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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


This has now completely disappeared from the Previews website, so who knows if and when it’ll ever show up.


That’s a great way to put it.

Surely no one does that around here. :wink:


It’s more than 70, counting Batman Inc 1&2, Return of Bruce Wayne and Batman & Robin.

And worth to note, they weren’t released almost bi-weekly like Kings Batman is.


I was including all of that in my count. What do you make it?


Just to check my working:

Batman #655-658 and #663-683: 25 issues

Batman & Robin #1-16: 16 issues

Batman #700-702: 3 issues

Return of Bruce Wayne #1-6: 6 issues

Batman: The Return: 1 issue

Batman Incorporated #1-8 And Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes! #1: 9 issues

Batman Incorporated (new 52) #0-10 and #12-13: 14 issues

So 25+16+3+6+1+9+14=74

Leviathan Strikes! was two issues compiled into one, so you could perhaps add another issue on for that, and there are also short stories from 52 #30 and #47 and DC Universe #0 that tie in, and then there’s Final Crisis too, which maybe makes it all feel longer than it actually was.

Obviously he’s done loads of other stuff with Batman (Arkham Asylum, Gothic, JLA and so on) as well, but this is what I think of as his core Batman run.


Before you posted that last bit, I just googled around and I count 69 issues + Final Crisis…

So… My bad.


No worries, it’s hard to keep track when it’s so fragmented. One of the reasons I’m enjoying the current omnibus collections which bring it all together nicely.


Prodigy #4 - This issue largely revolves around Edison Crane getting out of the jam he was in at the end of the last issue and solving another problem that gets him into a similar cliffhanger jam. We get a bit of exposition that gives us a peak into his thought process and possibly sets up a much bigger (or possibly connected) looming threat. I really think this character will make great for TV once it reaches that. He’s a bit of MacGuyver, Indian Jones and Jack Reacher all rolled into one or the whole A-Team in one person.

Superman #9 - What I thought would be a big punch-up issue ended up being something quite different. This issue gives an interesting take on Ultraman that plays off previous incarnations but adds some more psychological twists. Jon coming to grips with this villain having his father’s face is quite unique. It looks like we will see a similar take on the villain with his mother’s face and hopefully more of an answer to what this issue kept hinting at. Is/was there a Jon in this world?


I read it too, and it was pretty decent as a setup issue. But, seeing as MTMTE/The Lost Light and all it’s tie-ins are some of my fav comics (no, stories!) of all time, the bar is pretty damn high now. I’m all with you on the art, Whitman works while Hernandez… doesn’t.

The cybertronians look a bit like people in robot-suits made of cardboard in Hernandez parts.

I wonder if a cycle is the same unit as in previous IDW incarnations.


Is Grim Knight essential reading for the Batman Who Laughs mini series, or is it skippable?


Skippable but… it’s good.

I liked it anyway, but I’m easily entertained…


Will probably read it in next couple days … Risso was a big selling point in what feel like a bit of a cash grab from DC on a seemingly very popular character


It would have been totally skippable and not-so-good without that art. Example:


Thanks. I’m just trying to decide whether I get it now in hardcopy or wait for a digital sale down the road sometime. Sounds like the latter.


I went back to re-read it because I wanted to assess whether it was actually skippable, like I said, and…


I kinda love it now. It certainly isn’t like a filler. This is good. I like Grim Knight now. “His” Gordon was awesome.

And. That. Art. Just wow. Truly one of the most well-drawn (painted) comics I’ve read in a while.


I forgot to mention that I also really like the dream sequence at the beginning of Superman #9. I’m curious where Bendis is going with that thread and how it will connect with Zod’s remarkably similar dream.


That dream sequence is definitely interesting.

And those weird moments between Ultraman and Jon.

This issue felt padded out though, mostly because it’s all told to characters in the story, and to me, it reads more like “literature with pictures” that way, or like, prose comics (is that what they were called?).

I don’t know. Something felt off about it.

Oh, and calling it now: The Omnibus Collection of Bendis’ Superman is going to be called “Superman: Daddy Issues”.


house of whispers 7
There’s something about this I like but it’s not a well written comic. The New Orleans stuff and some the cultural side of it is what keeps bringing me back but if it wasn’t a Sandman universe book I wouldn’t be still reading it.
The main storyline drags on. The veganism nightmare section is brilliant, however I strongly suspect they have been written by Dan Watter, having read his Lucifer series.


Catwoman 9 this was guest written by Ram V and it’s about as average a comic as you will read. I never finished it. Really mundane.
I’ve been sticking by Joelle Jones with the series as I feel that she could get her rhythm as she learns how to write. My patience was just about holding up, but I confess I’m not that sure that the plot is any more. I’m hoping Jones comes back as writer AND artist again, as the was the main draw. I think the book will be hemorrhaging readers and this issue will not have helped at all.


The Grim Knight Snyder, Tynion IV and Risso
What a creative team.
I enjoyed this What if Batman became The Punisher, then goes absolutely fucking nuts? origin. I much prefer this version to the Batman Who Laughs.
It’s too compressed though. It really could have done with being 3 to 4 issues long.
The art is fantastic.


By Night 9
This series works best as a humour book, I think devoting most of the issue to backstory…mostly unnecessary backstory…was a misstep.
I also feel that 12 issues is too long for the series. It does feel stretched out and 8 issues would have been about right. My interest is wavering slightly, however I have hope the final 3 issues will be back on track.
Again the pitfalls of reading monthly comics in the modern age are highlighted.



Here is my list for Wednesday March 20:

BPRD Devil You Know #14
BPRD Hell On Earth Vol 5 HC
Wild Storm #21
Authority By Ed Brubaker & Dustin Nguyen TP
Bitter Root #5 Cover A Regular Sanford Greene Cover
Criminal Vol 2 #3
Lazarus Risen #1

A good week for Mignola fans and WildStorm fans


I miss the pictures of the weekly books with the stickers on them :frowning:

Things were much better in the old days…