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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


It just looked like something was missing to me. Like something they didn’t want to reveal. Now that I see it, it’s kind of cool.


Yeah, Batman’s cape swoosh is much easier to make out as the thumb.


I had no idea - and yeah that’s really cool

I’ve just made myself a cup of tea to sit down and read it now, filled with anticipation.


Looks like the solicitations for the Superman books are “off” by an issue or so somehow? The solicit for Superman #29 has a completely different title (solicit says “Fear Itself” part two, the issue is actually “A Minute Longer” part one), and the summary sounds like it is likely for the next issue. The cover pictured is correct.


Superman #26 was a last minute fill in issue, pushing the other issues back.


Wait the issue of Superman that I bought doesn’t have Tomasi credited as writer. I don’t have it in front of me though. Did I buy the wrong book?

I haven’t read it yet but he’s holding a lantern on the cover.


I didn’t notice either but I was more confused as to why they were seemingly confronting Aquaman.

I agree that it’s very cool.


I’ve just read Metal 1

I really enjoyed the two lead in issues to this. Not that they were amazing comics, because they were not.
But they were hugely fun comics, especially for a big DC fan.

The first few pages of this I thought ‘Oh no, this is terrible’. Capullo’s art looked rushed. The mech designs were crap. I hate warworld stuff, apart from Planet Hulk. It’s been done so many times.
But then I realised it was an intro, and as an intro, I thought it was really well done and well delivered.
I loved the whole transition from “why do I have to be the foot” “so you can kick his…” then the opening credit page popping up. Worked really well digitally.

From there I felt they nailed this very well in terms of an event that makes me nostalgic for the events of my youth. When events made me excited. When an event WAS an event and not just BAU.

All the references and cameos from the extended DC universe which I have missed in recent years - it seems to be hanging together more coherently again, a byproduct of getting their shit together overall. From the more well known characters such as Challengers of the Unknown and the Blackhawks to the late 80s and early 90s Starman, which actually swelled my heart when I saw him. Like the proverbial blast from the past.

I’ve read others mention that they felt there was a lot of exposition here and that it was ‘verbose’ as Robert described it - which is far more polite than the term ‘wordy as fuck’ that I normally use. I can see where those observations come from - but the exposition didn’t bother me because I felt it needed it, I know DC pretty well as I’ve been hooked into it for 30 odd years, and I would have struggled without the exposition this time round. I also don’t think the density bothered me as much because I was mid geekgasm.

Whereas, compared to the event over at Marvel, who have far less affinity for, Secret Empire just made me think ‘fuck this’ and I skimmed the rest of the issues because I was bored out my tits.
(That wasnt just down to the word count, but it didn’t help).

I love a mystery that’s being told in journal form and that last page, even though by this stage I knew there was going to be a big reveal, knocked my socks off.

Wonderful fun for a first issue!


Huh. Didn’t notice that myself either (haven’t read it yet), but you’re right. It’s by Keith Champagne, not Tomasi.


I liked Capullo’s art much more “rushed” looking than how it normally is.


Now see, that’s an interesting criticism. That wouldn’t be my problem with Snyder at all. Being verbose used to be a standard in comics. Reading older comics will tell you how much longer it takes to read them versus today. This isn’t a criticism of short reads by any means (I think they have more narrative impact in some ways). Bendis is particularly wordy, too. He’s known for being wordy.

My problem with Snyder is that while he acknowledges the past he kind of plays fast and loose with it. This current event comic is, as I’ve said before, textbook Snyder logic. Where someone like Johns or Morrison will take established history and build on it, Snyder uses it as a stepping stone, so that even when he’s using someone familiar (Joker), it feels like something else entirely. And he never quite knows how deep a story should go. He’s perennially gun-shy, except he builds to climactic moments anyway, without having really earned them. He’s all setup and climax, with very little in between.

Clearly his style worked extremely well with the New 52 generation, as Batman rose to the top of the sales charts quite handily and he and Capullo have obviously reached superstar status. It’s not for everyone. As we see with King’s Batman, when something’s that popular you’ll inevitably gain readers who won’t really get it, but want to go along for the ride anyway. Sustained popularity is mostly the ability to keep those fans from complaining too loudly, because they’re too busy trying to keep up with all the buzz. That’s what’s happened with King; even though it’s hard to find people who truly appreciate him, and the complaints about his style in Batman are legion, he keeps coming up with stories fans feel compelled to read anyway. Snyder had everyone onboard until he left Batman, and now there are the bandwagon fans who are just now finally getting to admit that they never got him.

…Not, hmm, to call you a bandwagon fan personally. But you get my point.


That was my main issue with the two prelude issues, moreso the second one, is that if you’re going to play with all of these conceits - the connecting tissue has to make some sort of sense. Snyder just gives a very thin, and rather ridiculous, explanation to tie all of these disparate things together and it feels like an underdeveloped foundation.


And no offense to Snyder, but that’s pretty much his game book.


Those are valid criticisms. I don’t really mind it but I completely get why you would.

Edit: and to be clear I’ve tried his Batman run three times and it never stuck, although I liked Black Mirror and his Swampy run.


I am with you in liking Black Mirror and Swampy. Very good stuff.


That is simultaneously awesome and the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen :smiley:


I enjoyed Metal well enough and didn’t really notice it was particularly verbose. It does still seem like a lot of setup though. With The Button and the 2 prelude volumes for Metal DC’s Rebirth events have been somewhat 7 issues of cock tease so far.

In many ways I prefer that to Marvel’s status quo change every 3 weeks but I think with the next issue they need to get into the meat of who the threat is and shift it along.


I didn’t notice it in the credits either but did notice a bit of change in the story dynamic.


Oh, cool - didn’t realize that. Thanks!!


I’m just going to say – people have exactly the same complaint about Geoff Johns, and have had it for well over a decade.

I think this is a case of people having, in their own heads, ‘how things should be’, and whenever someone comes along and contradicts it while referencing continuity, they return to this refrain; that he’s mis-using or changing bits. Which, of course, is how any writer is going to do it, otherwise they aren’t writers, but summarizers, historians.

Even super-fan and editor extraordinaire Mark Gruenwald regularly retconned things. I think he might have invented the term? He did it in almost everything he wrote.

That’s what happens when you build stories in a shared continuity. The story you’re telling has to be more important than the stories that came before. To you, if no one else.