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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Thank you!


This. I think I got about 12 pages in before stopping.


I read the latest Wonder Woman. If I’m honest I preferred it to Rucka’s stuff which I found didn’t really live up to the promise (and I love Rucka). I dropped it for the interrim stories but came back to see what James Robinson could do and was happy with what he delivered with a big setup for some superheroing with a battle against Darkseid’s daughter.


Robinson’s issue was surprisingly entertaining for what he had to work with. The cameo of Unbound Herc was very enjoyable.



Looks like just Justice League #30 for me. Likely waiting on trade for Batman: White Knight and Superman looks like a fill-in.


Wow. The Eric Canete cover on Cyborg today is pretty fantastic.


Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses #28 - this is the first issue is a long, long, time that actually feels like Lapham knows how he plans to end this insanely lengthy arc. Great issue and, honestly, one of the ones that justifies telling a story that really didn’t need to be told.


Key releases this week for me are

punisher: the platoon 1 which I’ll be double dipping on

spirits of vengeance 1 so yes, that’s two Marvel books this week, much to my surprise. The rest of the legacy stuff looks like more of the same crap though

batman: White night 1 now I expect to pick this up in trade but I can’t resist, even if I just read this first issue I’m desperate to see how this reads

batman: the dawnbreaker more metal goodness

Other non trade wait purchases this week are Deathstroke, batman, green arrow metal tie in, green lanterns & nightwing

I’ve not picked up superman as it’s written by James Bonny, I’ll see how the first part reads before deciding, looking forward to Thomasi and Gleason returning


Millar? No Millar.



I don’t believe the Chief has any new work solicited at this time, Miqque. Kingsman #2 is scheduled for release next Wednesday, but that’s not actually written by him.

So now is a good time to break out your archived copies of The Authority or The Ultimates or whatever Millar book you haven’t read in a while. :smile:


I know, Jerry, but the Chief, I feel, needs a bit of a poke about comic book production right along through now. It’s good for him! :laughing:

Picked up Shadow/Batman #1 as I haven’t read any Steve Orlando in a while and the artist looks okay. Read a few pages, and the open is quite nice.

I’ve got quite a comics reading backlog at the moment - happily! Most are probably going to wait until after the Fall Classic. This year in baseball is just too sweet. And did the news say snow on Monday? Oh my.


He’s been busy for very obvious reasons. More is on its way in due course.


Busy! A bit an understatement, I do believe!

Marky just needs to know we still love him. Even when he’s “busy”!


Batman by Sean Murphy.

I just can resist.

Plus: Is anyone else reading the Darth Vader Mini series. It´s actually quite good.


Batman tied everything together well enough, I thought, although I’m still glad to be done with this arc. Some really brilliant fight choreography in the art.

Batman: The Dawnbreaker was a dud, I thought, at least compared to the other tie-ins. This is partly because Green Lantern is the lamest JL character (really, one of the lamest characters in comics), but also the writing just wasn’t up to the bar set by the previous two tie-ins and it did nothing to advance the event. Still, any book with Ethan Van Sciver layouts isn’t all bad.


Phew! Not just me, then?


Definitely not, although it could be the two of us (and movie audiences). I have felt that way since I was a kid and have never seen anything that changed my mind, with one or two exceptions (Willworld, New Frontier).


My introduction to Green Lantern was the classic run in the early 70s written by Denny O’Neill and drawn by Neal Adams, wherein Hal Jordan was pretty much Green Arrow’s bitch. So, yeah, pretty lame.


Green Lantern stinks.