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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


He’s the son of the psychologist that treated Rorschach in prison.


Is he both or just this?


Just Doomsday Clock.


Is he also the kid at the newspaper stand or just the son of the psychologist?


Just the latter.

I don’t know what foreshadowing you guys are talking about.
There was also a big bit in one of the later issues that shows the origin.


Ah, I maybe got mixed up with some of the backmatter and the flashback glimpse you get of the New York squid early on, as I thought a few of the details in the news clippings were hinting at Bernie still being alive somehow (even though he died at the end of Watchmen).


There’s a Superman Dr Manhattan punch up coming soon :facepunch:t3:


I thought Guy Gardner just killed him.


I thought you hadn’t read it :wink:


The Lightning Saga was a convoluted mess. It was so continuity-heavy that I’m not sure I even understood it. Superman and the Legion was an interesting plot but it’s what I meant by “a team using that name”. It was so far removed from “my” Legion in tone that I couldn’t feel anything for it. Legion of Three Worlds was more of a blatant emotional assault, getting the charatcers mostly right and full of big “oh yeah” moments, but got to those moments by doing stupid things to beloved characters.

So it’s a mixed bag. I think Johns is a solid writer, I just don’t have confidence in him writing the Legion I want to read. That Legion’s dead and buried, and there’s no real reason why it should come back now.


Reading the ‘amusing comic panel’ thread is enough to keep up with it. :slight_smile:


I’ve only seen the big stuff that has been posted online. That panel was posted somewhere here.


This post is a convoluted mess.


I haven’t read the last issue yet; it’s sitting in my to read pile. I doubt that happened unless there’s a massive plot twist. They’ve been building up to the Super battle for the last 2-3 issues.


Your face is a convoluted mess.


Your face is going to be a convoluted mess. :wink:


p.s. if you believe that punch by Guy had any real effect I have some lovely land in Florida to sell you.


I don’t know if I’d call it a “fight”. :wink:


Stranger things have happened in comics.


It’s true.