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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Nobody at all. Will is our hero and natural leader.


I blaze trails. By the way, Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman is the benchmark which others are measured.


I’m surprised no one has read Metal #3 yet. It was really bat-shit crazy insane. In a good way. Snyder & Capullo are at the top of their game, and I’m glad they are obviously having so much fun here. The book is shaping up not at all as I expected it to, and I’m enjoying being taken along for the ride.

I don’t, as a rule, read the tie in books to event books anymore. I think, however, after this issue that I am going to give the “Gotham Resistance” and JL tie in issues a go this time. The set up is so great. I want more.

All Star Batman #14 wrapped up the Alfred focused arc, by the American Vampire creative team of Snyder & Albuquerque. The pirate motif was starting to drag a bit (okay, a lot) by this issue, and the arc ended on a somewhat anti-climatic note. However, it did so with “feels” that all you Tom-King-Batman-lovers should enjoy. It even managed to bring a smile to my cold, dead heart.

I also dropped X-Men Blue this week. Sadly. It started out with so much promise, that was squandered on a shitty Secret Empire tie in, and two back to back crossovers with books I don’t want to read. I’m going to miss those kids and those Art Adams covers :slightly_frowning_face:


Wild Storm #7 was clearly the start of a new arc, with a recap of the books’ events to date. The Wildcats crew come together, and we get hints of answers to come. I still don’t like the artwork, particularly, but there’s no denying that Ellis and Davis-Hunt have got great chemistry going on here. The action scenes are fantastic, and talking heads scenes (of which there are many) are well staged too.

Michael Cray #1 was quite cool too, picking up on threads from the main book. The artwork is … Well, you get used to it by the end of issue. The colours help maintain a consistent look with the main book. The story set up is really intriguing, and it’s a little more political than I was expecting a Deathblow book to be. The appearance of a prominent DCU character (and hints of another) was rather unexpected. Definitely worth a look if you’re reading the main title.


Y’know, Vik, I was dubious about Davis-Hunt at first (new to me), but he’s got mad skills. I like his stuff. Maybe I take a bit of exception to what he is directed to draw. I think back to the first issue and how the unfolding armor could have been done in about seventy less panels. Each panel was pretty, so that’s what the writer wanted!


Did anyone read the Dan Dare book from Titan Comics? I enjoyed it well enough but the Mekon’s design doesn’t look quite right to me.


I’m glad Davis-Hunt is getting more notice and acclaim


I’ll soon be able to comment, the trade will soon be out!


It was a busy week and weekend. So I’m a little late on these but here goes.

Action Comics #989 - I’m still not a huge fan of bring Jor-El back this way or with some of the story choices but damn if Jurgens and Bogdanovic don’t do an excellent job.

Dark Nights: Metal #3 - It feels like there is quite a jump between the end of issue #2 and the beginning of this issue. Was the intervening time covered in the ancillary books? This book continues to be bat-shit insane fun. Regrouping at the Oblivion Bar was especially cool. I’m curious how what happened at the end will play out in the next issue.

Mister Miracle #3 - I love the way King and Gerads continue to use the 9-panel grid and varying art techniques to give this story a very internal feeling. Though I’ll honestly be happy to see Orion eventually get his.

Youngblood #6 - This issue wraps up the first arc on the latest iteration of this team. I thought it was pretty fun and played with the concept well with an interesting twist to the ending. Though I enjoyed the ride, I’m not sure if I’ll continue. My pull list is pretty full these days. So I might give the next issue a peak but also might pass. Don’t regret giving it a spin though.


I just hope that Man-Up joins the team officially, as the muscle - now that Badrock is now Hotrock.


Bit behind…I read dark nights batman the dawnbreaker tonight.

I’ve liked all the tie-ins so far but I think this is my favourite. This is the best art from Van Sciver I’ve seen for a while, although I do like his art a lot.
Im a fan of the Bolland clones and although he has some weak areas, particularly with anatomy or perspective, there wasn’t too much evidence of that here.

I know there’s a lot of folk who never got into DC because the house art style lacked a dynamic approach that was always far more evident at Marvel, but I have to confess I have always preferred the more static approach as long as the storytelling is on point.

A lot of my favourite superhero artists like gibbons, Bolland, frank, manke have that more static but detailed linework approach and Van Sciver is another from that school.

I also found Humpries script enjoyable to read - it very much felt like a Johns comic.


The green arrow # 32 Gotham Resistance finale was pretty good as well.
These tie ins are helping provide a bit of background and extra flavour to the event.


Given the chatter around it so far, I’m now hoping that DC did a big, smartly-priced, (heavy) Metal Omnibus!

Preludes + Main series + tie-ins, all spliced correctly. (It’s DC, so this last but may be beyond them but there’s a first time for everything!)


They didn’t even do a Forever Evil omnibus.


Did anyone care that much about that though?

In any case, in some ways, DC’s old patterns don’t seem to apply on Rebirth on collections.


New Kill Or Be Killed makes this the best week of the month for new comics.

New Wild Storm too.


It’s New Comics Wednesday once again. Looks like Justice League #31, Super Sons #9, Superman #33, Wild Storm #8 and possibly Trinity #14 and Cable #150.


I’m very interested in what people make of this, the preview was most encouraging…


Brubaker and Philips might be the best creative team of the last 20 years but I can’t describe how little I’m interested in a book that is called this and has covers like this. (I haven’t read any issues)


I think it’s their best work, but yeah, the covers… I read vol. 2 once on a bus and felt very self-conscious.