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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


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This article talks about what Batman had hidden in the Fortress of Solitude. Don’t read unless you want to be spoiled on Dark Days: The Forge though.


Another big week for me with Super Sons #5, Superman #25, Trinity #10, Wild Storm #5 and possibly Justice League #23 (if @bryanhitch is back) all coming out tomorrow.


Don’t forget that @mattgarvey1981 and @DIZEVEZ 's Ether #1 today.


yeah, damn right!
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Oh and its only 99 cents so it is a bargain…



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This is an interesting subject for comic adaptation. Swordquest is a little before my time and I’ve only heard of it because of Ready Player One. Looks like there’s actually a free issue I might check out.

Also interested to hear what anyone has to say about the new Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man. It looks fun. Has Adam Kubert ever done a run on Spider-Man before?


Not on a regular title, I don’t think, but he has done a fair bit of Spider-man stuff.

Astonishing Spider-man/ Wolverine (with Jason Aaron) was a lot of fun.

He did the Dark Reign one shot with Dan Slott, and the first Renew Your Vows mini-series.

Adam’s a great artist. I really enjoy his style. If I was still buying Marvel stuff, I’d be quite tempted to get this one just for his artwork,


I really liked Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine. That was a great mini. I might have to check this out in trade at some point.

I also just realized that Superman #25 is an extra sized issue this week. That should be a real treat.

Ended up passing on Justice League #23 as Hitch didn’t write it.


Just a quick mention that Gail Simone’s Crosswind # 1 is out this week from Image, for those who are fans.


The Wild Storm is slow burn done so, so, well.
Can’t wait for the time when the Deathblow goes off.


Batman was awesome this week. King has a great feel for Riddler and Joker, making them devious and savage as hell without taking them over the top at all.

It’s set in the past, which I get because there are plans for Joker stemming from Snyder’s arc into the Metal, but I’m somewhat indifferent to another “year one” kind of take and definitely the framing device. This also sets it completely apart from the ongoing story so people who don’t read Batman can hop on board right now and be fine.

I’d recommend doing that. This is going to be an arc that is remembered and held up for a while.


So. Secret Empire is turning out pretty great, I think. Best event since the original Civil War?


What an embarrassment of riches again this week.

Super Sons #5 - I was worried how this series would maintain its momentum past one story arc especially with Superman also containing a lot of interaction between Jon and Damian. This issue put a lot of that to rest and set up a bit of a new status quo which links their relationship to Clark and Bruce’s.

Superman #25 - This book is such a treat. It wraps up the current storyline along with a lot of the first year of this book. This issue really pulls together everything good about the series and turns it up a notch all in an extra size issue with art by both Mahnke and Gleason. I can’t wait for more.

Trinity #10 - The Francis Manapul written and drawn issues are such a treat. He’s really honed his craft as a writer and artist. This issue moves the current Justice League featuring story forward and starts to hint at a twist that things might not be as they appear. I hope the next issue gives me more of the mystery.

Wild Storm #5 - I love how this series is slowly weaving the tapestry together to reveal the picture of what this world looks like. We get a peak at a Daemonite and some hit of just how long things have been going on. I love that the art seems to have been purpose built for digital (the way I’m reading it). I also had to geek out a little bit when Zealot pulled up in a perfectly rendered Nissan GT-R. Looking forward to more reveals.


Read last week’s Cinema Purgatorio #10. The book feels like it’s in a little bit of a rut at the moment - the title strip by Moore and O’Neill is fine but a bit samey, and a lot of the other strips don’t really feel like they’re offering anything new month-to-month, although the writing and art are pretty solid all round. Code Pru is probably the standout this month, adding a bit more depth to the strip’s heroine than we’ve seen in quite a while.

The Wild Storm was good again this week. The art is incredibly crisp and I like the way the story’s big picture is gradually coming into focus. The ending is a classic Ellis stop-when-you-run-out-of-pages job, though - those who are waiting to read this in trade have probably made the right choice.


WS #5 - All I can say is that they had best get a move on if it’s a limited series. Some of Ellis’ stuff can go on a panel or two too long (first Engineer sequence for sure, and maybe the flashbacks here could be terser). I do like the shift to detailed art when needed. Good stuff!


I believe the plan is 24 issues.