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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Sure. But it’s a round table thing and the story is never going to be cohesive by design.
Still, the creative teams have been doing some outlandish things and not one has been boring.


Some of the new comics out today:


I think today is the first Wednesday since Rebirth launched that I haven’t had anything on my list to read.


It is a 5th week. I think DC are putting out only 5 books. It’s been an issue since they launched the new 52 that they always leave slim pickings.


At least Marvel and DC don’t try to do the rushed 5th week events anymore. It might be a nice slot to drop an annual but would probably frustrate people who picked up a large percentage of the line.


It would be even weaker and 2 books if DC weren’t running the Jack Kirby 100th anniversary stuff.


Darkseid Special: The main story is the titular Darkseid story. It’s alright, a story about some rebels on Apokolips. Not very interesting, but the characters are on point and the atmosphere is great. Doesn’t feel as all encompassing of the lore as Orion, nor really as touching as the Sandman special. The back-up story is an OMAC story…which feels like a lot of fluff.

Black Racer/Shilo Norman Special: I’m not the biggest fan of Hudlin, but I’m not that hot on Shane Davis or Chaykin either, and they produced some really fun (or fun at heart) stories. This…was a misfire. It’s a pretty boring mix of large quantities of exposition and a plot that never hooks. Some very really blatant political aspects also date the story quickly. There’s a racial aspect that could have been interesting, but it’s just very bluntly done and never actually explored.


Looks like the Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 trade is out today.

There also appears to be an Ed Piskor comic about Todd McFarlane in today’s Image+.


That looks like fun. I might have to check that out.


Piskor did a similar tribute to Liefeld that was packaged in the boxed set of the first couple volumes of Hip Hop Family Tree.


The last page of All-Star Batman had me cheering out loud. Yo #¤%&ing ho indeed. :smiley:


Officially yes, my copy was sent off today having been ordered last weekend!


Just JLA for me this week and it was really good—nothing revolutionary but it reminded me of an old John Byrne Fantastic Four comic, just solid exploration-based superhero stories. I don’t love team books, but the nice thing about JLA and how it uses such disparate characters, is the range of stories they can tell.

And Ivan Reis is one of my favorite artists in terms of pure superhero art. I’ve followed him on lots of B-level books just because his stuff looks like how superhero comics should look to me—big, bold, imaginative, expressive, pulling elements from everyone from Kirby and Eisner to Alan Davis and Jim Lee.

I’m not saying he’s as good as them but he would definitely be a star at Marvel. It is a truthism that Marvel does a much better job breaking artists even at times when the company is too dense to realize this is their bread and butter, and when DC has a better stable of artists who are doing better work (such as right now).


I bought a copy of myself and one for my nephew…who doesn’t yet know that this is his Christmas present.


OK, so I just
caught up on releases from
early in August.

Saga #46

Several issues gone,
this arc doesn’t work for me.
Time the book moved on.

Renato Jones: Season Two #3

Bold but garbled schlock.
Feeling like it’s lost its way.
Ending was a shock.

Kill Or Be Killed #11

This book’s hero fell
further down the rabbit hole.
Things cannot end well.

Injection #14

Ellis hits his stride.
Myths clash with technology.
Quite a thrilling ride.

Jessica Jones #11

What a nice surprise.
Javier Pulido’s art
lifts this tale of spies.


Bravo sir. Bravo.


Haiku reviews? Nice!

Also, I checked out the Image+ and the Ed Piskor comic was just the single page above and I really wasn’t interested in any of the other content. So I passed.


Ah, thanks for letting me know. I’ll probably give that a miss too then.


How about Wytches? How many pages did that get, did you notice?


Sorry, Vikram. I’m not sure.