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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Probably won’t get to reading until there is some pause in the current state of my obsession with the baseball season. (I’m having great fun this time for whatever reason, and just praying my Rockies can hang on, beat the foul Diamondbacks in the one-game Wild Card, and end their season in dignity being whupped by the second-best Dodger team ever. 1988 was epic. I am biteamal.)

Wild Storm.
Millarworld Annual.
Thought Bubble Compilation.

(And I’m holding back Black Magick - next issue out next week - for a “clean read” when mind is not so easily distracted. I still have some skills!)


So I think I’m ready to admit that Tom King’s Batman is just not good. I had high hopes for this current arc but its shtick has gotten tired, it’s been more tell than show, there is no consistency in tone or logic, no emotional stakes. Extending beyond this run and it’s been all over the map, no consistent through-line like in the arcs by Snyder or Morrison (some of this is down to the biweekly shipping schedule, I know).

I will stick with it as it’s Tom King and it has had some good moments scattered about, but this increasingly feels like a poor use of his talents.


Have you been reading his Mister Miracle? I’ve really enjoyed it. It feels much more in his milieu.


At the very least Gerad is pulling out most of the stops on the art.
Even though I find King incredibly disappointing on it.


I am waiting for trade with that.


I just read the first trade of Vision (but still need to review it). It feels much more in that vein. I wonder if King would have been better suited with writing something more akin to a Dark Knight Returns type book than the regular monthly book.


I have reached that weird point with TWOJAR that I think a lot of comic fans can relate to where I don’t like it but I still want to see how it ends so I keep buying it.


Well it all seems to building up to the next issue, so I guess we’ll see if it’s worth it.


King’s spoken about a 100 issue run. You’ll be buying a lot of comics you don’t really like if you do stick with it.


Just wanted to put in my congrats to all the annual winners getting their first publication today! Hell of a thing, and I thought the issue was great! Lots of future stars in there, especially on the art side!


I’ve become increasingly wary of really long runs like that. Sometimes the writers just need to leave and go onto something else, before their run fizzles to an end (see Brubaker, who I’m sure people would have rather had leave Cap after Rogers returned and stick with Daredevil for a little longer).
The best thing thing about the twice-monthly schedule is that at least 100 issues should be done in less than five years.


That sounds like a challenge!


Aye, now Priest on Deathstroke seems like he could pull off a weighty run like that. King does not.


King is writing a biweekly book that sells 100k an issue to the direct market alone. You’d have to pry that gig from my cold, rich hands.


It would have been good to see what Brubaker would have done with the Hand.

In terms of Cap, it would have all been dismantled anyway, Brubaker just decided he’d do it rather than someone else.


Yeah. Brubaker quit Daredevil just as it was getting interesting (after a tedious, depressing, and overlong middle act). His take on Matt leading the Hand would have been so much better and more nuanced than the shite we ended up with.


Don’t do it to yourself, man. There are better comics out there, some of them even written by King himself (allegedly - I’m in no rush to read them myself given how little I’ve enjoyed this run).


The Mr Fear arc? Yeah, didn’t like that one much either.

re: King

I’m starting to wonder if he’s just not a writer for me. Batman’s OK at best, I didn’t care for Sheriff of Babylon, becoming wary of gambling on the Vision OHC as a result.


Vision is the best thing he’s done. Omega Men right behind.


So very different in a good way from the two works I cited?