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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


If anyone gets and reads the Teen Titans issue by about noon EST let me know if it’s essential!

I am planning to buy all the Metal issues plus the Dark Batman one-offs, but I’m less certain about all of these tie-ins to Teen Titans and Nightwing and whatnot. I’m open to it, as crossovers can be good fun and I’d like to see the widespread effects of the Metal plot, but still unsure…that’s a lot of comics if a bunch of them aren’t very good or essential.


It’s a fair point. DC haven’t done too many crossovers since 2011 but I found with ones like the Batman “Death Of The Family” you were fine just reading the main book. I suspect that may be the case here too but it would be nice to know.


I should mention that by “essential” I basically just mean “good.” Or if it adds to the experience. I am sure everything needed to understand the story itself is contained to the mini.


I would hope so but it’s never guaranteed in comics. :smile:


Huh, Captain Marvel’s costume (which I originally thought looked ugly) actually works really well when you put it next to Mar-Vell’s.

Then you realise they’ve screwed up the colouring on Mar-Vell’s, and they actually both now look ugly :confused:


Looks like the following books for me.

Action Comics #987
Dark Nights Metal #2
Mister Miracle #2
Youngblood #5


Mister Miracle #2
Youngblood #5
Mage: The Hero Denied #2
Scooby Apocalypse #17

Hefty week


Mister Miracle #2: Gerad’s work on this series is top notch. That cannot be faulted one bit. King, like in the previous issue, over-writes some boxes and the ideas he is picking up aren’t really that interesting. In their set-up it is honestly quite funny, if it weren’t being intended as dramatic. Again, there’s the overwhelming option that he’s stuck in the Omega Sanction, the life that is death and none of this is “real”, but it’s still sort of a cheat in that sense. In dialogue it is janky, in characterization, outside the cheat, it is ludicrous and in ideas…it could be more interesting than it thinks it is.


Just to follow up on this, I picked up the issue. Haven’t read it yet but thumbed through, and it only seems slightly connected to Metal. It’s the first issue of a new arc, and it looks like DC is just using the crossover to try to entice new readers to some other books. Good old fashioned big-two marketing tactics.

I’m past the point of being cynical about this kind of thing, and I look forward to reading the book, but that’s what it is.


Kill Or Be Killed #12

A dozen issues into this fine book
it’s really hit its stride and found its groove.
We start with Dylan taking out a crook
then jump back to see how he made his move.

Despite us knowing how this tale plays out
ahead of time, the writing builds suspense.
By adding twists and turning things about
events stay unpredictable and tense.

And interspersed with Brubaker’s dense plot
we see more tender matters of the heart
that help flesh out our characters a lot,
all brought to life by Phillips’ noir-drenched art.

If you’re not reading this, you really must.
This is a team that comics fans can trust.


Oh, that is a brilliant review, bravo sir!


Metal 2

So much fun. Can’t remember the last time I read an event that excited me so much. The whole thing feels epic and there’s a great big cast of brilliant characters involved.

Snyder is back to his best here. This is pretty epic and he has built the tension well.

It is also utterly off the wall and both the art and colours pop in this issue.

I love how he has tied this into grant Morrisons fantastic run across batman and final crisis


Even I have to give in…Metal #2 was jumping



I agree with the other reviews. The ideas he puts forward in this issue are out there. I love the idea of the five metals, The council of Immortals, a panicked Batman, the Bat family all pitching in to help him evade the league, The 2 page spread with all the Bruce Waynes, genius


You lot are making waiting for the trade of Metal very difficult!


Yeah Metal is pretty great, inventive and full of ideas. The central concept is kind of doofy, which is OK for a comic book, but it feels big and epic in a way that events rarely do anymore. The slow build to this point helped, as did the fact that DC hasn’t had a major event every six months lately.

I am glad that I went back and re-read chunks of both Snyder’s run and Morrison’s—it’s a very nice coda to both runs, using elements from them as setup in surprising and satisfying ways.


I like how this issue felt doofy the most, rather than just the bland and enormous exposition of the previous 3 issues.

Doofy is good. As long as it’s going all the way…and Babyseid Pouch is the peak.


Well when your book is called Metal and your villain looks like a cross between Batman and Iron Maiden’s Eddie then pretty much anything goes.


This talk of Metal makes it sound like a lot of fun. I’ll be looking out for the trade when it shows up. I presume you can pretty much jump into the story without following the batbooks at the moment?

('m assuming those couple of prelude one-shots will be in the trade.)


There’s a Road to Metal trade set for June 2018. (located by the usual methods)