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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I feel Vertigo should go back to their roots on that one. Initially a lot of their series were minis and then got picked up to series if they got some buzz. It’s a bit of a circular thing now where I’m reluctant to pick up a new series in case it ends like Unfollow or various others in recent years, that then means they are more likely to get canned.


The best Vertigo series right now is Moon Knight.


Thank god someone said it.
Same. I feel like every since the Avengers run in that it’s been losing the magic that made it special to begin with. The underpinned themes being brought way too much and becoming overbearing and overstuffed that is kind of a disservice to the narrative. When these exact things were so much better balanced in the first three issues. Where the narration and more esoteric themes were coordinated and worked in tandem with the story at hand.

But now it just feels like a slog.
I’d have dropped it if it wasn’t for the Betty Ross issue soon, but I might after that.


Hopefully it gets back on track once this arc is over


This cover from Eaglesham is amazing but I’m a bit concerned that we are at the 2nd issue and he’s not on interiors for the book.
Marco Santucci does a superb job of keeping the look consistent with the first issue though.
I have no problems with these two artists rotating providing it keeps the book on track and it means that Eaglesham is going to be in future issues - although, if I hadn’t been so looking forward to Johns and Eaglesham pairing up again I’d be more than happy with Santucci being the main artist on the book. He gets it spot on.

This issue picks up from the revelation of last issue and also the wonderfully fun and adventurous idea of The Magiclands map to the 7 magiclands and the Station. Where will the kids choose to go first? You’ll need to buy the issue to find out!
This is a brilliant family book and would make good material for an Amblin/Goonies toned sequel to the Shazam movie that’s coming out fairly soon.
Absolutely loved this, so much fun, with a real creepy side just under the surface.


After a really dark and enjoyable first issue, I think Venditti veers into territory that is below him, and where i find problems with his writing; action and incidental, lazy dialogue.
The majority of this book is mostly both of those and it makes my eyes glaze over. It’s a personal thing with me, im not a big fan of lots of action in comics, I havnt been since before I was a teenager. The same goes for most action in blockbuster movies. I’ve seen it all done before thousands of times. It’s boring to me.
Good comics are all about world building, storytelling, characterisation, drama and giving the reader a hook to care about. It’s where Venditti succeeds so well with Hawkman but he’s going into similar territory here as he did at points with his inconsistent Green Lantern run.
You can tell when he’s phoning it in.
You can tell when a writer has written a script in a day and is letting the poor artist do all the heavy lifting for them - there’s a bunch of writers at Marvel right now who are guilty as hell of it. DC has done well to avoid it in the last 3 years, so it’s disappointing to see it here after such a promising start.

Basically the heroes take down a Nazi sentinel to wake the people up to the idea that there is heroes amoung them and spread a message of hope. I get why he did it, but I don’t feel it merited a whole issue.

This will probably read fine as part of a collected edition. But as a single issue it tanked.
I’ll keep reading because I’m hopeful that it was just a blip.



Heroes in Crisis 5: Sigh… 5 issues out of 9 and we still don’t have a clear picture of who died in Sanctuary. As a mystery this is worse than Identity Crisis. Lots of pages clearly written so Mann can show his skills (very nice art as usual), but the plot moves barely foward, and it seems to one of the worst possible resolutions. Batgirl’s dialogue in particular was… not good.

Flash Annual 02 Labeled as a Heroes in Crisis tie-in, it barely is. The annual is clearly a setup for a big Flash storyline happening this year, with a couple of pages devoted to acknowledge that HiC happened and a couple of pages showing that yes, Impulse is back, but he doesn’t interact with anyone in this issue, and goes off to join Young Justice. So a little misleading.

Betty & Veronica 02 Better than the first issue, but still so so. It had the same weakness as the previous Vixens series, but in this issue the drama concerning B&V goes through the roof, with multiple relationships dilemmas, parent problems and more happening at the same time.


I seriously don’t think that Freedom Fighters works inherently under Venditti.
Like, he seems to be thinking he’s writing a very face-front patriotic and emboldened story…but the art, actions, and aesthetic seem to be completely at odds with this.

Like, the Freedom Fighters will destroy an entire city block right in front of civilians…and this will somehow reinvigorate the american spirit?
Maybe if it didn’t pull so much from Mastermen, or was a very throwback oriented story in terms of style and substance, but the art being very dark and eerie makes it feel so uneasy and the more mature leanings make it feel undercooked.


Then also the old powers came back??!?!?!?!

