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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


There’s a countdown on the cover


While I so sincerely thank you for the responses, yes, I am indeedy aware of the countdown. I am also aware my buddies Dec and Jordie did a variant cover. :slight_smile:


The new Superman book is pretty good. I re-read the setup issues recently, and they’re fantastic. Lots of visual clues left around for everything that was about to happen, and definitely worth re-reading.

I wasn’t into the climax issue as much. Par for the course with Superman…across every one of his movies and almost all of his post-Silver Age comics the setup is great and the climactic fight kind of meh. Not sure why that it is.

I did love the epilogues though. And I’m very curious to see where they go from here. This issue was essentially the capper to a 25-issue run that, when taken as a whole, was long-form superhero comics at its best.


He doesn’t even try and hide it nowadays does he? I’ll still keep buying it monthly though, it’s a great book.


Dark Days - The Forge

It’s ironic really. We criticise Marvel for the fatigue spiralling as result of their constant events, yet DC announce a bonkers event and we get fucking PUMPED for it.

I’m not quite sure how that works. Maybe it’s because DC are doing so much right recently that we have newfound hope for a great new event, maybe it’s because DC have not had many huge events recently, maybe it’s because Dark Days just looks and sounds fucking awesome. Maybe it’s all of those things, maybe there’s other reasons - but regardless I’m pretty psyched about this and I wanted to read this lead in book when I had the time to sit down and absorb it.
So I had a nice cup of coffee this morning and set aside 30 mins to read through and savour it.

The cover leads the way, with the striking image of a post apoloclyptic world with a huge statue towering over ‘our Batman’ who looks to be leading some sort of resistance or expedition, torch in hand.
The statue appears to be a alternative universe (or, more excitingly, an alternative multiverse) Batman, a powerful and menacing figure. That there are dead bodies strapped to the legs of this statue suggest that this character is not a particularly nice person.
In the background there are robotic searchlights with a Bat symbol of sorts on them. One assumes they belong to the whoever is depicted by the statue.
In the background there are also banners with bat symbols on them, just to add to the suggestion that this is some of Batman who has got out of control.
Does his authority extend to the world? Maybe not , the bent gate that we can see in the foreground says ‘Gotham’ on it. Perhaps His domain just extends to Gotham. Only one way to find out, we read on on…

This is a perfect cover for this series because it gives enough information to get an idea of what we are in for, to entice the reader in, but not so much that we get any answers. If we want to know more we are going to need to turn the page.

The story opens with Carter Hall’s final journal. This is an immediate bonus for me for 3 reasons

  1. I like Carter Hall
  2. Hawkman has not been treated right in decades, maybe part of Snyder’s plan is to sort this out
  3. I love it when a minor character is the narrator at the start of a big event. We get Batman and Superman monologuing all the time. When it’s someone like The Atom, Ralph Dibny, or in this case Carter Hall, I always get a bit of a buzz from the start.

Right away I’m wondering why this is Carter Hall’s final journal. This is a clever writer technique that we have seen used before, but it’s very effective. From the 4th narrative box Snyder has gripped me.

Why is this Carter Hall’s final journal?
Does he mean this is his final incarnation? Surely not.

I need to go now as my kids have just sprung to life and my wife is moaning at me because we have people coming over and I’ve done nothing to tidy the house :joy::joy::joy:

Another day perhaps…

Being an ‘adult’ fucking sucks :joy:


I think that’s the one. Even going back to Nu52 they’ve only had a small amount and are usually quite contained rather than line-wide. Like ‘The Button’ was 4 comics.

We’re maybe a little unfair on Marvel but their events have been increasingly relentless.


Great post Chris!

I guess I’m going to have to buy this book now. Although I never read Snyder’s Batman run beyond the first Court of Owls arc.


His Batman run was really patchy I got very fed up with it, but in way we are spoiled because it’s probably better than most Batman runs - just expectation gets a bit higher.


For me I know he’s an incredible artist who deservedly has lots of fans, but Greg Capullo is simply not my cup of tea.


I thought it was a great run, in totality. It had its ups (Court of Owls, Death of the Family, Endgame) and its downs (Zero Hour), but I think Snyder and Capullo were a really good creative team, and produced a fine five year run; in a day & age where consistent runs of any length are few and far between.

That being said, I agree that it’s far from the best run on a Bat-book ever.


And you have answered your own Q!

I think there is a sense that this event matters, that it’ll have impact, and not just the kind that sets up the next event.

More importantly, DC to me have played a blinder on the title and PR around it. A few years back if they had announced Dark Days: Metal most our first thoughts would be that its a grim, crisis-driven story that’ll break the characters and their status quo, it’ll be bleak, terrible and there will be loss. Now, I think DC know that, so what do they do? Get Scott Snyder out doing interviews where he’s talking of robo dinosaurs, superhero armour and lasers! They have gone all out to dispel that kind of association and I think it’s going to pay off for them big time.

So, not only have they got away from event as mechanism, a move on a game board but they’ve also got away from the notion that a big event has to be grim ‘n’ nasty. And then gone and said: We’re not kidding, this is going to be mad fun - you up for it?


Limited? That’s longer than most of the ongoing titles in the New 52 :smiley:


#It’s New Comics Wednesday again!

What’re you picking up this week? What’re you reading? What’re you catching up on? What’re you enjoying?

I’ll be picking up Action Comics #982 and Saga #44 on ComiXology and should have this sweet case waiting with my copy of Dark Knight III #9 Collector’s Edition in my pull box.


I have Saga and Renato Jones on my Comixology list today, and the DK3 Collector’s Edition to get physically.


After writing two issues of a well used Prof. Zoom, Williamson goes backs to his old bag of tricks and stagnates himself again. Not helped that he uses the issue to put forth a trite explanation for something that has been explained way better other times.


How much is the empty box going to sting you Ronnie? I saw it in the shop today but didn’t look at the price.


Does anyone know if Batman shipped two issues in two weeks? I didn’t go to the shop last week and I’ve got issues 24 and 25.


It’s not an empty box, it’s got issue #9 inside. :slight_smile:

(I think the price at most places is only a couple of dollars more than the other HCs have been, although I think the RRP is the same as the other HCs at $12.99.)


Like Dave said, it has the last issue packaged with it and is suppose to be the same price as other issues.


I thought about adding the word nearly before the word empty but nah, no one is going to pick up on that minor detail