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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


American Carnage 4

Aquaman 45

Batman 65

Catwoman 8

High Level 1 (vertigo)

Justice league 18

Lucifer 5

Naomi 2

Terminator: Sector War 3 (Christ, it’s been a long time since the last issue of this!)


I was wondering what happened to this! I thought it had been cancelled or something. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll pick it up.

(You’ll be telling me the third issue of The Seeds has been published next!)


Looks like Justice League #18, Naomi #2 and Sharky the Bounty Hunter #1 for me.




I wish I’d decided to tradewait The Seeds. The art is beautifully atmospheric, but the story is opaque enough that I think #3 will be completely incomprehensible to me reading it months (years? :frowning: ) after #2.


I’m trade waiting it. At one point Amazon had a release date, then it took the book down entirely. Now it’s back up and says “we don’t know when or if this item will be in stock.”


Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #1

Who has seen an older movie with Peter Boyle called “Joe”? That’s got to be the model for Sharkey. Add Greedo and Short Round, with a bit of Charles Dickens and Lobo thrown in. That dang Millar fellow has been inside my head again, and done stole one whole concept! Luckily, he did it just different enough from mine they no longer meet the criteria of “same idea”, so it turns out to be just synchronicity again. The set-up rings slightly similar to Empress in a way, but knowing Mark it id going to divert to something different about the third issue. And Simone! Such bizarre setting and critters, and he makes them look right at home.


Yeah, I had the same thought when I looked up the current due date today.

27th March, by the way.


With few exceptions (namely, books that I am very confident will ship on schedule, or books that I am impatient to read), I usually buy individual issues and set them aside until the arc is complete. With Seeds, I read the first issue to see if it was something I was interested in (it was), then bought the second issue and but it in my “to read” box.

I’m just happy to learn that I haven’t missed out on Seeds #3 along the way. :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I do too.


Why don’t you just wait until the arc is complete and then buy all the issues? :thinking:


I still buy them in hard copy :slightly_smiling_face:




Wild Storm #20 ok This issue saw the return of Ben Santini and Apoolo and Midnighter get to show their power sets.
There were few words spoken in this issue. Davis Hunt’s art was on full display here. Each of the shadowed figuresApollo and Midnighter from previous issues each get a double page spread. One of them uses a variation of his catchphrase on the page before his spread. There are also several single page images. Also, Bendix is using 50s styled flying saucers to carry out his attacks. Everything is drawn beautifully.
Craven unleashes a squad of killers led by the above mentioned spoiler and mentions King and Baiul needing their pension plans more than once( is that a new euphemism for killing someone, it confused me when he said that).
While the pair are destroying Bendix’s saucers. someone on board sends an unencrypted distress message which Ms Sparks latches onto and appears on Skywatch behind Bendix. Only problem was she had forgotten to put on a pair of pants before hand

The end of the issue finds the pair talking. Apollo pokes fun at Middy about feelings. Then they profess their love for each other fly off into the sunset.


Yeah, I really enjoyed this issue of Wild Storm, particularly for the way it cuts loose and lets the art tell the story.

There’s one double-page spread that’s almost Geof Darrow-esque in its lovingly detailed mechanical carnage, and there’s another double-page sequence that evokes We3 as a character mows through a line of enemies in a series of quick-cut vertical panels. (That’s pretty good company to be in!)

I wouldn’t want something like this every issue, but here it worked - particularly if you like those two characters. The book is feeling more and more like an Authority series as each month passes.


Just looking at this weeks releases (I haven’t read any yet) makes me feel… cautiously nauseous. “Hulkverines”? What the actual wolf?

I’ll leave that for now, gotta dive into that Wild Storm…


Terminator: Sector War #3 was largely a big action issue. It was done pretty well, evoking some memorable moments from the movies with a little bit of its own flavour, and we get a clearer idea of what’s driving the overall story.

But it commits the error of having the Terminator be overly talky - including chatting with his target when he has the chance to kill her, leading to him missing that chance - which is not very Terminator-like.

Also, I can’t deny it’s a bit of a disappointment to have such an action-heavy and relatively story-lite issue after such a long wait.

Hopefully the concluding fourth issue will tie everything up nicely.


Electric Warriors 4 still loving this mini series from Orlando and Foreman, as the 5 Electric Warriors now work together for a common cause.


High Level 1 a new series from Vertigo, written by Rob Sheridan with art from Barnaby Bagenda (Omega Men) & Romulo Fajardo JR.

I knew I recognised the name Rob Sheridan, but not from comics. He’s the guy who did a lot of art and design stuff for NIN. Just shows you how you pick stuff up subconsciously from back in the day when sleeve notes were still a massive experience of buying an album.
Bit reluctant going in because it’s a first time writer and some of the new Vertigo books, eg Hex Wives and particularly Goddess Mode, have been absolutely dreadful.

The art is very good in places, but I’m really not a fan of the digital colours over pencils look, I feel it lacks definition, it’s not aesthetically pleasing to me at all. I don’t mind water colours or paints over pencil but the digital paint is not a technical development that has benefited the medium, other than it’s maybe easier and less expensive to produce. Farjado has clearly spent a lot of time on these pages, but it’s not really for me most of the time. Sejic on top form pulls it off, but even he only hits top form a small percentage of the time.

Post Apocalyptic world’s like this are normally a really big draw for me in comics, movies and tv - but they need to be well executed and this is not.
Plot wise, there’s not much happening here. It’s derivative, cliched, boring and it’s almost a bit immature. The character development is paper thin and the writing and dialogue isn’t very inventive. Reminds me a bit of James Peaty’s work on Skip Tracer in 2000ad.
The use of swear words feels completely forced and unnatural.
I ended up skimming the last few pages. It’s crap.

