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I need to know - this might get me back on the book.


Jor-El sees a lot of himself in Tim’s actions, and those self same actions have drawn His attention too. So, he abducts Tim before “He” can make a move too.

Not only has he abducted our Tim; he’s also abducted Tim from alternate timelines too, including Bat-Tim from the future timeline in Geoff Johns Teen Titans run.

The cliffhanger ending has our Tim releasing all the other prisoners, including Doomsday!


OK, that’ll do it! Thanks.


That only went to the printers yesterday, so not out until 18th October as scheduled. #12 only came out 2 weeks ago…




Jerry is getting on a bit now, dates become confusing.

He also wants double shipping Brubaker & Phillips, sleep is for wimps :smile:


Well I know every last one of us generally takes a dump on big events, and with good reason, but I had a pretty good time last night reading Marvel Legacy and Batman: The Murder Machine.

Legacy is basically a big advertisement, but a pretty good one. It made me a little more interested in their line than I had been in a while, and very interested in Aaron’s Prehistoric Avengers. I’ll look for some of these books when they hit Unlimited and as a big FF guy I was delighted to see some of the characters that popped up here and had a legit LOL at one of Ben’s lines.

Murder Machine was phenomenal. As with Red Death, it was way better than it needed to be—really smart, great storytelling, nice art, and epic. Gar posted Judge Death above with “no original idea” argument, and this book nicks from the Tony/Jarvis/Ultron dynamic in the Marvel movies in really fun ways (as well as other stuff which I won’t say). The overarching concept behind these Batmen and the whole Metal story is coming together in these side books, and while you don’t need them to enjoy the main book, I also wouldn’t skip them. There are some BIG moments in this issue. Great stuff.


Action Comics #988 - Like I’ve said before, I’m generally not a fan of these kind of stories, the “everything you know has been a lie” kind, but it has been interesting and well executed. The little difference that caused/resulted from this change are interesting. I’m curious to see where it all ends up.

Batman: The Red Death #1 - @RobertB was right. This was a fun tale that gave a decent peak into the Dark Multiverse. If it hadn’t been pointed out, I’m not sure I would have picked up on the hints that this could possibly be Miller and Lee’s All-Star Batman but there are hints of Miller’s DKR universe Batman there. It was definitely a fulfilling one shot.

Marvel Legacy #1 - This story did a lot of what I expected. It set up a somewhat new status quo with some interesting bits while giving small vignettes that tease upcoming books. It even advertises those books at the end which is smart of Marvel. I will likely be giving Captain America and Marvel Two-In-One a try. I just wish I knew where I could read more about the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC or Logan/Wolverine’s return. After the image below, I would love a Jason Aaron/Esad Ribic Wolverine book.


I found it to be underwhelming. The prehistoric Avengers was cool, as were the FF hints. The rest fell flat to me. Especially the Ghost Rider-Starbrand fight. That just seemed random and not very well explained or even hinted at why it was happening in the first place.


I’d honestly read the Cave-Avengers if it was a contained miniseries, but the way it flattened out in Legacy #1 just makes it clear the storyline will stretch into some other numbing event.


So it was a step up for Marvel?


Honestly, yes. I was interested enough to buy it and because of it I would buy per-historic Avengers and probably an FF space travel adventure book as well.


I haven’t really been paying attention lately…Is Marvel Legacy a set up for whatever Marvel is doing next?



Yes. It’s kind of their Rebirth book to set up the next status quo. When we talked to Axel a couple weeks back, he said it was to set up the next phase in a multi-year arc.

Edit: What @DaveWallace posted. :wink:


Act 3 of a larger plan for the Marvel Universe”…I’m not sure that fills me with confidence.

Although I am excited about any suggestion about bringing back the Fantastic Four.


Alonso hearkened back to Dissassembled and how they needed to clear the board and let somethings lie fallow for a short while before they could bring them back in a fresh way.


Ahhh Disassembled.
Good times. Good times.



The way to achieve this is to have four versions of each popular character going at once.


For those curious, this article gives a pretty good rundown of Marvel Legacy #1.