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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Hawkman #10.


Thanks for the heads up!

Looks like another TKO book, The Fearsome Dr Fang, put its first issue up for free today too.


I read issue 1 of the new IDW Transformers. It’s OK, very much the first issue of an arc and as such can’t really be discussed as a single issue. It’s entirely setup, divided into to broad sequences. The bulk of this is Bumbleebee, Windblade and Rubble, the most recently forged Transformer (he hasn’t even selected an alt-mode yet) travelling across the Cybertronian landscape so Rubble can begin tutelage in engineering; and a meeting between Orion Pax and Megatron in advance of a rally by Megatron’s political movement, the Ascenticons.

The script and dialogue are decent enough, there’s a lot of infodumps, given the nature of the story, but it mostly works - I quite like the sequence where Bumblebee explains that a shooting star is in fact a Titan in orbit, who’s decided to become part of the planet’s defences. The art is less good though, Angel Hernandez draws the Bumblebee, Windblade and Rubble sequences and the style is a bit too loose, it doesn’t quite work. Cachét Whitman draws the Orion Pax/Megatron sequence and it works better, closer to the style IDW leaned towards for most of the prior comics.

Overall, it’s really going to be a read the first arc and make your mind up affair. There’s enough material here to keep me intrigued though.


Do you think reading this in collected form is likely to improve it?


I read it in cut price digital sales. I don’t feel robbed at £0.69 an issue. I would feel pissed at full price. I still don’t think this is a story that warrants 100+ issues to tell. Nor do I think King is as skilled as he thinks he is in telling it.


Green Lantern just keeps getting better and better. Last week’s #5 was such a great book. The story was fun, the artwork gorgeous. This is one for the ages.

Conan the Barbarian #4 - King Conan does Punisher, basically. A slight issue of little consequence.

Justice League Dark #7 continues escalating the magical apocalypse. I’m running out of ways to say that this is a great book. You’re getting bored of reading me go on about it.

Superman #9 was a tense read as Jon takes on the monster with his father’s face. A hard issue to read, but so very well done.


One quick and final round up of the rest of the books from last week…immortal hulk 14 was a tremendous return to form and a real treat having the superb Kyle Hotz as a guest artist…9/10

young justice 3 is so much fun, Bendis is killing it on all fronts just now…8/10

justice league 19 didn’t really enjoy the first half of the book, I don’t really like mr mxyzptlk as a character and my eyes glossing over when the daft stuff was happening but it gets interesting once they get into all the dimensions stuff and link it back to the story…9/10 extra marks for this costume

![image|450x600] (upload://wJlG8sOspotTZu8iBbiud1ksM16.jpeg)

the dreaming 7 the art from Abigail Larsson is a bit flawed in places, and although the flaws seemed distracting at first I grew to really like it. It’s amazing and a really original style amoung contemporary peers. Although I’d have liked Rose Walker to look more like Rose Walker. She’s quite unrecognisable here. A lot of the characters are a bit featureless or indistinct facially so the editor is going to have to factor this into the scripts if this is the artist long term. The issue itself was lovely. Like peering into a window at the life of someone completely different to yourself. Fascinating, I got totally lost in it. Although I had some quite emotional music on in the background and I think that added to it. This is Spurrier at his best, with none of the irritating dialogue tics. 8/10


Are any “Morrisonisms” creeping in yet? :wink:


Well it’s consistently really good if that’s what you mean. :slight_smile:


Honestly…I’m not sure. It’s always a really brief read and I think it still will be when collected.

I think he has a bit of work to do to win the audience back over and bring it all back together in a way that merits 106 issues.

When you compare it to how epic Morrison’s run was it’s actually quite ridiculous how little has happened in 66 issues.


I’m not…it’s brilliant…keep banging the drum…it deserves the praise.


I haven’t read all of his stuff but I think especially his DC superhero books have a specific feel to them. Animal Man most of all with the metafictional angle. Doom Patrol with the surrealistic elements, and it also had that metafictional element, with the “nightmare realm” Crazy Jane goes to. His DC stories seem to paint these characters as some kind of demigods in a mythical, magical world.


I cut Batman from my pull list but when I saw this issue had Lee Weeks on art and the original Question I picked it up.
Beautiful to look at but reaffirmed my decision to drop.
This 100 is arc feels like a solid 40 to 50 issue arc padded out.


It really is incredibly padded. I was into it through the War of Jokes and Riddles (which I loved) but excepting the odd exceptionally well-done issue, this run is straining my patience. It needs to get to the point a little faster.


I picked up Image’s Little Bird #1 today on the strength of Ian Bertram’s art.

Also, Prodigy #4.


Is James Roberts involved in the relaunch? It’s so weird to me that he wrote an all-time classic but hasn’t gotten any other comics work (that I can see) Hell, give him Guardians of the Galaxy, or Legion!


How many issues of Batman did Morrison write overall? I feel like he was on the title(s) for years.


The only people who worked on the old IDWverse and the new comic are variant cover artists - Casey Coller, EJ Su and Robby Musso each contributed one. Roberts seems to be working on some creator-owned stuff.


From the start of his run to the end of Batman Incorporated is around 70 issues I think, plus Final Crisis which ties in somewhat.


Caught up on loads of books over the last week.

Cemetery Beach. It’s Evil Bastard Ellis ™ NEXTWAVE. full of awful people being awful in the most insane ways possible, all while being a 7 issue action sequence.
There really is no one else in comics would could write this and there is no way it should be this much fun.

A Walk Through Hell.
I’d forgotten just how harsh nihilistic Ennis is. It’s hard to read at times but I’m certainty hooked.

Green Lantern 1-5

I can see why people say this reads like GL if he was a 2000AD character.
It’s so much fun in the best Morrison WTF madness without climbing up himself the way I’ve found some of his more resent books. Looking forward to more of this :smiley:

I need to read some books by newer writers, I feel like I’m still banging on about 70’s prog bands in 2019 :stuck_out_tongue: