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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’m going to assume this means everything since Detective Comics #476 in 1978 has been a computer simulation and we can ignore all of it? Because that would be awesome.


Fuck Wally, get money!


Btw, anyone reading Peter Cannon? It is kind of another sequel to Watchmen, also breaking the fourth wall and referencing Morrison.


Fuck Ronnie, he is just jealous because Wally is faster than the boy scout


Heroes in Crisis 6

I really enjoyed this. I thinknit says a lot that this book is the first I read each week when it is out and each issue leaves me wishing I had the next to hand.
Gerad really shows off here, employing 3 different art styles, one for each of Harley, Wally and Gnnark.
The Gnnark pages were fantastic all round. I could read a full mini series of that. Tom & Mitch, if you are listening.


The Price parts 3 and 4 - Batman 65, Flash 65
This was enjoyable but it creates more questions than it gives answers and it did feel like further set up.
That said, I enjoyed reading it and I noticed a far better quality in Williamson’s writing than he has displayed in the Flash issues I’ve read and also JLO.





I didn’t need another reason to love Scooby-Doo Team-Up, but Sholly Fisch gave me one anyway…



Question: Is Daphne’s hand permanently grafted onto her hip?


Action Comics #1008 - Wow! I never thought an intrigue/spy type story would work well within the context of a Superman story but Bendis has done it. I continue to love how he is developing Clark’s cast as well. That last page was a real stunner of a reveal. I’ve always suspected that more people know who Clark is but that was a very direct way of stating it. I think this run is going to be a classic.

Martian Manhunter #3 - Some more interesting revelations about J’onn’s past and how he became John Jones. I’m curious if there has been any talk between Orlando and Snyder on what they are doing with him. Thus far it doesn’t seem contradictory but it’s edging on it with the retcons both are doing to J’onn’s past. Still a very interesting comic and the art is truly amazing, great storytelling.


One of the really nice things about the comic is how the art follows the cartoon shortcuts. Each character has a small repertoire of stock poses (see also Fred in that panel) that are repeated as required. The guest stars don’t have that restriction of course :smiley:


That’s great.


Bendis is killing it with Superman. I have never been more impressed with him and his writing, except maybe for USM…


Great to hear continuing good things about Bendis on Superman. The first trades of his Superman and Action Comics runs are on the way in the next month or so.


That’s some very big talk. Will have to check this out now.


It looks to me like Bendis has shelved all of his great subplots from the first two Action arcs to instead use the book to set up his big event. It is an intriguing setup for sure, and the craft is top notch, but I really wish the book had been able to grow in its own direction for a while longer before the big event bulldozer comes crashing in, but DC is a business. Oh well.

It also seems like Bendis continues to have a boner for unmasking superheroes. I’ve never been a big fan of that fascination of his.

(Still a great book though, full of wonderful little details)

EDIT: Also, it’s a bit of a bummer that we’re going straight to event mode with Bendis at DC since big events have NEVER been his strong suit.


This is from a guy normally not liking Bendis, keep that in mind. Not a fan of his Avengers stint, neither under the “New” nor “Mighty” banner.


I’m the same. Bendis on a solo book? Gold (mostly) I don’t think I ever read a good team book he did.


Defenders was great.


Alright, I’ll check it out! Thanks for the tip!


Re: Heroes In Crisis #6 - Wally West only found out about his missing children in “Flash War”, categorically set after his time in the Titans. Therefore, whilst undoubtedly poignant and tear jerking, this a retcon that deliberately seeks to undermine the hopeful tone of Johns and Abnett’s DC Rebirth work. I’m not quibbling with the storytelling decision, but let’s call a spade a spade.

I also realise that only myself and Rocket care at this point. F*ck the rest of you!