I get that some people have dreams to be a writer, but if you don’t have a way with language or the ability to write clever or engaging dialogue then you should probably just leave it and do something else. Or in Sheridan’s case, stick to what you are good at.
The editors at Vertigo are clearly not up to the job just now. American Carnage is good, but that’s because Bryan Hill is very good, experienced writer. It feels like there’s a real lack of experience all round at Vertigo, and it’s evident in their books.

I see they’ve also had to pull Dan Watters onto House of Whispers to help the writer out on that.
Think there was a debate about this on here months ago and whoever it was who raised the point about these books being given to inexperienced comic book writers was clearly right.
This is the danger of just handing out comic books to people who have never learned to write them and your editors aren’t good enough or confident enough to rewrite or support them.
I thought Mark Doyle would have done a better job than this given his half decent rep on the Batman books, but then this could explain why Snyder’s Batman run was so choppy. He’s made a complete arse of this relaunch. Only the Sandman books and American Carnage come away with any sort of credit. Russell’s Second Coming book might well be better off somewhere else.


Justice League 18
Ahhhh man, I felt initially that Pascal Ferry’s art is really jarring here. It felt completely out of place given the artist styles on the book prior to this, like a really bad choice. But as I started reading it actually really worked because of the nature of this issue with the mind link between brainiac and Luther and then the flashback sequences which lay out what Luthor has learned about Perpetua.
Really great issue actually as it adds to the depth of this epic storyline and gives a nice pause between events to keep the reader on track and flesh out Perpetua and the orb, which I feel was much needed. I mean this all ties right back to the first issue, it’s actually marvelous how Snyder and Tynion IV have put this rich series together. This will reward multiple reads over years, I’m actially contemplating getting it all in collected editions.

I love how it all goes back to Vandal Savage again and the idea of his interactions with a bunch of DC universe characters of the ages as Savage strives to understand more about the piece of the ‘comet’ that fell to Earth, all the way to Lionel Luthor It adds a bit of depth to Savage as well, which is needed because recent thing portrayals of him have dimished the character slightly. All adding to the Luthors in the process and going in a direction I didn’t really see coming.



This run of Justice League is quickly measuring up to Morrison’s run, which stands the test as a great build over years.


Justice League #14 - 17 + Annual #1 wrap up act 1 of Snyder’s mega- arc revealing big secrets and the big bad that will haunt the team going forwards. James Tynion did most of the heavy lifting this arc writing wise, with artwork split up between Cheung, Segovia, and Sampere. I don’t much like some of the major retcons made to DCU mainstays here, but they sort of work in the context of the overall story being told.

The magical apocalypse continues in Justice League Dark #8, as our heroes are outmanoeuvred by the Otherkind and the Lords Of Order. This book straddles the line between old school Vertigo and the magical corners of the DCU, in much the same way that Gaiman’s original Books Of Magic mini-series did. It’s a dense, rewarding read, with gorgeous artwork.

The Green Lantern #4 - every issue I enjoy this a little bit more. The big picture behind the individual chapters is starting to coalesce, as Morrison goes wild with the sci-fi craziness. Liam Sharp and Steve Oliff’s artwork is gorgeous; and it’s always nice to see Tom Orzechowski’s lettering.

The Batman Who Laughs #3 is superb, but feels very much like an “imaginary story”; there’s too much happening here to be in continuity. Still, it’s incredibly entertaining, as our Batman takes on his evil counterparts. The hopelessness of it all is palpable, as they prove to be every much as capable as he is.

Detective Comics #996 - 998 - the mystery of Tomasi and Mahnke’s opening arc continues, as Bruce travels the world trying to figure out who is targeting the people who made him who he is. Fun stuff, but the final page cliffhanger is a literal WTF moment, and could potentially ruin the whole thing. There’s a lot riding on resolution!

Criminal #2 - I didn’t like Fade Out; I skipped Kill Or Be Killed. But, this series continues to blow me away. I love the free form nature of this book; how each issue can tell a completely different story than the last, yet all are connected in subtle ways. Great stuff.

American Carnage #3 & 4 - this book is starting to lose me, I’m afraid to say. I love the premise, the writing, and the art; but, I don’t really know what it’s about. The hook isn’t there. And if we don’t get that soon I fear it won’t get the chance to. Hurry up!

The Wild Storm #19 & 20 - great to have this book back, as Ellis starts weaving various plot threads together in preparation for the fireworks to come. This book has the best covers. There are only four issues of this book left; anyone heard what’s coming next?

Superman #7 & 8 - I’m glad that Jon is back; and, I’m happy to see that he’s still the good kid that he was previously, even if he has been needlessly aged. As a parent, Lois and Clark’s emotional response rings true. However, it’s still weird that Bendis is playing this as Jon only having been gone for 3 weeks. The use of two artists splitting the current day from the flashbacks is a neat trick, and I hope they stay consistent with this for the rest of the arc.

Lucifer #4 & 5 - answers come thick and fast in these two issues, as we finally figure out what the hell is going on (no pun intended). This is a wonderful book. A masterclass in both writing and art. My favourite ongoing title currently. I implore you to give this one a try.

Gideon Falls #10 & 11 - the conclusion of the second arc takes a hard left turn into sci-fi gonzoville, leaving the book in a much different place for the next arc. Sorrentino and Stewart’s artwork remains truly phenomenal.