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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Some idle speculation:

With the revelation of Mr Oz’s identity in Action Comics the question of why he’s got a fixation on Tim Drake does come up? Tim’s never had a particularly strong ties with Superman, so what things could he be re-connecting that would make him a target for Oz? It doesn’t make much sense.

Unless … I don’t know …

Is the Connor Kent Superboy in the mix somewhere here? A Geoff Johns pet character, Conner and Tim were BFF’s back in the day.

And, there’s a Superboy TPB collection scheduled for early next year.


Rumors say he’s gonna make a comeback.


I had missed that somehow, but that adds credence to my hyothesis. The Tim/ Connor connection is (probably) the only thing that makes sense, following the Mr Oz revelation.


I just went and found a Mr Oz spoiler, so I can understand what you’re all talking about.

Well, that’s a rubbish idea.


I don’t disagree. It’s well executed though. I’ll be curious to see where they take it.


Everyone don’t forget to pick up the Millarworld Annual 2017 tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it.

Not sure why ComiXology have last year’s cover. Hopefully that’s fixed by tomorrow.

Millarworld Annual 2017

It’s New Comics Wednesday Again

What are you picking up? What are you reading? What are you enjoying.

I should have the following today.

Justice League #29
Super Sons #8
Superman #31
Wild Storm #7
Millarworld New Talent Annual 2017

I’m especially looking forward to the annual. I had the privilege of selecting the Superior story for it. The script was incredible and I can’t wait to see it in finished form.


Only Wild Storm for me this week.
Glad it’s back.


Wild Storm was great this week. Truly enjoyed the more colorful palette used. I assume this marks a shift? I also love the new Jacqueline King. Even if she’s a little too much Christine Trelane.


I haven’t read this week’s issue yet, but I feel as though the colour has been getting bolder as the series goes on, presumably deliberately.


Wild Storm and Annual, at least. But later. Being kept busy again.


Yeah, I feel like it’s been there, but it really popped this issue. Assume it’s the next trade?


Also looking forward to this, well done again to all the winners (and every entrant for that matter) - where’s all the fanfare?! :rofl:


Whoops, totally missed the Millarworld Annual. Will have to go back and pick it up tomorrow.

I read the two Metal tie-ins last night: the latest Nightwing issue and the Batman: Red Death one shot.

The former was pretty good—I’m enjoying this side story and the Nightwing book is better written than I was expecting. I always welcome Paul Pelletier art, too.

The Red Death one-shot was as epic-feeling as everything else in Metal so far. It was simultaneously less dark than I was expecting (suggesting this Bruce Wayne still just wants to protect his Gotham) and more dark than I expecting (some of the things he does…damn). It also probably needed to be a 4-issue mini, although I don’t mind hyper-compressed comics.


Millarworld sold to Netflix a short while back. So there has been a lot of work going into that behind the scenes.

Plus there’s a small indie film that is connected to Millarworld coming out this week.

So I don’t think it’s on purpose. There’s just an embarrassment of riches right now.


Wow. I was going to pass on these but that actually has me interested.

Edit: I’m even more interested after this story.


This @EmmaSayle person who wrote the KickAss story sounds familiar…

:grinning::thumbsup: Congratulations to Emma and to all the other creators talented enough to get into this year’s Annual.


Justice League #29 - Like I said before, I’m a sucker for these kind of stories. Last issue was mostly emotional setup with this issue being the payoff with constant beat downs. I especially love future Aquaman and how he stole Batman’s protocols for dealing with the other Leaguers. The art and story are so perfect. Seeing this story wrap will be bittersweet as it will mean the end of @bryanhitch’s run.

Millarworld New Talent Annual 2017 - First, I’m incredibly proud of everyone who had work published in the annual. You all did a great job. As I’ve said before, I was really anticipating the Superior story as it juxtaposed such a succinct description of what it can be like to suffer from MS with the heroics of Superior and ends with those two worlds coming together in such a hopeful way. Seeing it in print was even better than reading the script. I’m so proud of this story. The other stories that I really enjoyed were Empress and Huck. Both were unique stories with unique art styles. Good luck to all involved. I hope this is the beginning of a successful career in comics.

Super Sons #8 - This book keeps surprising me with just how good it is. I thought I would follow the first storyline and drop it due to its redundancy with Superman. However, it’s maintained the kind of fun I expect out of Tomasi and Gleason in Superman while establishing its own unique identity.

Wild Storm #7 - This is as close to the start of a new arc as you get with modern day Warren Ellis. We’re starting to get a glimpse at the cosmology of this Wildstorm universe. It looks like there will be some big reveals about Khera in the next issue.


Yep, fair point. That said, if i was getting published this week I’d be PIMPING it like there was no tomorrow… (hint-hint winners, c’mon no one’ll begrudge you the limelight!) :wink:


I’d love to know more about this years winners.
Backgrounds, favourite books/artists, ambitions for the future.

What their story process was. Inspiration etc.