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:joy: don’t do it

Unless you want to know more about granny goodness sex life


It’s been getting a lot of the same praise America got.
About the timely message, the social relevance, the progressive character focus.

Which is all just…the most superficial reasons to like something.
Because it is just complete trash. But a lot of reviewers, they let their emotions blind them.


Boy, do I!




I’ve done a quick google

Tbh never really gave this a second thought until you said

Yeah the sexual politics has obviously lured them out.
Disappointing really. The comic is shit. I’d be extremely suspicious of anyone pointing to anything different.

Also, I need to correct my post earlier. Cecil is a woman not a man.


Yeah, I was gonna point that out too haha,

It really is a shame.
Because then I make comments and tweet and write reviews about this comic and I attract the wrong element. It’s happened before. It’s happened with America, and it’s so weird because I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with a social, political, or progressive focus and I end up with Alt-Right/ComicGate followers and it’s insanity.

Books like this…man, just like Border Town ended up being, completely short-fused and underthought in almost every respect. And in the end just end up giving a bad name to every theme they want to push forward.
And after Mister Miracle all I wanted was a good New Gods series. And I know a lot of you liked Mister Miracle, but with Female Furies and its praise, it just feels so downcast.


When I saw that it was a completely different creative team and had little to no connection to Mister Miracle, I gave Female Furies a pass.

I’m sure Tom will read every issue just so he can tell us how bad it is though. :wink:


I already mentioned to a lot of my other New God loving friends that…I’m out.
Like 13 months of Mister Miracle was enough.

I gave this an issue, and I’m over it. Life is too short to spend it reading awful Fourth World books.
It’s…kinda disheartening, but yeah…I’m over it.


No more hate reading? I’m impressed with your growth as a person. :wink:

Maybe someday you’ll grow enough to appreciate the masterpiece that is King and Gerad’s Mister Miracle.


Hahah. Goddamn Ronnie.

And Mister Miracle wasn’t hate reading.
For allllll of it’s flaws, there was so many things baffling and badly done in Mister Miracle - it was worth discussion and dissection. And there was fun in parsing through all that. Even if it was bittersweet.

Female Furies?
It’s just bad, and it’s bad in such a superficial way.
Like, I feel both series are shallow in different degrees, and Female Furies is at least the one that does it with no amount of flair.


I feel this post is shallow in different degrees. :wink:



Anyway, The Wrong Earth was great and I can’t wait for the second arc in 2020.


A large number of the books I buy are these types of books

But I’m not going to hide from calling bullshit when it’s so glaring

I’ve read now some of the reviews and it’s fucking nonsense. There’s one website has given it a 10/10.

It’s manufactured nonsense and it’s actually quite sleekit

I wish I never picked this book up because it’s led me down a back path of being really disappointed about how the world is going.


Same here.


(I don’t get why anyone likes Wrong Earth. I think it’s kind of terrible.)


Nah, sorry I’m with Tom on this, I really like it as well.

It’s an idea that hasn’t really been done before and Peyer’s dark humour shines through his script.


What an amazing week for comics.

Conan the Barbarian #3 - I love how Aaron is really embracing the Conan mythology right down to the non-linear nature of the stories. It continues to skip around in Conan’s timeline telling interesting stories while slowly linking it back to the main narrative established in the first issue. I’m still loving Asrar on art too. Such a great adaptation of the character.

The Green Lantern #4 - I can’t decide on a better description of this book than what I’ve already stated, a DC story via 2000AD. Part of that is just surrendering a sort of continuously weird narrative that loosely fits together. If you can do that without a lot of expectation of this being certain kind of DC story, it is amazing.

Justice League #17 - Still loving this book. Like someone else said, it’s amazing how Scott Snyder zoomed in for such a personal story after the broad/sweeping narrative of the annual. I love the way it develops a sort of new camaraderie between Lex and J’onn based on a bit of retconning. It even seems to echo in the color of their costumes. Jim Cheung’s art is fantastic as always. The paralleling in the second to last page is incredible. I wish he had made the jump to DC years ago now. Can’t wait for more of this book.

Prodigy #3 - It’s no secret that I’m bought in to whatever @Mark_Millar writes. This issue is no different. I feel like there is a bit of Superman in everything Mark writes. In this issue it exhibits not only in the stoic genius that Edison Crane exudes but also the secret kindness to the character. I assume there is going to be something significant about the ABC tattoo in the future. Rafael Albuquerque is amazing as always too. Looking forward to more issues and the eventual Netflix adaptation.

