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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Yeah, I’m with you.

We both agree that it’s clear everything is wrong. My point is that it is too clear to the point of just feeling like filling time before the reveal. What keeps me from being emotionally engaged with Scott is that…there’s no grounding for this Scott.

I don’t know this version of Scott. This series just starts with him slitting his wrists and it’s…why should I care? It ramps it up too much, too fast, and it takes me out of it. There’s little grounding for him, especially now that we’re getting into some Anti-Life/Omega Reality and such.

#5 sounds promising though. But damn that’s #5.

Woah, that is 17 dollars and 98 cents too much.


It is a lovely book :wink:



Using Death of the New Gods?
Of course you would :wink:


Never read it. I just searched for “Orion gets owned”. :wink:


Orion’s mischaracterization is really just one sliver of a whole big cherry pie of wrong in that book. I could write a book on it! :slight_smile:

Lovely Mignola art tho!!


Yeah, and the opening sequence with Batman in the sewer is great.

Then it goes so downhill that the Mole Man has an apartment in it.


I bought the Deluxe hardcover just for that scene!!

You, sir, are a Philistine.


You’re right. I was mistaken - for Cosmic Odyssey they should be paying anyone to read it :wink:


Kind of expected all the chatter to be about the annual, but it seems we’re still debating King. Which I think is a mark in King’s favor.


I re-read this last night and while I thought it was good on the first reading, was blown away on a revisit. For a one-shot in the middle of a big event it’s way better than it needs to be and reveals the whole Dark Multiverse to be a more interesting and layered concept than the main Metal book has suggested to date. I don’t expect all of these one-shots to be as good as this one but I’m looking forward to them.


I’m enjoying Metal and there is no such thing as a truly original idea but…


The one on the far right is basically Barbatos.

There’s a lot of “Council of Reeds” in this story too.


Kamandi Challenge #9 is a well honed reminder that King can be interesting haha. Eastman’s art is also really great. Makes for a very intense story and one of the top 3 or 4 of Challenge so far.


I saw that there’s a Captain Kronos book out today. Back in the '80s when the USA Network and Commander USA’s Groovie Movies on Saturday afternoons I found that and a bunch more of the Hammer films and loved it. Going to have to check this out.


Looks like Action Comics #988 and Marvel Legacy #1 for me today. Also strongly considering Batman: The Red Death #1 on @RobertB’s recommendation.


Read a bit of the new 2000ad ‘jumping on’ issue. The Zenith feature is a magazine interview with him at 50. Written by Martin Howe which a little Googling shows is a pseudonym for editor Matt Smith. It’s quite interesting but no sure hint the character could come back in a new strip.


It was announced that Matt Smith was writing the Zenith content a couple of weeks ago, but not what that story was. If it’s only a text piece that’s a bit disappointing - presumably that trailed art was the only new Yeowell art provided? The story I linked to implied there might be more.


It is. I didn’t expect any more to be honest, as we discussed at the time there didn’t seem to be the page count for a strip.

The Rogue Trooper one off by James Robinson and Leonardo Manco is very well done. I hope they do more.


WW is starting a new arc written by James Robinson today for those who jumped off when Rucka left.