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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Dark Metal #1 - Got it. Read it. Got it.

I’m too old. I get exactly what was done and where this is going. Oh, very well done by Scott and Greg, for sure. Scott had a LOL line and Greg even made the Bat-Suit tolerable. Here we are at the Crisis Point again with the bullet. Enough.

No, there is no “flip side” to the multiverse. A multiverse limited to 52 is no multiverse at all, it’s a pocket universe. Ooops.


I hope so because he designed it. :wink:


I think that the costume looked rubbish at first but Mikel Janin really does make it look good. The inside of the cape being purple is probably the coolest design choice.


I get all that. But again, my main beef is the depth of storytelling. As in, a lot of the time I just don’t think it’s there. At least Johns or Morrison will throw dozens and dozens of concepts at you. With Snyder it’s basically one that he hopes is overwhelming. Although admittedly this time he seems to be following the multiple concepts approach.


Yeah, I understand that. Personally it’s more that the over-arching new idea is just underwhelming. There’s no “wow” moment or a clever factor. It’s very basic, which is not a good thing when you’re using all of these.

I might not like Morrison’s use of the cosmology either…but there was a lot of thought put into these connections and you can tell where these extrapolations came from. Snyder… there’s little thought outside of the initial word.


I’m loving it this is the upcoming checklist for all the arc


So initially I was incredibly surprised by the reveal at the end of Dark Nights: Metal #1. However, I just realized that it shouldn’t be as surprising because Hawkman/Carter Hall is Dream/Daniel Hall’s grandfather.


I’m not going to pretend that I knew that.

Well done Ronnie!


I really should have known it. :wink:


It’s New Comics Wednesday again. What’re you picking up today? What’re you reading?

Looks like Action Comics #986 for me.

I was reading DC solicitations yesterday and actually got a little excited when I saw that Action Comics was in the 990’s. I’ll be curious to see what they do with issue #1000. I hope it’s something big.


I assumed that was the main reason they went back to the old numbering, so you’d think it would be something special.


I’m looking for stuff to drop since I’m going to be getting all of the Metal tie-ins and the Watchmen book.

I think Superman is getting the heave-ho from me. It’s been three duff issues in a row which is usually my cut-off. I did not like that arc where they went to museums, and how this one is going. The story lost something when they left Smallville and now Tomasi might be gone?

Justice League of America is the other. I broke my “no team book” rule with it, and can see why I have that rule to begin with—the story feels thin and no character is really given any time to shine. That said, I’m a big Ivan Reis fan and I really like the way the last arc started, so I’ll likely stick around for now. I’m just not sure this book has made a real case for existing.

Anyway, I’m laid up with injury so I won’t make the LCS today or maybe this week. Hopefully won’t miss much.


That’s understandable but I think Tomasi is coming back. I think the current arc is just a fill-in. It seems they’ve needed a bit of time to catch up after their first year ended.

It’s honestly one of the things I’ve started to enjoy about digital reading. I can take or leave an issue and not feel guilty about sticking my LCS owner with the books that I have pulled but don’t buy.


So the trades will go:

Vol 4: Black Dawn
Vol 5: Fill-ins?
Vol 6: Tomasi-Gleason again


Not sure. Tomasi and Gleason did a couple issue in that fill-in area too. It’s just the one that some have labeled as overly patriotic/jingoistic (depending on your preference). In truth, there should only be about 3 fill-in issues, 1 before the 4th of July arc and 2 after.


Thanks. It’s DC so all bets are probably off as to how it’ll get collected.


I don’t know if “patriotic” is the right criticism exactly…the story is heavy on revering veterans and those who have died in combat, which is a universal sentiment. I think it was just a bit saccharine for my tastes and a weird change of pace after the awesome arc that closed the Smallville stuff.


That’s fair. I think it was supposed to start on the week of 4th of July and meant to be a bit of a seasonal story like some of the Christmas issues we used to get. When it was knocked back a couple weeks by the fill-in, it didn’t make as much sense.


I normally love the team books, especially the Justice League ones. But I haven’t been reading either of them. I don’t think DC has done a particularly good job making the two books feel like important reads. And in my opinion Justice League should be leading the DCU, but it hasn’t been that way for a while now.


I didn’t pick that issue up because as much as I agree with the sentiment, when it comes across as forced it’s unbearable.