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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’ve no idea whayll be waiting for me at the conic shop but I’ll be going to the newsagents for this on Thursday. No idea what the story inside is but how can you pass on that cover?!


Edit: a bit of context for non UK board members.


books of magic 5
Tim goes to the dreaming to a find book then heads back home

I really want to read a books of magic ongoing again but It’s really fucking scandalous how light on plot (and how many nods to what we’ve read before) this book is :joy:


It’s pretty bad. I’m still reading it because I’m too lazy to cancel my order :sob:


Let’s see:

The Green Lantern 5 : Obvious twist is obvious, so moving beyond that, it is a nice issue. Again, it really feels more like something Moore would have written during his early UK days than Morrison.

Doosmday Clock 9: Really nice art, the story suddenly moves forward, I feel a heavy infodump issue coming? It still reads strange and Guy Gardner going for the kill (unintended he says) and breaking Manhattan’s neck with one punch is weird. The retcon concerning Firestorm… we will blame that on the altered timeline, I guess.

Beyond that, a lot and not a lot happens at the same time, bizarre as that sounds.

Blossoms 666: I really do enjoy dark tales on Archie characters, and the Blossoms twins are perfect for it.

Batman 66: Batman is sad, Batman is lonely, Batman wants to be loved. Why did you break his heart Selina, why? So this issue is basically a mental representation of Bruce’s emotional angst due to being left at the altar.


Guys! C’mon. I swear I told you Books Of Magic was bad fan fiction after reading the first issue.


I’ve been pleased with these small series (like TREES and INJECTION) that Ellis has been producing under the Image banner, and CEMETERY BEACH is very satisfying. This was a self-contained series, but also allows for a potential sequel.

So, yeah, I recommend that you pick up the collection.


I’ve stuck with it through will alone

My problem is that when this gets cancelled thru poor sales they’ll chalk it down to there being no desire for a books of magic series rather than the fact that the one they’ve served up is pretty poor, although I have zero issues with the art - the art is very good


The art is nice. I really like the colours too.

And, I understand your POV, but it’s really a rock and a hard place, isn’t it? I love the Books Of Magic mythos, and really want to support it, but the writer has no comic credibility and is delivering a very poor fan fiction version of the book (bizarrely, even with Gaiman’s oversight).

So, I made the choice to support the two Sandman Universe titles that I actually think are good, and skip the others. I hope that still gets the message across to the powers that be.


All right then, that gets it onto the buy list.


Thanks to a post on a Legion mailing list, I have now read the page that this image referrs to.

As this is the only page of Doomsday Clock I’ve ever read, I have to ask:

Does it all read like a bad Internet parody of Watchmen? :confused:


This post reads like a bad internet parody of Watchmen. :confused:




One of my favourite shots from #TheGreenLantern#4. I delivered this in greyscale to give it depth and atmosphere. The basic drawing was traditional, but a lot of the BG and FX were done in Photoshop. (Liam Sharp)


Liam Sharp is rapidly becoming my favourite modern-day artist.


I just read a whole bunch of the Doomsday Clock comics, and it’s really not for me. I don’t read many comics any more (despite a collection that’s too big for it’s own good). Just a lack of time in the most part, and there’s other things I’d rather be doing when I do get some free time, but reading this it felt kind of awful. 9 issues in, 200 pages of story and it doesn’t feel like it’s even figured out what the story is yet - just a massive amount of playing about building up the what there is of a plot. When I read Before Watchmen it didn’t feel like an insult to the Watchmen comic, but this does. This feels like DC dug up the corpse of the Watchmen and are Weekend at Bernies it - and I’m not sure if there’s any good reason to do something like that. Overall it was a bit like discovering a link on the internet you’d rather not have clicked.


I picked up the first three issues in a recent Comixology sale, and I feel similarly. It doesn’t even feel like a ‘cover version’ of Watchmen, which was what I was expecting - it’s just someone playing some of the same notes and hoping they can coast by on that.

It’s not even overtly bad so much as it’s just a bit nothingy, really.


Great art, though.


The art is good, but it’s serving a weak story. I’d rather see Gary Frank doing something else.


A friend of mine got it after years of not buying comics and said it was “literally the worst comic book he has ever read”.


Clearly he hasn’t read enough comics, but that is a fair evaluation if you only read comics now and again.

I wonder if anyone at DC read this in advance and questioned what the hell they were reading, or if they simply checked things off thinking they can sell any old crap. I’m sure some people are enjoying it, but I can’t think it’s the majority of buyers. What’s most troubling is the way they’re trying to ape the original Watchmen, and it’s like watching do a really really cringeworthy bad impression.