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Nationalism? :wink:



The dialogue was so bad I just assumed he was not British

Tynion IV (who I like), Ming Doyle and now Tim Seeley (who I like) have all had a bash in the last 7 years.


So I’ll say that the Azzarello run was pretty great, it’s amoung my favourites of the long Hellbalzer run.

My issue is with non Brits writing Constantine or Brit characters in general and struggling badly with the clunky, cliched dialogue. It often sounds very unnatural, like basically no-one speaks like that.

I have a bigger issue with Constantine though, that he’s a Scouser but a lot of writers, including the Brits have him speaking like a cockney.


Yeah I’ve called that out many a time. Even a lot of the Brits have him go all cor blimey guv’nor when he’s from Liverpool. I was pleasantly surprised when the short lived TV show had him speak with a Scouse accent.


OK, I get that. Even as an American that takes me out of the story.


I picture Constantine with more of a California surfer accent. :wink:

I know it’s far from the character’s origins but I really like the Constantine film.


It’s a good urban occult movie overall.


We’ve gone over this ground many many times. :smile:

The general MW consensus seems always to have been that the Keanu Constantine movie was decent if not very accurate to the source material. In that way quite similar to Wanted, which only took a few basic ideas from the comic but ended up an entertaining film.



The Chris Claremont School for Gifted Writers.


Chunks #3 - If you like punk rock and dick jokes, why aren’t you already reading this book? It’s always a great read and my favorite of @mattgarvey1981’s catalog.

Doom Patrol #8 - This issue starts a new arc. A lot of the story is spent referencing the previous arc and starting to setup for what comes next. This book has made me a big fan of Gerard Way and Nick Derington. I would follow any book they were on but this one seems to give them the freedom to explore what they’re interested in.

Justice League #28 - Like I said with last issue, I’m a sucker for these “kids go back in time to meet their parents and try to save the future” type stories. This issue doesn’t have a lot of big action but deals with the relationships between the future kids and the parents they haven’t seen for some time. I’ve made no secret of being partial to @bryanhitch’s writing but I’m also really loving Fernado Pasarin’s art on this arc. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Kingsman: Red Diamond #1 - As the first full Millarworld book not written by @Mark_Millar, this was always going to be a bit odd. It’s a bit like watching a band cover one of your favorite songs. I wasn’t initially onboard with going back to the well of class differences as a main driver of the story but I realize that there might be some more story potential there. I’ll be curious to see where this story goes.

Superman #30 - I like that this book is willing to kind of do a short story that doesn’t exactly feed the main push of the book. It has led to some really fun asides like the Dinosaur Island story. This story wasn’t as much to my liking but I assume that was down to not being the regular creative team and I’m glad they’re not afraid to give these sort of things a shot.




What’re y’all tryin’ t’say, sugah?


By the white wolf, tovarish.


Has anyone watched the Justice League Action episode with Constantine(Abate and Switch (Shazam Slam: Part 4)")? not sure how authentic it was but no one understand except Batman. But even Batman says at the end he had no idea what Constantine said.


X-Men: Blue #9 wraps up the title’s Secret Empire tie in, and unfortunately it was the weakest part of the storyline, being unable to provide a genuinely satisfying conclusion in the context of the wider event. Still, seeing Jean Grey face off with Emma Frost is always fun, with the issue’s ending promising more to come.

X-Men: Blue #10 starts the next story arc, dealing with teen Hank McCoy’s continuing tampering with dark magic (picking up story threads from the second volume of All New X-Men). In addition, I’ve always been a big fan of Scott & Jean and this issue delves into the soap opera of their relationship quite a lot. I enjoyed this, and look forward to the next issue to see where things go from here.

Generations: Phoenix - X-Men Blue’s Cullen Bunn wrote this one shot meeting between teen Jean and a Jean Grey from the time when Mastermind was pulling her strings, and she believed the X-Men were dead. It was a really good read, with some great art from R. B. Silva. I especially enjoyed Jean punching out Galactus!

Batwoman #6 - as mentioned previously, this series has been really disappointing, and I’ve dropped it now. But, #6 is really an issue of Detective Comics in disguise, and I recommend it to anyone reading that series. It’s rather shocking denouement portends some rather exciting things coming soon; and revisits some cool little bits of continuity featuring one of my favourite characters.

Super Sons #7 concludes Jon’s adventure with the Teen Titans. Another fun issue, with a few laughs at poor Damien’s expense.


Read Batman, the second part of the Kite Man revamp and I’m just not feeling it at all. Two issues wasted on this unnecessarily cruel story line.


I really wasn’t sure how this book would distiguish itself from the main Superman book but it really has. It’s a lot of fun.


Some comics out today:


Always happy to see new Kill Or Be Killed.

Comixology has also given me (for free) a ‘Legacy primer pages’ issue for Jessica Jones (which I subscribe to). I don’t know what these pages are as I haven’t looked at them yet - is it one of the recap books that they sometimes do for long-running series, with excerpts of key stories and so on?