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The Ongoing New Comics Thread

FI feel like Bendis is really firing on all cylinders right now. He put out some great comics this week.

Event Leviathan - This book is pure Bendis/Maleev. So if you don’t/do like the page below, you’re probably (not) going to like this book. This issue is largely dominated by conversations between Batman & Red Hood and Plastic Man & Leviathan. I don’t feel like Red Hood is Leviathan but am not entirely sure who it is at this point. I kind love how Leviathan is played and look forward to the answer to that mystery. I would generally prefer a bit more progress but this issue is oddly satisfying. Hopefully, our group of detectives gets a bit closer to solving this mystery soon.

Naomi #6 - I’ve really dug this book so far and this conclusion to the first volume is no different. This book was really Bendis doing the kind of new, young superhero origin for DC like he did so well with both Ultimate Spider-Men at Marvel. This book had a lot of heart in a similar vein to those books and the Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel book. Naomi has a lot of potential as a character in that respect. I’ll be curious where the character goes from here.

Superman #13 - We’re finally starting to get some of the answers we’ve been promised on the “true” reason behind the destruction of Krypton and the role Rogul Zaar plate in that. I just realized that the group Jor-El is a part of of is oddly reminiscent of The Illuminati from Bendis’s New Avengers run but on a slightly more intergalactic scale. Looking forward to finally getting some answers on this more than year long mystery.

I haven’t had a chance to read Batman: Universe #1 but am very much looking forward to it.


I feel it actually came in his last year or so at Marvel (and it’s not just me as the review show I listen to felt the same). He was mainly on books with characters he’d created or were favourites and a step removed from events/crossovers.


Ditto. :slight_smile:


I loled so fucking hard at this. Issue recap below.

Batman and Badman (Thomas) defeats assailants, Badman obviously does it bit more stabby than Batman. Then they go into talking about the undercurrent of the entire issue, that fairy tale with the animals (you might remember it from the KGBeast story) that Thomas used to read to Bruce, and talking about what Bruce was like as a child.

They get to the pit, still talking about family stuff (Missing Martha and what Bruce was like as a child), Thomas tries to convey that after the resurrect her, they can be a family again.

Aaand Batman won’t have it. After climbing down the pit, he beats the shit out of Thomas and it’s revealed that the coffin is empty, Batman has already buried her somewhere in the desert. Thomas loses his shit and they fight in the darkness.

Thomas can’t seem to fathom that Bruce is Batman, he just thinks he is this little child. While at the same time, Thomas doesn’t seem to be Batman to the same extent as Bruce is. Ie: Thomas goes by the name of Batman, but Bruce IS Batman. And Batman can’t be broken.

After that someone comes climbing out the pit. It’s not entirely clear whether it’s Batman or Thomas, but if it’s not Batman I swear to God I’m dropping this book.

The end.

I know how much you love Batman, Will. I want to recommend this issue… In the words of Mrs Doyle, go on, go on, go on… :wink:


Nice. When that Sleeper Omnibus came out I figured I didn’t need it because I reread that series multiple times when it was new, but I sort of wish I had it now.


Gracias. I’ll probably pick this one up. I’m a sucker for stories about dads and sons and really wanted to like this dynamic.


If so, I dearly recommend it.

The story beats seems to converge on the point where Thomas can not stop being Bruces dad, while Bruce (ie: Batman) is his own man. Exactly what Thomas wants and at the same time the opposite of what he wants (ie: Bruce to be a part of his soon-to-be family).

I think you’ll love this, assuming you were there for Batman 73.

edit number 3.6: let me know what you thought of it!


I need to reread that some time, I’ve only read it the once.

I also have the Gotham Central and Brubaker/Lark Daredevil omnis, which are nice books.


Me too Will, and It might be worth you giving Excellence a try. It’s a new series from Image, 2 issues in.

It’s a story about fathers and sons; the back matter is quite touching as Brandon Thomas discusses how it’s difficult raising his own kids when he never had a father himself, so doesn’t feel he fully has an example or point of reference

I picked up the first issue based on the creative team of Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph and just out of curiosity about is clearly a passion project. I’ll be honest it wasn’t until I read the back matter of the first issue that it really grabbed me and then I really enjoyed the second issue.
It was reading this that was a huge part of my decision to go back to reading more physical books monthly and cut back on digital and cut back slightly on trades, to support guys like them and the Criminal gang on a monthly basis.

On the subject of fathers and sons, I read Batman Universe # 1 to my boys tonight before bed. My 3 year old son, who has had a bizarre Batman obsession for well over a year now, clocked it, and asked me to read it to him. He got a bit fed up halfway thru but my 4 year old loved it.
Obviously I changed some of the wording to be more suitable for them, but they got the jist of the story.
It was great seeing his reaction when we got to the end and realising he needs to wait until next month to see what happens next.

Daddy enjoyed it too, really good story and the art was awesome. I only really know Derington from Doom Patrol cover images.

My only complaint is that $4.99 is awfully steep for a reprint of the Walmart books that is just the length of a normal comic.

I thought it was a lot better than Superman Up In the Sky though, despite the creative team of Tom King and Andy Kubert I cant remember anything about it and I only read it about 3 days ago.

I wonder if Tom King’s bubble has burst.


I think it’s more him being suited to certain types of books and not others, as we’ve said here before. I don’t know if he’s the right choice for the big A-listers or long ongoing runs, but he’s done well outside of that arena.


but name something good he has done since the beginning of 2019. Mister Miracle was over in Nov 2018. IMO, Chris was saying that while he has had good books in the past, his recent work has not been as good. If you are saying he has not done anything he is suited for since Mister Miracle,I will agree with you. But his next book is still an A- Lister book, Bat and Cat (?)

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I tend to follow his work in trade so I’m the wrong person to ask about really recent stuff. Mister Miracle was the last book by him that I read.

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If you told me Tom King is writing a Moon Knight or Bronze tiger 22 issue series I’d jump for joy.


Batman: Universe #1 - Really loved this book too. The opening pages from Batman’s POV in the Batmobile that switched to third-person with the shot below was incredible. Bendis and Derrington really seem like a perfect match. I assume this will be a trip through Batman’s rogues gallery with team up along the way. Thus far the characterization of the Ridder was really cool and the fight with Deathstroke was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see more of this book.


@Will, did you get last weeks Batman issue?

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Not yet. I plan on getting it tomorrow.


Batman 75

Last week I said that if that wasn’t Batman crawling up out of the pit, I would drop this book.

It seems I’m going to have to eat those words. But I would like to think that I actually would drop this book if it weren’t for the appearance of Catwoman. I was not expecting that. And I really want to see how Thomas is getting his ass handed to him, because he will get just that.

I also want a good Batman book. Thank fuck for Batman Universe, which was exactly that.


Good week this week - LOEG: Tempest finally finishes! Can’t wait for that.


LOEG The Tempest 6 - The finale is here, and it is quite a ride. Lots of cameos (some unexpected ones but in the grand tradition of comics), some last minute revelations, and an unexpected return. Need to reread the entire saga, but it is a finale after all.

James Bond 007 9 - The Goldfinger saga continues, and things actually HAPPEN, as the plot moves forward quite a bit. Not my favorite Bond run.

Batman 75 - Will discuss this later, but this is bordering on the silly.

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 01 Well, Fraction writes this as a cross between his Hawkeye book and an Archie book, with Jimmy being a walking catastrophe like the redhead from Riverdale. Enjoyable.