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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


If only there was an old saying about how not to judge a book that could help us in this situation.


Perhaps. I’m pretty over guns though.


Sex Criminals could be the greatest comics work of all time but I’m not going to buy it because of that stupid name.


This whole Kill or Be Killed debate stands out more to me due to how great the Criminal and Fatale covers looked.

I like the title here though, but the covers make it look like some thrillkiller comic and that turned me off it. I have no idea if that’s what its actually about, but some guy in a red mask brandishing a gun isn’t very appealing or interesting.


Don’t get me wrong I will buy the OHC if one comes out to put alongside the Criminal, Fatale, and Fade Out ones. Maybe if three days ever goes by without a mass shooting here then I will be into a book on the premise of “hey check it out, guns!” But I don’t know.

However I did have a peek on Amazon to see what the book is actually about, and will say that this negative review makes it sound great to me:

11 AM


It is absolutely great though. It is a more realistic take on the Kick-Ass/Batman idea of a guy going out to be a vigilante…And it is as dark as hell, and won’t be for everyone.

I will say that I am possibly bringing my own biases. Anything by Brubaker and Philips is an automatic purchase for me.

I read some of it and thought it was okay. Very Matt Fraction-y. It isn’t something that I would read on public transport though. :grimacing:


@RobertB is right.

That review is the sort of thing these covers should convey.

Again, I blame the cover. I know there’s the “judging the book” idiom there, but exceptionally bland cover that makes it look kind of sleazy. I don’t know if sleazy is the right word, but it’s just a guy in a mask with a gun. If that’s all it’s trying to sell, then it’s not a top priority. I love crime comics and Brubraker crime especially, but this looked nothing like that.

But thanks to the two of you, I’ll check it out


A better adage might be “Don’t judge a book by just the cover.” The cover is part of the package especially in comics.


I think that the first trade should be available fairly cheaply.

I don’t know. I took it as a sort of pulp trope. He is a dark avenger of the night, like the Shadow or the Punisher, but shorn of any of their embellishments.


He’s wearing a hoodie and not even doing anything dynamic. Just…holding a gun.

I felt like he was some weirdo murderer or something. Which felt like a boring concept for Brubaker so I didn’t look into it.


Good point, Ronnie, I agree.


Well yeah…read it and see what you think then.


I mean i can get behind him being a weirdo murderer but there has to be More to it like Robert posted with that review.


From the title and covers I couldn’t tell if it was some kind of Bernhard Goetz thing or yet another take on Battle Royale.


Yes, exactly!


If only there was a type of book where the image on the cover represented the insides, like pictures instead of text, then you should be able to judge it :wink:


Right, and books like novels have blurbs and reviews as well. Unless it’s a small press thing.


Stop moaning, you know it is Brubaker and Phillips so it has a complex narrative and will be none of that nonsense.

All of them are based on gang and noir and criminal behaviour. Who would read this gun crazed stuff that can only by the cover condone criminal behaviour and shooting guns?

Criminals are great, shoot guns a lot!

I appreciate if it’s your current mood because of bad news but it’s just all they have ever done.


It’s a great story. Still my favourite thing that they have done.


The subtitle. The cover design. All more interesting off the bat.

Also that trade dress is intentionally minimalistic as part of the reprinting.