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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I didn’t realize Rucka had left WW. Did he leave of his own accord or did he suffer more interference from editorial?


No he did the one year on the book he planned.


Thanks, Gar! I might have to check out his run now that it’s concluded and not a long one.


If you do digital they have a 99c sale on the first few issues at the moment.


It shipped biweekly so there is a total of 24 issues, half drawn by Liam Sharp and half drawn by Nicola Scott


Black Magick #8 is out, continuing from the hiatus where Nicola Scott drew WW. Liam has decided to stop being on Facebook. (Time issues.)


To a degree that I think Capullo may be paying some homage. I know Dredd doesn’t have the same reach in the US but Judge Death is a pretty famous character, featured heavily in the big selling DC Batman crossover and the Bolland design and art shared all the time.

One of the evil Batmen from another dimension also looks a lot like the evil Judge Dredd from another dimension, Judge Fear (winged helmet and mouth grill). :smile:


Same. I thought it was pretty good too. I do wonder if it was done more as a promo piece for the upcoming Rogue Trooper videogame remaster than anything else though.


Sounds likely, it’s longer than the usual 2000ad story so may not have originally been designed for the prog but could fit into the extra large special.

He seems interested in doing more work for them though:

Robinson added that he hopes to do more stories for 2000 AD. “I really enjoyed the experience,” he said. “And if it was more work with Leonardo too, I certainly wouldn’t complain.”


Marvel Legacy#1 It is very much a primer as to what is coming. the Avengers from 1 million BC only appear for the first few pages and set up a mystery that reappears in current times but without explanation. 2 reappearances happen, one involving a beer truck and the other is the narrator which made me reread the book because i thought it was someone else. Outside of the deliberate teasers, very little gets explained but there are a couple of good fights in the book but in the end the fights are mostly meaningless


New books today from Brubaker, Rucka, and Hickman. A good week.


What came out today by Brubaker? I must have missed that.


My mistake, there were two Rucka books, but no Brubaker; I thought I’d picked up KILL OR BE KILLED 13, but that ships next Wednesday. Sorry for the confusion, hope I didn’t spoil your day.


It didn’t say “Millar Time” on the side, did it? :wink:


Millar? Do I see a Millar? No, I do not see a Millar.


Ah, thanks. No worries, I just thought maybe something had come out that I didn’t know about. I’m overly reliant on Comixology’s subscription function these days so it’s easy to miss stuff!


What came out by Hickman?


This week’s Thrillcast has an excellent interview with Robinson and his thwarted attempts to work for 2000AD some years ago…


Black Monday Murders.


Detective Comics #965 - “A Lonely Place of Living” (part #1 of 4) - delves deeply into the Tim Drake mystery. We get more vague hints of the bigger Rebirth picture, as Mr Oz reveals (some of) his reasons for abducting him. The cliffhanger ending is a doozy.

My favourite part of this issue was it re-established Tim’s pre-Flashpoint continuity, hopefully jettisoning the horrid New52 revamp to the back issue bins for all eternity. And, we get a nice throwback to Johns’ early Teen Titans work too.