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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I thought it was Yanson.


Like most big revelations in comics, it asks at least as many questions as it answers


Just wait for the next issue where they say “Nagle” is pronounced “NOO-jul.”


That issue’s already been cancelled and rebooted.


The biggest shock to me is TRIM-pee. I always assumed it was a single syllable.

While we’re on the subject, I learned this from a podcast:

Mignola = min-YOL-a


That’s barely a flake off the iceberg. No Olivier nor Copiel. And how about that Mil-LAR fellow? Immonen? Mazzucchelli? With my luck, “Simonson” is pronounced “Smith”.


This, from a guy named “Miqque”.



You’re one to talk!


It’s pronounced like Miller not Mill-are.


You know that, I know that, the Chief knows that, but what of America?

What of America, Will?


That’s pretty cool. Interesting to see how Americans pronounce the family names from other countries. (It’s often not how those names would be pronounced in the original language, Buscema, Nocenti, Orzechowski and Sienkiewicz I know would sound differently in Italian and Polish. Macchio would be pronounced the same way in Italy though.)


Looks like I had a lot of them right except


I’ve known about sin-KEV-ich for quite a while, though I initially thought it was pronounced SIGN-key-wits.


And will get retconned soon anyway.


Despite my distaste for the events of HiC, I still went ahead and bought Batman #64 and Flash #64, the first two parts of “The Price” crossover. The story seems to be an integral part of Tom King’s mega Batman arc, but it’s written by Joshua Williamson. Which is a little weird. The artwork on both issues was great. The story gets back to Gotham Girl (who King seems to have all but abandoned, much like Bruce, for the last year). And, is full of emotional subtext given Wally’s fate. Surprised to find myself enjoying this quite a lot. Looking forward to the next couple of chapters.


IIRC, King wanted to write this but he was very busy with a tv project, so Williamson gets to write all four parts. I have enjoyed most of it, going back to the first Batman arc, etc, but I had some minor quibbles with the Flash issue in particular, from some jokey ones to some serious ones:

  1. Something that I pointed out in the Rebirth thread, but another Williamson Flash story with someone complaining about lies. I am really tempted to go back and start a list.

  2. No shit Sherlock is ANCIENT, the idea that Bruce picked it from Damian is kind of silly.

  3. Gotham & Gotham Girl spent an insane amount of money and got powers that could for a short time beat Superman, and Flash wonders who helped them make their uniforms?


wonder twins 1 from Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne was well intentioned, fun and a predictably very funny, smart, part subversive - part irreverent, read. Not convinced by the art though. Non descript, bland, genderless, digital bleh.
But it tells the story, even if his portrayal of Wonder Woman as an anorexic schoolboy in a wig and skirt makes no sense.
Taking 1 point off for the art.


Superman 8 was awesome. Filling in some of the gaps with what happened with Jonathan and it has some great, often emotional, moments


Batman 64 is possibly the best DC thing I’ve read from Williamson. Carefully balancing threads of HIC, early issues of this King run of Batman and also Rebirth.



Justice League Dark 8
The Demon, Pappa Midnight, The Detective Chimp, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat…the list goes on.
This book is so good and Tynion IV, another one of DC’s heavy hitters - hiding in plain sight to some degree, knows how to juggle a huge cast of diverse characters like no other.
And the art and inks from the weirdly under promoted Alvaro Martinez Beuno & Raul Fernandez just get better and better. Beautifully clean lines, with so much background detail, painstakingly and lovingly laid out in a fashion that services both the story and the atmosphere perfectly.


This era of DC must be close to a peak.


Out today:


For sure:

ANTHEM 1 (Dark Horse)


Just Wild Storm this week for me.

Love that cover.