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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


JLA is probably not the one you’re thinking of. It’s Batman, Lobo, Atom, Black Canary, etc. Strictly kind of B-list, a half-hearted attempt at what Giffen/DiMatties did is my guess.

Orlando is a weird writer. Sometimes he feels like the next big thing and sometimes his stuff is very generic, and it even can be within the same issue.

In general I think there are too many reboots and creative team overhauls for team books to really work anymore. Those books need more time to marinate.


I will say they lay that stuff on too thick for my tastes but I love the way they frame Superman as a good role model for what a father should be.


Neither of you are alone. The iFanboy team that were loving Superman called them ‘lecture’ issues that bored them senseless.


I feel like I should counter and say I really enjoyed the story. I thought it fit well with the 4th of July theme they were going with and explored lesser traveled heroes in US history. It also grounded the story in the Lois’s family history of military service.


I really should check and see the responses below before I post, but it’s a pain scrolling back and forth on my phone - I’d hang fire; Think the blip is down to Thomasi having a quick break to catch up. I’m sure it will be back on track when he returns.


I don’t want to comment too much on the main Justice League title, because I found it pretty boring and dropped it - but the JLA book has been a really great showcase for a bunch of characters who DC obviously can’t keep full dedicated books running for, and Orlando (who I’m very hit and miss with) is doing a really good job with the team.

It’s worth checking out for DC fans who like The Ray, Lobo, The Atom etc and it gives them all a spotlight over the course of the run.


They are not alone, it’s had quite polarising effect - but I really loved those issues, and I think Vik did too.

There was a bit of heavy handed cheese, but I found it genuinely educational and really right hearted - it’s the sort of book I’d really like to give to my kids to read when they are old enough.

I feel so cynical now, and surrounded by cynicism - this felt like a mental break from that and a reminder that there’s still a lot of good, genuine people out there.

(Edited for harshness - I’m having hard time at work right now :grinning: )


But Ronnie, you have historically bad taste.


But I like you. :wink:


Point proven.


He’ll never top @BobbyS for that. :smile:


Only one this week - some thing called Transfer by some Garvey fellow. Oh, well, it was only a buck.


Just checked the list of books shipping next week and for the first time since DC Rebirth launched, I have a week with no pulls. I also noticed that the current solicits don’t show double shipping for Action Comics in November.


So I picked up that issue today and to be fair, it’s not as forced as I thought it was, but still wasn’t for me. I like the idea of it, just wasn’t taken with the execution.


Kamandi Challenge #8 and Manhunter Special are both all out fun. It’s been a pretty good week.


How has Kamandi Challenge been? There was a bit of buzz when it first launched but I haven’t heard anything since.


It depends on the creative team. It’s really just “Kamandi is plopped into next escapade” the series, and each new team for the issue does NOT want to play with the previous issue’s team’s toys at all…it is insane.

But in a very playful way.


I read the first 4 - it’s been pretty mediocre. I think they could have been a bit more ambitious or creative with the writers and artists.


Yeah, Injection is my favourite Ellis comic in a long while, and it’s very quintessentially him in a good way. loved the first two books, can’t wait for the third one.


I really liked the first issue of Kamandi Challenge but never got around to adding it to my pull list. Would you say it has been consistently good enough to make it worth getting the trade?