Young Justice #2 - There’s still very much a team coming together aspect to this book. It also seems that the characters in the book has realized that there is something strange going on with continuity as not everyone recognizes Wonder Girl despite recognizing other Teen Titans that have already been introduced in New 52. Loving everything Bendis touches at DC right now. Gleason’s art continues to grow in this issue. I’m curious to see where this story goes.


I just got some stuff in which I am very happy with!

ASTONISHING X-MEN HC (AXM (2004) #48-51 and material from NATION X #2)


young justice 2
I enjoyed this more than the first issue which was a bit too frantic and action based for me.
We got a bit more character development here as Bendis gets the team together. I like the new characters and I’m enjoying the take on the existing ones.
Good fun!


Immortal Hulk 13
I’m glad this arc is over. It got a bit too messy for my tastes, just a bit out of hand. Howeve. There was some great scenes in this issue which reminded me of how good this series is.
One in particular between hulk and banner was really touching, along with banner missing in the desert and then the last couple of pages which I felt were great.
I’d like to read this arc again in one sitting and see if I can get a better handle on it, I think I’ve forgotten too much between issues. I’m still holding out for some sort of OHC treatment though. I’m not buying any more marvel trade paperbacks because the quality is poor.
So I might be waiting a while to re-read.


the Dreaming 6
This was good but the artist struggles to renders any scenes which involve action with any coherence. Maybe that’s the intention, but it’s not nice to look at and it disrupts the flow of the comic.
There’s an ending of sorts to an arc of sorts. Spurrier, as he is prone to do, gets lost up his own arse for a lot of it.
It’s an odd book, if it didn’t involve characters I want to read about and that I already know there’s no way I’d be picking it up, but it works quite well as a continuation of the universes


the wrong Earth 6
I enjoyed this first season from Peyer and Igle, but I think I’ve read all I need from the series. I think a mini series would have been enough for this witty alternative Earth swap series. The earlier issues were definitely the most fun.


Archie 702
This is a well written and well drawn book and it acts as a kind of companion piece to Riverdale, certainly in tone. It even has the same ‘voiceover’. I don’t find myself really caring though and I’m not invested enough in the characters.
I think if I wanted to read a monthly Archie book this would scratch that itch, but as only a sporadic reader of Archie over the past 30 years, there’s not enough here for me to want to read on.
Again, if I was a huge Riverdale fan and wanted a monthly comic that encapsulates the feel of the show, this would be great. I’ve watched the first 8 or so episodes of the first season and enjoyed some of it.
So I’m not the target audience for this and that’s ok.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer # 1

Well, I was pretty pissed off that Dark Horse lost the license. That has been tempered quite significantly by this relaunch issue being pretty fantastic.
For those not aware already, Boom have taken on the rights to Buffy. Where we had a continuation of the cannon post season 7 of the tv show at Dark Horse, we now have a pretty much Ultimate Buffy at Boom, courtesy of some great talent in colourist extraordinaire Jordie Bellaire and the fantastic Klaus artist Dan Mora, with Joss Whedon acting as overseer or consultant of some sort.

Bellaire must have picked up a lot of good habits from her years of working on books because she paced and dialogued this book perfectly.
Not only that, she’s got the voices of the characters down perfectly.
Mora chips in by capturing the essence of them in his lines and together they make a winning combo.
There’s a lot of fun to be had, in various guises; witty lines and very little time wasted in getting some major characters together - I won’t say who, as part of the fun will be finding out for yourself.
The design of the book is also very nice, including the title break, which works well and has some nice colour choices, that I dare say one of the best in the business had input into.

Top book, well done to all involved.


Man-Eaters 5

I hinted after issue 3 that this was starting to look very one-note. Issue 4, which I couldn’t be arsed putting comments up about was a mock magazine and a complete and utter waste of my money.
Now we hit issue 5 and nothing has progressed from the first issue. This started so promisingly, I found it clever and cheeky and it made me laugh, however its so one-note that it’s still standing back and admiring it’s single joke from the first issue and it’s gotten boring, although I enjoyed one or two of the pages, particularly the big advice page from the dad, which was much more like what we got in the first issue.
But overall feels like an exercise in self indulgence rather than an ongoing comic. Shame there’s not a lot of plot, because the first 2 issues smashed it.
The art is still great.