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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Six pages in each issue.

There’s a lot of short 4-page previews of upcoming books too.


Kingsman: The Red Diamond - I think I was the most worried about this, mainly because the original mini was so distinctly different than the movie, and I didn’t want to see full synergy thrust upon it. But, overall, the transition is pretty well handled. Of course the whole “Kingsmen organization outta thin air” thing is weird, but it was always going to be.The characters are very much carried forth from the The Secret Service mini, however, and it feels very natural in that way. I really enjoyed Gary London’s development and it’s interesting to see where the new creative team will take him.


Oh, it is New Comics Wednesday again. Looks like Doom Patrol #8, Justice League #28, Superman #30 and Kingsman: Red Diamond #1 for me.

Check out this sweet @FrankQuitely variant.


Amazing. The Quitely never fails.

I’ve been saying for a while though (and maybe Mark listened as he hired him after I touted him in one of the threads), Simon Fraser can do some amazing character work in his cover work too.


My soft spot is with the Gibbons variant. It is such a cohesive tissue with the original.


It’s funny, I look at this and it doesn’t immediately scream “Quitely!” at me. However, If this was the cover:

it would most definitely be 100% recognisable FQ!


This is the part that screams Frank Quitely to me. :wink:


I would imagine it’s him stretching his legs on doing a likeness. I think he got the likeness perfect while making it recognizable as his style.


Some of Quitely’s likenesses have been among my favourite of his drawings.


Oh yeah, it’s a great image and it’s clear it’s not just been tossed together but the wrinkles on those knuckles are the most Quitely thing I’ve ever seen.


I would love to see him do one for @Mark_Millar.


I’ve bought a few things but I’ve downloaded Kingsman and Garth Ennis Dastardly and Muttley to read tonight.

Mini reviews to follow at some point.


I was looking through what’s available today and this looks interesting. I stuck it in my wish list for a rainy day when I’m looking for something fun to read.


dastardly & muttley is pretty bonkers, off the wall stuff.
I buy everything Ennis writes (apart from Dicks, which I didn’t like) but this isn’t for me, it’s not really my sense of humour and not really interested in reading on unless it gets really good word of mouth after the 6 issues are all out


Kingsman The Red Thingy, was really good.

I loved the original mini and was a wee bit doubtful that this would be my bag, because I don’t like the whole international super spy thing that much - even though I have a lot of love for both Williams and Fraser.

I was very happy to find that this was a greatly fun continuation. The opening action was actually very amusing and Williams dialogue through was spot on, as he often is when firing on all cylinders - which makes for a far more pleasant read. The fact that it’s British characters as well makes it even more natural for Williams - plenty good banter and natural conversations rather than listening to some American struggling to pull off John Constantine - speaking of which, DC, Williams is a bit of a no brainer for a few arcs of the struggling title that you’ve ruined by putting him in the DC Universe then putting non Brits on writing duty.
There was also a lot of heart along with the brilliant humour.

It’s also great to see Simon Fraser again. There’s no topping Gibbons but his style lent itself very well to the story; we all know he does action, facial expressions and body language really well - he’s just a brilliant sequential artist and it shows here.

This was really good - great choices MM.


Definitely. Part of why I loved the original mini as well is that Gary is such a nicely rounded out character and really comes across as trying hard in that series. While this new issue amps up the action and includes movie-plot elements, it really sticks to the core of that. And that’s what really matters.


I meant to say… the whole Terminator chat was fucking hilarious


Oh, the humor I pinged onto was the character bits with Gary, kinda solemn but also biting stuff. But that was a good bit too haha.


Spoilers, dammit!

Just kidding. :wink:


To be fair to DC since Rebirth the Hellblazer book has been written by Simon Oliver who was born and raised in south London. :smile:

I would love to see Rob Williams on the book though, he’s an excellent writer.


Wait what’s the issue with Americans writing Constantine? Azz did one of my favorite ever runs on the character.

(Disclaimer: not currently reading the title and have no idea what it’s like)