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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


GL works when they really play into the “Bold” of the Brave and the Bold thing.

Otherwise…boring as hell.


Justice League #30 - I did not expect that twist. The end of the issue hints that it’s probably not the last one either. @bryanhitch continues to impress.


I don’t understand all this Green Lantern talk. I mean, literally. You’re all using combinations of words that make no sense when applied to Hal Jordan :confused:


Not even “Bold”?

That’s literally one of his most iconic epithets.


The IDW Dredd series continues to be a total mess. I have no idea what is happening from issue to issue, it often feels like you’ve skipped an issue when you start reading. This would be bad enough but it also happens on a page by page basis. Maybe it’s being really clever and I’m too stupid to realise what’s going on. Or maybe the book is just a bit crap. Either way the artwork is nice.


I grabbed the last two issues of JLA yesterday. It’s a pretty good little book. It calls to mind the John Byrne team books of the 1980s, namely Fantastic Four and West Coast Avengers—passable team dynamics and lots of world building and exploration-based adventure. The last one took a whole issue to tell a solo story with Ray Palmer, which is pretty good stuff if you’re a fan of the character (I am).

Incidentally this book was sold out clean at two stores—I thought it was cancelled. I had to have it special ordered. Seems it’s popular enough to have caught retailers off guard, which is good because the DC sales have bumming me out, relative to the effort they’re putting in and quality of the books.


Nah, it’s pretty dire.

The best thing IDW Dredd has done was that Funko Pop special because of it’s lack of grounding. But other than that, the monthly is…bleak.


Are you reading it? Are you finding it horribly disjointed?

I think I’d agree with you on the Funko special. It beats this hands down. Hell, I’d even rather sit through the Swierczynski series again.


I read the first few arcs when it came out originally. It was…intensely boring. And when it wasn’t being boring, it was being dumb.

But I picked this up again cause, well, it’s been a while and I have nothing but time until Fall of Deadworld picks up again, and big mistake. Very disjointed.


That’s good it’s selling out - I’ve enjoyed it a lot

Orlando has a pretty good team dynamic going and even in the poorer stories there’s been elements I’ve liked in them because of that

I wasn’t an Orlando fan but he’s changed my mind quite a bit because of this series


I really dug that Midnighter series he did a few years ago, but not much else he’s done. I feel like he’s usually got good ideas but doesn’t always land them in ways that blow me away the way another writer might with the same idea. He doesn’t quite build in the surprises or turn stories on their heads.

That said, not many other writers are even attempting far-out arcs like this current one in JLA, so he deserves a lot of credit.


Agreed. I like his premises on JLA - but not so much the execution.

His revisioning of Estrano is top tier though.


Yeah, I would agree with this as well - I was actually also going to say the same thing in my own post but I wasn’t sure if that was it or not.

Now that you have said the same unprompted I’m really inclined to think that it is.



Mister Miracle #3: I haven’t been the kindest to this series, and I don’t regret any of what I’ve said. But this issue starts to finally deal with the obvious and comes off way better for it. There’s some padding quibbles I have, but other than that - the fact that the characters are now delving into the simple premise makes it come off as a bit more endearing. And less forced. Like - “Yes, finally!”


Saw there’s a new Dan Dare book today.


Looks like Action Comics #989, Dark Nights: Metal #3, Mister Miracle #3 and Youngblood #6 for me.

So did Mister Miracle finally give you the satisfaction of punching Orionseid right in the kisser? KER-THAAAT! :wink:


For those reading Mister Miracle, the latest issue of PanelxPanel focuses on it:

An interview with King and Gerads, a bunch of essays (including one by Deniz Camp), as well as a few other interviews and features.


Nope, it did give me the satisfaction of Scott finally not being a dumbass and following up on an obvious plot key from #1.

Now he almost feels like a real character.


Damn. Sounds like I’m going to be disappointed with no “KER-THAAT!”. :wink: