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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Suicide Squad #26. I read this book regularly, this is a Metal crossover that jumps in the middle and continues in Green Arrow. It’s still fun, Rob Williams always has at least a couple of funny one-liners but I won’t be following it into the other crossover books.

However, how does Stjepan Sejic produce pencils inks and colours like this on a very regular basis? I don’t think he sleeps.


A man can dream, can’t he?

Guess I’ll have to be content with double-shipping Rucka…for now.


You are such a shameless name dropper!


Yeah, it is pretty obvious to mention me in a post like that.


Sadly he’s not on a first name basis with you like he is with Axel.


Think I’ll go back and pick up red death and murder machine based on this. Seems they are worth a read.
Haven’t read legacy yet, though I too had my interest piqued enough to actually buy it, which is the first marvel comic I bought since Hickman left, outside some select standalone series like Hawkeye.


Sejic’s art is fantastic.

He did run himself into the ground about a year ago and had to take a good amount of time off to recover and get back in the game. It’s really good to see him on a DC book as it’ll give his profile a big boost.

Linda Sejic is also excellent too - Blood Stain is a very fun book indeed.


His current work on Aquaman has really elevated what was already a good series too begin with.


For this month at least they seem to have switched him to Suicide Squad.


It looks like he’s off Aquaman, which is a shame, because it’s the perfect book for him.

Not sure what he’s on regularly (maybe Suicide Squad?), but it looks like he’s being replaced by the similarly-illustrative artist from the MURDER MACHINE Dark Nights one shot they just did/are doing.


Actually I looked at the solicitations and he’s back on Aquaman for the next two months at least. Maybe he just fancied a change for a month.


Gotcha, but he’s off in December.


The Oz Effect…anyone else seeing Bogdanovic resembling Capullo more and more these days?


I’ve noticed it in New Super Man. Had to check the credits once or twice.


Yeah I felt glimpses of it there as well - I stopped buying it (although I was enjoying it - I just need to cut back) and he slipped my mind.
If it said Capullo on the credits in Action I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. It’s uncanny.


He’s always been very influenced by Capullo’s DC style from the start of New Super-Man. Nice work though.


The Mr Oz reveal I never saw that coming at all. That was an OMG moment for me there


All Star Batman #12 & 13 - with the publishing delays, and the fact that I somehow ended up reading #13 before #12, it’s really difficult to keep this story straight in my head (especially the backup, which started so promising, but has completely lost me now). That being said, this is still the best arc in this book, by far, and I think it will be a great read in collected form (I think I’m going to do a re-read of all 5 parts when #14 comes out this week). It shines a spotlight on Alfred’s past, and promises to have Mr Pennyworth kicking ass in the finale. Looking forward to that.

Superman #29 & 30 - originally solicited by the regular creative team, this became a fill in by a guest creative team at the last minute. I hazard a guess that’s why it was so good, maintaining a consistency of tone that I wasn’t expecting, really. The story in #29 was chilling, and #30’s showdown with Sinestro was my favourite use of the character in several years.


marvel legacy was ok

I think Jason Aaron is a fantastic writer, but I think he needs to move on from Marvel, he’s starting to get stale by his standards.

To be honest, I got pretty bored and never finished it. I don’t think I really care enough any more.
The 2000s really brought me in to Marvel, after years of never being invested in the line beyond The Punisher and the last 2 - 3 years has probably gradually wore my interest down to a bare minimum.

The art quality was also very inconsistent something not befitting the epic-ness that the story was trying to achieve.

Disappointing. I don’t know whether to try read it again in a week and see if it’s just my mood.


I skipped it. I saw all those spoilers everywhere online, and tellingly none of that excited me. So, why bother?