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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


FIght Club 3 is a mess.

A wonderful mess that I’d never thought I’d 1) see, and 2) enjoy!

I like it!


The Dreaming #6 acts as a conclusion of sorts to the first arc in the book. It’s a good finish, and sets up a very intriguing next chapter.

Action Comics #1007 & 1008 - I said elsewhere that this book is “very Bendis”, and these two issues definitely reinforce that feeling. This story feels a lot like something out of his New Avengers or similar Marvel work. I’m not overly keen on Steve Epting’s artwork.

Detective Comics #999 was better than I expected, but I can’t help feel a little cheated here. I smiled to read that Alfred’s choice of curry is my speciality dish (I just cooked this last night). I’m really looking forward to #1000, but not sure I’ll bother reading further.

Justice League #18 - Pasqual Ferry is one of my favourite artists, but this issue isn’t a great showcase. It’s quite a small, intimate story that doesn’t offer him the chance to showcase his sensibilities. It also does little to advance the mega plot. A disappointing issue.

Young Justice #2 - I didn’t really like it much. I found the Wonder Girl flashback difficult to follow; weird script and disjointed storytelling. The start and finish set in the “present day” were better. The chemistry between the core cast is pretty great.

Shazam #3 - the kids adventure in the Funlands takes a sinister (if slightly obvious) turn. Eaglesham really seems to be struggling with deadlines here, but there is a level of consistency across the fill in artists that doesn’t make things too jarring.

B.P. R. D. The Devil You Know #13 was a disjointed and confusing chapter; I fear the ambition of the story is beyond Scott Allie’s ability to wrangle. However, the characters carry the story and Campbell’s artwork is amazing.

A Walk Through Hell #7 - I’ve lost track of this story, I’m afraid to say. It’s difficult to tell just what it’s all about at this point in the narrative.

Conan, the Barbarian #3 was another fine done in one story by Aaron & Asrar. This series is pretty awesome. Ribic’s covers are phenomenal.

The Magic Order #6 concludes the first book in the series. I can’t remember who said it earlier, but whilst an exciting and rousing finale, the emotional resonance is missing. Still, overall a fantastic book in the vein of Jupiter’s Legacy - is this series supposed to fit in the same Millarworld universe somehow, or us this a conmplety different thing? I can’t wait for book two. I hope Coipel returns for this. Each page was beautiful.


Was this out this week? Or are you catching up on a few weeks worth of comics?


A few weeks ago. I think #8 is out this week or next.


This week, I did something I don’t usually do and bought a comic on the strength of the cover alone.

In fairness, it was a pretty good one.

(Yes, that is actually Gibbons.)

Venom #11

I haven’t picked up a new single issue of a Marvel comic for a long time, and I haven’t followed what’s going on with Venom as a character for many years now, so I really didn’t know what to expect from this book. It was a pleasant surprise, then, to find that it was actually pretty good, and very accessible even for the eleventh issue of an ongoing run.

Firstly, I was glad that it focused on the Eddie Brock version of Venom (ie. the proper version). Second, I immediately noticed that the art was of a decent standard, having little to no experience with Ryan Stegman in the past but being immediately impressed by his art here. And third, as I read the book, I started to really like what Donny Cates was doing (again, having no real past experience of his work).

It feels like more of a slow-burn horror book than the kind of big ‘eXtreme’ 90s-style Venom book that you might expect, and it works pretty well. On the strength of this issue, at least, it seems to be pretty respectful of the character’s history, but builds on that with twists and turns of its own.

It reminded me of the recent Immortal Hulk collection that I tried out, and I liked this issue well enough that I’ll probably do the same as I did with that book and grab volume one in a digital sale.

One to keep an eye out for if you’re a Venom fan or you like your superheroes with a dash of dark psychological horror.


I’ve read it now, thanks. It’s great stuff.


This is a birthday present and he has something to sayFuck you Ronnie


I thought he would have said, “Happy Birthday, Don! I’m DEAD!:wink:


I picked up Heroes In Crisis #1-3 as they were on sale for 69p a pop on Comixology and I felt like checking out some more Tom King DC after loving Mister Miracle so much.

It’s an OK book but it’s moving incredibly slowly - some of the concepts are interesting and there are some decent individual scenes and lines, but overall it feels like there isn’t much forward momentum, and it isn’t even that clear what’s really happening in the book (and not in a good “compelling mystery” type of way).

Is it one of those event comics where loads of the important stuff has been farmed out to tie-ins or spinoffs or something like that? It feels like there’s just about a skeleton of a story here, but not much meat on the bones.


This could easily be a review for a large portion of King’s Batman.


Nope. Not really. There’s very few tie ins as far as I can tell.


Oh, that’s a surprise. The story feels so thin that it felt like there must be more elsewhere.

Does it improve much past issue #3?


#4, 5, and 6 are more of the same. There are some nice moments in #5 in particular, but it’s still a really slow burn story.


Ah, I’ll maybe give it a miss then, at least until those issues are on sale. Thanks.



What’s everyone picking up?


Just this for me this week:


Ooo. I’d somehow missed that The Green Lantern was coming out today.

Looks like The Green Lantern #5, Justice League #19, Young Justice #3 and Conan the Barbarian #4 for me.


For me:



Is this the final issue? How has the series been? I haven’t heard much talk about it but I’ll be checking out the collection just based on the creative team.


Some good stuff this week…

Batman 66

Doomsday clock 9

Immortal hulk 14 (new arc)

Justice league 19

The dreaming 7

The green lantern 5

Young justice 3