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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’ve got Lucifer on the buy list for June, Gideon Falls Vol 2 on the April list.


Hah! I literally just saw this online …



Justice League #18 - Still loving this series but I much prefer the more character oriented issues than these info dump issues. I can understand where it might be needed to fill in the plan and history for everything that is happening but I just tend not to be a fan of a ton of exposition.

Naomi #2 - There’s still a lot of mystery about Naomi and her origin but this issue starts us on the path to find out who she is. Bendis seems to be creating a lot of new toys for the DCU here and I’m loving it. Can’t wait for more.

Sharky the Bounty Hunter #1 - Another magic Millar book. Really pumped that he was able to snag Simone Bianchi for this sci-fi romp. Curious to see where this hard-nosed with a heart of gold character goes.


For those that do digital the first trade is on sale at the moment for two quid on Comixology. It really is a fantastic book and the art is phenomenal, anyone who hasn’t - go and try it at that bargain price.


Aquaman 45

Annnnnnd with that I’m done.
Gave it 3 issues and enjoyed the first, 2nd issue its started to drift and with this it’s gone right off the rails.
This is a pile of un-compelling, wannabe pretentious wank. Great art but the writing is awful. What audience is this for? It feels like some Vertigo influenced 90’s experiment gone wrong.
I know how this will come across, there was a post on here comparing DeConnick to Lemire and Aaron and it’s laughable.
I put my money where my mouth is and I support these books and I exercise my right to criticise from time to time.
I don’t buy comics to slate them, i don’t have time to read stuff I don’t enjoy, hence why most of my reviews are positive - so i’m not holding back here.
I won’t be surprised if this book is cancelled by the end of the year. DC’s biggest mis-step since Rebirth for me, taking a brilliant run and tanking it.
This isn’t butt-hurt, it’s just how it is.



Heroes in Crisis 06: This issue is like issue 3, in that it is a flashback before the massacre happens, and it is split between 3 characters: Gnarrk, Wally West & Harley Quinn. We get a little in each one’s head, King puts an even more depressing turn on DC Rebirth, and we get to see the final moments from Harley’s perspective, contrasting with Booster’s version in issue 3.

But not much else happens. At least we get to see the dead bodies of Gnarrk and The Protector, confirming their deaths (seriously, 6 out of 9 issues and we are still keep in the dark about details that all of the characters involved already know from issue 1 or 2).

Gnarrk philosophizing was fun.

The Flash 65

The last part of The Price crossover tries to weigh more in the emotional side with Batman vs Flash, Iris vs Batman, Iris vs Flash, but on the plot/action side it is really light.

Gotham Girl just turns off basically, then gets convinient amnesia and into a tube. Nothing of her plot (origin, who helped her, etc) is advanced, and then there is a tease at the end that SOMEONE may have turned ONE of the heroes or something related to Year of the Villain

Detective Comics 999
Well, at least all the things like Leslie’s death are reversed because it was all a computer simulation, what else can you say…

Betty & Veronica 03
For me, this is the weakest of Archie’s current titles. More angst, more parents getting sick, more drama


A good day for Mignolaverse fans today:

Crimson Lotus #4
Hellboy and the BPRD 1956 #4
BPRD: Vampire TPB 2nd Edition*

and also:
Outcast #39

*the original TPB has long been out of print; this version includes the short vampire story that appeared in the recent Hellboy Winter Special


I never really thought I’d live down reading Archie reviews on Millarworld.

What a time to be alive, folks.


IIRC, Rebirth was supposed to be about hope. so why is King trying to remove all the hope that we felt when Rebirth came out?

BTW, IMO, it seems that Tynion makes the Legion of Doom more hopeful than King does with the Trinity. WTF?


I enjoyed The Flash, but the amnesia thing annoyed me. Basically a big red reset button!

Haven’t read Detective Comics yet, but that sounds incredibly disappointing. I think I may be dropping the book after #1000.


And wait until the relaunch of Jughead’s Time Police… I recently read the original series and that was fun.


BPRD Vampire is wonderful, folks. Great book :+1:t3:


Action 1008

Books of Magic 5 (last chance for this one)

Detective 999

Freedom fighters 3

Heroes in crisis 6

Justice league odyssey 6 (let’s see if Abnett can salvage this)

Martian manhunter 3

Shazam 3

The flash 64 (the price part 4)


Looks like Action Comics #1008 and Martian Manhunter #3 for me. I’m curious if the later book will eventually reflect the recent revelations about J’onn in Justice League.


i am doing the same thing.:smiley:


COMICS! :heart:


Speaking of COMICS! :heart: , the Star Trek/Transformers one has been a wild ride, including a transforming Enterprise replica and now “cybertronian armor” for the Starfleet crew.





A Wally West fan reads Heroes In Crisis. ComiXology have the first three issues on sale. I ended up having a day off today. For reasons. So, thought, why the hell not. I’ve just finished reading them. I didn’t hate them. And, I’m sort of intrigued to find out what happened. I will probably get the rest of the series too.

Let’s break this down:

The mystery is quite compelling. It’s not so much a whodunnit as a car crash. Tragic, and horrific, but you’re not trying to work out whose fault it was; you just want to see the carnage from the safety of your car on the other side of the carriageway.

Clay Mann’s artwork is gorgeous. The wide open plains. The interrogation scenes. The smaller moments between characters. It’s all lovingly realised. I’m glad he’s having his moment in the spotlight.

Lee Weeks, on #3, is awesome. As. Always.

King’s story is better than anything I’ve read from his Batman run. I’ve not read much, if any, of his more acclaimed work elsewhere, so can’t say how it compares to Vision or Sheriff of Baghdad. But, this is well written, intelligent, and engaging.

I am not happy about the superheroes on the psychiatrist’s couch approach that the book is taking. It’s realistic and, completely, true to life - in the real world, anyone would be a friggin mess going through what Wally West has been subjected to - but, it’s a deconstruction of the superhero that is going to be really difficult to recover from. How do you go from Superman’s identity crisis (no pun intended) to fighting Mongul? Or Batman’s feelings of failure to leading the Outsiders? Some stories don’t need to be told. No matter how skilfully told or important. This is one of them.

In conclusion, I’m eating a fair portion of humble pie about this series. I don’t like it what it’s doing. But, it’s doing it well. And, I want to find out what happens next.


I’ve stayed quiet, but I’m really enjoying it so far. No character assassination, but deep insight into what goes on with people dealing with this; it’s an interesting take. I think this would go down smooth as an Elseworlds take, but it has everyone out of their heads because it’s about the “real” heroes. I think this will read great as a trade, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

And I love Wally. The latest issue broke my heart.


Exactly. I was thinking that as well partway through #3. This would be a fantastic Elseworlds or creator owned book. It’s really quite uncomfortable as a mainstream DCU event though. There’s been an oppressive air of melancholy around me since I read these issues.