

Picked up Wonder Woman #25 digitally. For those of you who’ve read this, and bearing in mind I only read the Liam Sharp “modern day” issues, am I right in thinking: Rucka has basically written off Azzarello’s run, and all earlier runs, as the gods messing with Diana’s memories to prevent her finding her way back to Themiscyra and unwittingly unleashing the imprisoned Ares?

As a big fan of the New52 run I’m quite disappointed.


Ya. I dropped it fairly early on for just that reason.