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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Just read it now. I think they’ve had to do a bit of this to recap a bit because there’s so much going on and because so many of the concepts are very ‘out there’z
Totally essential reading though for anyone following the series, eh?
It follows on pretty much immediately after JL 16 and there’s a few key revelations and big plot points here.

I thought the kiss between Kendra and J’onn was a very classy moment during quite a sad scene. Bringing Brainiac back in was well handled and then it just goes a leap up in scale again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything of this scale outside of a Crisis book.


It does that…!


Agreed. It’s definitely not out telling a different story like some annuals. It feels like they crammed an arc into an issue though.


I only got Action Comics. I thought it was interesting that Bendis set aside all of the subplots of the first arc and basically rolled out a dozen more subplots. At least with him you know he’ll resolve most if not all of them (he’s no Claremont in that regard), but there is suddenly a lot going on in this title. I always enjoy Epting on Superman, too.

While I love this book I will say I haven’t really liked anything with Lois just yet, including the development in this issue. I don’t really get where Bendis is going with her and why he decided to go this route.


I get the feeling everything is going to coalesce together at some point and these subplots are going to connect to the previous ones.


Yeah. His Clark and Jon are legitimately great, but his take on Lois is just weird. I don’t much like her like this.


What I believe to be DC’s next ‘event’ kicks off with Leviathan Rising in Action Comics 1007.
I love this variant cover from Gleason, even if it doesn’t make sense how Superman could do all the parallel lines at the same time, but it’s still a striking image and it looks pretty cool, so who cares.

The brilliant Steve Epting comes on board here and what I love about what Bendis is doing here is that it feels like he could tell any type of story in his Superman books. The overall tone has shifted - I think it’s brillaint that the first couple of pages made it look like we were going down the whole international espionage route with this, which I think was a playful trick aimed at the readers who are familiar with the books that Epting has worked on.
Although there is a lot of covert stuff going on here so Epting is a good choice. His action scenes also look great.

I really enjoyed this, but it was a bit nuts in places. They set up 3 rather large situations Lois telling General Lane that Superman is his son in law and him walking away from her, Jimmy’s date at the Kobra rally, and then the scene with Waller at the end .

I’m sure they are all connected but Bendis seems to be totally buzzing with story ideas at the moment, I’ve never seen anything like this from 1 creator at the same time, between all the books he’s working on just now.
I’m normally against a writer doing so many books at the same time but he’s just taken it to a whole new level, I don’t if it’s just natural to him now and his years of experience are shining through.


Is the Leviathan of Leviathan Rising the same one from Grant Morrison’s Batman run?


As of yet I don’t know…I did think about this when I heard the name…and it seems a bit crazy to use that name again in such close succession…but I never spotted anything that issue to link them…not sure if any of the others who read it did :grinning:

Also, while you’re here dave, as I might not get the time later, I’m halfway thru WW Earth One vol 2, it’s great. The whole Paula Von Gunther idea is brilliant, I wondered where he was going with it at the beginning.
And Paquette’s art is just mind blowing


I’ve been wondering that too.


Glad you’re enjoying it. The stuff with Dr Psycho/Nick Cave is really well-handled too I think. And yeah the art is fantastic.


On Bendis’ Superman/Leviathan stuff, I found this article which sheds a little light.

I’m following Bendis’ Superman stuff in trade so I’m well behind on this, but I’ll look forward to reading it eventually.



League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest #4

As this book hurtles towards its conclusion - both of this miniseries and, apparently, of the LoEG saga altogether - it’s clear that Moore and O’Neill are intent on things going out with a bang.

This issue is dazzling for all sorts of reasons, and while some of them are linked with fairly traditional plot twists (that threaten to turn things upside-down and make us question what we thought we knew about some major players in this series), some of the reasons are more to do with the creators’ fearless formal experimentation.

As the cover suggests, this issue has a lot of fun parodying well-known British kids’ comics as well as a host of other renowned comic strips, presenting different sequences of the story in the guise of different features (with O’Neill altering his art, sometimes quite drastically, to match).

It’s been present throughout Tempest so far, but it’s never been more pronounced than it is here.

It’s the kind of thing that could fall apart as a jumbled mess, but somehow the strong dramatic through-lines - some of which have been running since the very start of LoEG - help to hold it all together.

Without giving too much away, it all climaxes in a sequence that sets up an apocalyptic conclusion for the book that goes way beyond anything seen in the series so far - and Moore has pretty good form with comicbook apocalypses, so I’m definitely willing to go with him on this one.

My favourite moment in the comic, though, comes from the backup strip where Moore and O’Neill can cut loose with their sillier sides. Here, they delve into mystical/occult heroes with a particular riff on the likes of Ditko and Dr Strange, resulting in this laugh-out-loud panel:

(And without spoiling it, what follows is Moore resolving things through a winning combination of great silliness, clear intelligence, ruthless logic and complete nonsense.)

My only complaint with this issue is that it didn’t come with its own set of ‘4D-specs’ for the 3D section, so I had to dig out the ones from last issue and use those. And that’s literally the only bad thing I have to say about it.


It’s Wednesday and round dese parts that means mostly one thing and that’s NEW COMICS!!

Have at it…


This week, courtesy of Comixology, I’ll be mostly reading

Archie 702

Batman 64

Female Furies 1

Immortal Hulk 13

Justice League 17

Man and Super 1 (Marv Wolfman)

The Dreaming 6

The Green Lantern 4

The Wrong Earth 6

Young Justice 2


New Green Lantern out today I think. Can’t wait for that one.


Actually, scrap that, Man and Superman is £6.99

100 pages or not, I’m not paying that for a digital copy of anything

One for the sales - sorry Marv…


Female Furies #1: Well…this was bad. As a Fourth World fan there are some obvious things I dislike about it, but taken away from all of that it’s just a badly written comic. With a huge tonal problem that works against it and ends up ruining all of the hefty themes it wants to play with. In the end coming off extremely incompetent. There are ways this could have been done better, but it lacks any of the tact. The art is neat…but that’s it.


I was thinking about picking up Uncanny X-Men #11 to see the Cyclops/ Wolverine reunion, but it’s another ridiculously expensive comic. Hard pass!

I’ll just go drool over my copy of Young Justice #2 instead :heart_eyes:

How’s Batman #64? I generally liked “The Button” and quite fancy getting this, but I fucking hate Let’s-All-Shit-On-Wally-West-Fans In Crisis. Am I going to hate this too?


Well, without having read it, it’s about Wally’s autopsy, so yeah, one assumes you will hate it.