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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Vision is great, and head and shoulders above what little I’ve read of his Batman run. They might as well be different writers.

I couldn’t get into Omega Men myself but I know a lot of people liked it.


Ok, that’s enough for me to gamble £20 or so.


If you’re unsure you can always get the whole 12-issue run on Comixology via Amazon UK for £3.60 in total. The trades are each just £1.80 at the moment(!).


Hmm, MW recommendations do have a very good track record in their favour.


Aye, I might really dislike Mister Miracle, but The Vision is pretty good.


The Vision is like Blue Velvet or old Twin Peaks but with a family of android superheroes as the main characters. One of the coolest books ever to come out of the Big 2, imo.

Didn’t like Omega Men and Sheriff of Babylon’s just okay. But I am really looking forward to Mr. Miracle, as it sounds like King’s flexing the same muscles he did for The Vision–and Gerads’s artwork looks amazing.


I think I must the only one who has no reservations about King on here.

Obviously the Vision is universally liked on here, but I also really enjoyed Omega Men, I loved the tension and sense of place in Sheriff of Baghdad, I’m really enjoying his Batman run as well (I feel that maybe the Vision has created too high an expectation for his run but a 12 issue limited series on a peripheral character who has very little in the way of defining stories is a different ballpark to producing 24 issues a year on a character who has has thousands of stories writtten about him).

I think his batman run has been a solid romp and I’m still looking forward to each issue when it comes out.

I don’t know what the consensus is elsewhere, whether this is a old grumpy Millarworlder thing or the feelings are similar on other forums.
Although the 11 clock comics guys are all big fans of his Batman.


Mr Miracle has got off to a really good start - its early door but it bodes well.


I don’t think it’s just grumpy old millarworlder talk, at least in my case; you know I’m still deliriously enthusiastic about certain comics (heads up: Tim Drake’s back this Weds!). I don’t think King’s a bad writer. His Batman is just not my Batman though. He’s done things with the character that I strongly dislike. And with so many other takes on the character out there that I can enjoy elsewhere, I’m okay with not reading the main title regularly.


I don’t think King is a bad writer either, but there is definitely something left to be desired from how the issues are structured for Batman - and I think that Mister Miracle takes some of the conceits of Omega Men and how he handled those…but doesn’t build on them in an interesting way. Gerad is doing a great job, but King’s writing there is both too obvious and too stretched out it seems.


The high point for me on his Batman run was “I am suicide.” The war of jokes and riddles seems more like an extended dump on Kite Man. And like Robert mentioned previously, it’s a lot of tell, not show. The art is fantastic, though.


This. It’s a major and very smart addition to the character.


I’m digging Mister Miracle a lot, even if it badly deforms the characters and mythology. I suspect it will all resolve itself in the end nicely.

It’s smart, and personal, and emotionally charged; these are the main ingredients in any true homage to Jack Kirby.

I’ve always felt that Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN was, in many ways, picking up from Kirby’s New Gods, and this has a little bit of that.


I don’t mind much the deformation of the characters and mythology - it’s rather obvious that something is at play here. The thing is that it’s too obvious that it makes reading the thing rather boring.

18 panels of Darkseid Is-style boring.
(I mean, the one panel in #2 was more effective than any of the overbearing ones in #1)

It’s 12 issues and I’d rather something either more cleverly, subtly, done - or something that cut to the chase faster. At this rate it seems like it’s going to be half of the 12 issues spending time with deformed characters that are being strung along until King reveals the obvious.

Thankfully Gerads is making it look interesting.


You’re just sore that they’re treating Orion-seid like the dick he is. :wink:

I am curious about them mentioning Darkseid. I thought this was meant to be in the Rebirth universe but Darkseid is a baby there. Doesn’t much matter to me as long as the story is good. Just curious.


You’re just happy that someone is treating Cosmic Odyssey other than the birdcager liner that it is :wink:
Which to be fair, has been the norm since forever. I think only Shane Davis tried otherwise.

I’m going to use the spoiler here but it’s mentioned outright in #1 that Anti-Life can warp reality - which given the 18 panels of Darkseid Is in that issue seems like a really big clue. Hell everything about the Darkseid Is stuff gives off 3 distinct but not very importantly distinctive theories that all boil down to the same thing.


I think we probably just have very different taste. We seem to have diverged on a lot of the more recent New Gods stuff. (though I will sing my hate for CO from the rooftops!)


Yeah, and it’s no quarry here.
I just hope that it picks up after King finally gets out with it.

Because, hell, the ending could be neat. Even if the journey hasn’t been for me.


If I took these things more seriously, or if I thought this version of Orion was real/would stick, I’d be bummed about it.

But it seems to me that this is some kind of externalization of all of Mister Miracles fears and weaknesses and subconscious hopes.

Whether it’s the Omega Sanction, Anti-Life Equation, or Lump, it’s very clear that everything is wrong. All that really matters, all that really counts, is Scott, and I’m feeling emotionally engaged with him and his struggle.


You guys just don’t know.

I keep contemplating upgrading my Cosmic Odyssey with the new addition just so I can read Orion getting owned again. :wink: