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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I didn’t know. I wasn’t a fan because I have a default of disliking Bendis(at least his Marvel work, i have heard good things bout his DC work)


It presented some great ideas initially but did suffer from the problem that Bendis isn’t the greatest writer for planning ahead.


Yes. Loved it.


I’ve fallen a bit behind in my reading over the past couple of weeks so I only just got around to this.

What a great issue, a wonderful little weird alien mystery that had a great payoff and was surprisingly touching in the end. The art was fantastic and the slightly purple prose fit the tone of the story very well. (I thought this worked a lot better than his Batman #663 prose issue.)

For me it reminded me a little of Doctor Who, particularly The Doctor’s Wife, the episode where the TARDIS takes human form.


They made that clear at the time though (most noticeably with Bobby, who suddenly had all the memories of teen-him coming out in the present, and his experiences that followed)


Are you sure something happened?

I assume you are referring to the ending with Rubble?

I think I’m going to drop this now. I’m just not enjoying it. If it picks up, I’m sure you’ll let us know. :wink:

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Yes the Doctor’s Wife comparison didn’t escape me.

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Star Wars: Good. I love the fact that Queen Trios got a somewhat honorable death, those moments between her and Leia was the highpoint of this issue, if not… Some… of the art.

I’m not knocking the art per se, It’s just that it was a bit uneven. Sometimes it was awesome. Sometimes it jarred a little. Only a little.

I think we covered some arts issues upthread, that tracing and photo reference only can do so much. But look at this:


The way the light from the blasters is reflected on them when they fire? It’s really selling the moment.

Still love this series.


Superman 11:

This is the most boring it’s been since Bendis came on. It’s starting to jarr a bit with me on a whole. I’m seeing to many things I don’t like, and some of them seem to keep getting reinforced. I know not liking things is like that, start looking for something and you’ll find it everywhere…

At least the art was good. And I really like the bit where Zod pulled a punch meant for Jon and just hovered there for a while.

In an issue with a lot of pretty pointless things happening (and not happening) that stood out to me.

Is the “bigger theme” of this whole stint just “fatherhood” or something like that?

There’s plenty of relationships that can be interpreted to bear themes like that. The most obvious ones are Kal and Jon, Kal and Jor, Jor and Jon, but there’s also Zod and Jon, Not-Kal (Ultraman) and Jon… But if that’s a theme, boy do they are suck at being dads and if that’s not the point of it, then I guess Bendis just sucks at themes.

Still can’t see the point of the rapid aging of Jon. Is it only to drive a wedge between him and Kal? It just feels so… pointless. So far.

Lastly, If I don’t get resolution to the Rogol Zaar business soon, at least motivation-wise (and it was hinted at in this issue), I’ll be really bored with everything Rogol Zaar until I do. Still onboard. Maybe the wings aren’t on fire, it could just be turbulence - Bendis might actually land it…

But I’m starting to feel worried about the future of this book.

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Batman 71:

I don’t know what’s going on any more. I thought this was going to pick up after the last issue but it’s more of the same.

So now Batman is broken? Pfft! The only thing that’s broken is this run.

As with Superman… At least the art was good. But that’s not it.

I used to love the idea that I read into King’s Batman. I think it was explicitly stated, too - That when everyone else says “But that’s impossible.”, the correct reply is “No: It’s Batman.”.

That was a good representation of what I felt back when there were actual things happening in this run.

Now… I don’t get that. At all. It’s been more like “This is nice but what the fuck is going on.” for a good few issues…

I really want to like this. I need to see where the story is going, so I’m not going to opt out just yet but… I would very much like to know what’s going on in the comics I’m reading. Is that too much to ask?

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I am, and I will.

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Cinema Purgatorio #18

This was a good final issue, offering all five strips closure of some sort. For some, it’s a definite ending, while for others it’s left far more open, with the promise of more to come.

As is often the case, the title strip remains the best and most effective, jumping between humour, self-commentary and horror as an unsettling mystery plays out (and one that will reward those who have been paying attention in previous issues). It’s a great capstone for the strip as a whole, and makes it feel like more than just eighteen similarly-framed skits.

Modded offers a nice wrap-up of its entire story, while Code Pru is possibly the least conclusive of all, offering something similar to previous chapters, albeit with a slightly darker ending. And the other two strips give us a conclusion of sorts while leaving the door open for more.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed this series. It had a better hit rate than most anthologies (with three out of the five strips being comics I’d happily follow individually) and some great art and writing.

It’s the right time for it to end now though. Most of these strips took their central idea pretty much as far as it could go, and I’m happy to see them all offer some form of closure rather than petering out.


Justice League #24 - I love how they’re playing the beats of this book. Early on in this storyline, they took Superman off the table by trapping him in the 6th dimension. They have used that as an interesting story point at the beginning of most issues by showing flashbacks of him teaching Jon stuff that his dad taught him (see below) only to be snapped back to the reality of being trapped in a dark world where he is dying. It’s super effective and forces the rest of the team to get out of this jam without him. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is escaping with the help of the Legion of Doom from a super-prison ran by Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen only to find that Batman has seemingly turned on them. Mix a lot of alternate/future reality stuff in there and you have the makings of this incredible issue. Really loving this series.

Naomi #5 - We’re nearing the end of this mini-series and getting closer to answers on who Naomi is. In this issue, a big exposition dump on her origin is delivered in a story device similar to AI hologram Jor-El done in great double page spreads like the one below. We learn that Naomi is from an alternate universe where random people gained power split along moral lines and started battling each other. She was sent here to escape the one that went really bad and started killing the others. This issue ends with him finding here. This should make for an amazing last issue of this series.

Superman #11 - So we’re going on a year of a promise of finding out what Rogol Zaar’s motivation for destroying Krypton. It seems like everyone now knows his reason except for readers and the title character. He even seemingly has Zod on side for his reason now.So for me, that plot is wearing a little bit thin but holy crap are the action scenes incredible. I mean check out the double page spread below. The Superboy vs Zod fight was pretty incredible too. Hopefully, there is some resolution to this dangling plot thread from Bendis’ Man of Steel soon. I’m not sure I’m in for the ride much longer.


“I said please” was awesome though, right? Fantastic cover too.

This book is still my favourite Bendis book, but I agree this issue was a little meh. The artwork was amazing, but Bendis’ script incredibly staccato and disorientating. Not sure I followed everything that was going on. Looking forward to the next issue!


That was great. Zod pulling his punch on Jon and the just all out awe for Superman were probably my favorites.

There are some great things going on but the overarching push for this story has been a bit thin. Rogol Zaar just feels a bit one note but the reason for that note is always being withheld from us by contrivances.

More than anything this storyline reminds me of The Death of Superman with the build to Doomsday vs. Superman. The double page brilliance of the confrontations are similar but where that story was a short, staccato of 4 issues. This one has now gone on for 11 issues plus the Man of Steel mini and the short in Action Comics #1000.

On the flipside, it feels like Bendis is bursting at the seams with ideas for Action Comics to me.


I’ve not had much time to put up reviews recently, however I need to mention The Replacer a 64 page ‘graphic novella’ published by aftershock.

It’s a incredibly moving and intense piece of work by Zac Thompson and Arjuna Susini. I couldn’t put it down, within a few pages I was so drawn into it and completely engrossed.

This is a story that has drawn influence from the writer’s real life experiences, centred on a 7 year old boy whose father has suffered a massive stroke, leaving him paralysed and unable to talk, and his son convinced that demonic possession is at the heart of what is going on.

I’ve spent an hour reading reviews and interviews with Thompson to find out more, and also to check my understanding of the last page.

This is the best issue of anything I’ve read this year and if there is any justice will be up for some recognition when it comes to award time.

I’m so glad I bought this in a physical copy and it’s a lovely little package with quality paper and card stock cover that shows off the art and colours very well.

Reading other reviews I’m glad to see I’m not alone with the superlatives, I highly recommend it



That sounds awesome, thanks for writing about it Chris. I’m gonna check for it at my LCS, I could do with a good horror comic.


I’ve gone ahead and ordered it too, on the basis of that recommendation. Looking forward to reading it.


I hope you both enjoy it :+1:


I’m gonna pop down to forbidden planet later to see if they have a copy.