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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Fair point. Well made.


Just Green Lantern 4, Hulk 13 and these for me.


For me:

BPRD: The Devil You Know #13 (only two issues remain after this one; so sad)
Cemetery Beach #6
Prodigy #3


Did anyone get Daredevil #1? I’m tempted but can’t quite pull the trigger on it.


Kind of a heavy week for me.

Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #5
The Green Lantern #4
Justice League #17
Young Justice #2
Prodigy #3
Conan The Barbarian #3


I have a complete singles run of DD from around issue 250 all the way up to the start of Soule’s run which I thought was junk.

I’ve been itching for a good DD book so decided to go back to the store and get it. Not read yet though.


OMG Marv Wolfman is writing a Superman comic and I didn’t know? :cry:

I’ll have to hope the shop has one on the shelves when I go in at the weekend,


I really enjoyed it. It’s very much the Netflix Daredevil but set firmly in the current Marvel continuity. Zdarsky really does a great job of writing the dark, morally gray version of Matt Murdock, and there doesn’t seem to be too much baggage from the previous run (I haven’t read it and had no problem following the book, at least).


Daredevil was really good. It definitely parallels the Netflix show, but mostly the good parts. Good art, great cliffhanger.


Batman 64 - First part of the four-part The Price crossover with The Flash. While at the start it deals a little with the afterwaves of HiC’s developments, it seems that the crossover will focus more on continuing Gotham Girl’s story, as she tries to revive her brother. It was okey, and it was nice to see some emotional impact from HiC somewhere.

Archie 702 - Teenage drama to the extreme! Enjoying this new take on Archie, closer to Riverdale but not that dark, the series continues to push forward various subplots concerning side characters, and creating even more relationship drama.

Archie 1941 5 - The conclusion to Mark Waid’s alternate tale, it features some nice emotional weight, but at the end it wraps up quite quickly. Seems one more issue would have been better to conclude the series.

The Wrong Earth 6 - Really enjoying this book from Tom Peyer, pity we will have to wait until 2020 for a second miniseries (there will be a FCBD special this year).

Female Furies 1 - Well, this is complicated. While I get what they were aiming for, at times it reads more like a farse (a swimsuit/cooking competition in Apokolips?!?) than a serious take on the subject, and I think that substracts from the comic and its intented message.


Ok, thanks. I haven’t read the book in years despite him being a long time favorite. Might have to pick this one up.


I just read JL Annual and 17 The Annual was a very epic and Widescreen comic. #17 was the exact opposite. very introspective and character driven. From 17,this is my favorite version of Lex. You have to be forgiving of its alteration to DC history but I loved it. I am not a big fan of spoiler text so if you want to find out what happened I suggest you seek it out on your own. I will tell you if you ask though. Also, Jarro is becoming one of my favorite side characters in DC,


Just read Immortal Hulk 13. This could be the best looking book I’ve read this year. Fantastic visuals. Unfortunately Ewing has lost me with the story. I get that Hulk is in hell but I really struggled to follow the intricacies of what was actually happening.



I am only on for the Betty issue.
This arc had some great beats, but it’s so overdone and overbearing.
Let the story tell the story and emphasize the themes. We don’t need 1/3rd of each issue being lectures.


Female Furies 1
Cecil Castellucci & Adriana Melo

This was fucking terrible. Pretty much unreadable. Same guy who wrote the new Shade series, which was pretty bad as well.
I read something like this and wonder how it even got released. The art isn’t much better.
A frustrating waste of my hard earned cash to read something by a writer who hasn’t learned to write a comic yet. I resent that as a bullshit move from DC.


Batman 64

First thing’s first - check this Sean Murphy variant out.
I had a couple of Norm Breyfogle posters on my wall, which were Detective Comics covers from his legendary run with Alan Grant.
If I was a teenage now, I’d have bought 2 copies of this and it would be going up on my wall.
I love the atmosphere of it.
I wouldn’t normally do this but I’ve went on eBay and bought a copy of it.

Apparently it’s concept art for All Star Batman.

As for the issue itself, it’s drawn by Guilleme March, an artist who I have really liked ever since his Oracle, Gotham Sirens and Catwoman days. His art is good here, more lines than he used to use though, so it’s a bit more hatched and textured.
I enjoyed the script from Williamson. Some of the dialogue at the start was too much, it improved as the issue went on and he got into a flow and dealt with the emotional beats very well. Those emotional beats sold the issue to me, linked to 2 different characters who I won’t mention in case it’s spoilers.

It’s essentially a tie-in to Heroes in Crisis but also has links to the ‘I am Gotham’ storyline from the start of King’s run. I feel this adds a bit more gravitas to the events at Sanctury, the lack of which is my biggest criticism of heroes in crisis.



Thank god we’re all on the same page with Female Furies


It’s awful

Not even subjectively awful

The actual craft of it is terrible


Yeah, no, like I posted above - as a comic, it’s badly written. But it also just badly made.
The script is all over the place, the tone is nonexistent, and the ideas are scattered and kinda nonsensical. Jesus christ.

And just like with Marvel’s America I am shocked when I see praise of it.
Saw one that said it was one of the most important comic releases this week.


I almost want to buy it so I can see how terrible it is.


Ive not even checked, is it getting praise?
I just dismissed it as garbage.

I challenge anyone to read this and try to defend it genuinely with a straight face.