That is some reading, I say !!
Glad I now have the oversized HC (for 13 bucks :slight_smile: ) because I think I can now read without glasses … the comic I would have had to put my reading glasses on :slight_smile:
That Perez can get a lot on one page, man!!


Final read from last week (bar justice league, which I have all 3 parts of to read), saved the one I was most looking forward to till last

It’s a REALLY clever cover from Jamal Campbell and inside his art continues to be just as clever, from the explosive double page splash on 2 & 3, to the various thoughtful layouts across the book.
Between this book and Young Justice they are really pushing the dynamism in the art.

I really loved this book. I’ve not read other comments yet in case there was spoilers, so I’ll scroll up shortly, but I feel they’ve found a nice niche for this character here and she provides a really interesting lens to view the DC universe through.
I love the design of Naomi, she feels realistic, she also acts like a real person and her and her friends seem like such a great group I’d like to hang out with - characters of this age can often be quite irritating, depending on who is giving them the voice, or if they grinding their own axe through that character - which I’ve found to be a real problem with a lot of writers breaking through in the last 5 or so years. Their snarky, sarcastic characters are representive of their own outlook.
So Bendis and Walker have put a lot of effort in here into creating a rounded, likeable teen.

I’ll briefly open a can of worms because it’s relevant here. This is how you do diversity well.
Create a new character, with passion, and use them to tell stories and not tick boxes or be your political soapbox because arguing with cunts on twitter and Facebook doesn’t scratch that itch deeply enough for you.

I love the pacing of the book and how it moves from the conversation the kids are having about superman appearing in their town where nothing happens (remember this feeling?) and then the revelation right at the bottom of the double page spread where the rays of the setting sun are like a lightbulb going off in Naomi’s head, as they light up the side of her face;

And right there you know where it’s going (if you’ve read the first half of the book - don’t worry this pic won’t spoil anything if you have not) but it almost makes the next few pages even more enjoyable as Naomi tries to follow up on her mystery.

Great first issue, Bendis just can do no wrong at the moment.



That seems to be the case with his Batman as well. Cut the fluff from this 100 issue arc and it could be three quarters of that or less.


I really loved Naomi #1. It feels really fresh. I feel like Bendis is doing some great stuff with the medium now too. I used to hate is propensity toward double page spreads especially because I read digitally but he really has started to make them work well in his DC books.

Anyway, it’s a new Wednesday. Looks like I have Action Comics #1007 and Justice League Annual #1 on my pull list today.


This week’s digital reads

Action 1007
Justice League Annual 1
Heroes in crisis 5
Justice league odyssey 5
Books of magic 4
Detective comics 997

And marvel’s knights 6, only because this wraps it up


I have the latest Black Hammer: Quantum Age to read. Looking forward to that one.


Detective Comics is pretty great. I knew I should have added this to my pull list when it was announced Tomasi and Mahnke were the creative team.


books of magic 4

Tim gets caught using magic in school and on the last page enters the dreaming

That is literally the plot of this issue
Read in 3 or 4 minutes. I’m a slow reader.


Justice league odyssey 5

This has got worse with each subsequent issue. The art is a mess but Williamson’s script is mediocre and unengaging.
Like Williamson’s Flash, it’s written in such a boring style that it’s hard to care what is happening.
Williamson coming to DC was an exciting idea but he’s been a bit of a non event. Some guys are just much better on creator owned titles.
I’m glad Dan Abnett is taking over this book. I’m hoping he can somehow rescue it, given the cosmic side of it he could be a good fit although I’d given almost anything Abnett writes a chance.
He said got a job on his hands.

I appreciate to an extent what I think Williamson is trying to do with these characters, making them essentially the new New Gods, but the execution is a toil.


heroes in crisis 5

I don’t have as many problems with this book as others do. I’ve also enjoyed seeing the blue and gold pairing again.
I’m not sure I approve of King’s structure or story telling technique here - it’s a bit stuttering when reading it month to month. I’m not sure if a collected edition would read better.
However, it’s different. It’s a story we havnt fully seen done before and that’s a rather large plus point for me.

That said, this really needs a couple of rather big revelations or reveal towards the end or it will fall flat. (I know one is hinted at here, but Not interested in any speculation, just in case anyone has heard anything - I’d rather find out by reading the book).
This issue explores how the revelations of sanctuary would affect the mental health of the public, it’s a pretty good idea for exploration and seems the impact that Superman/Tom King are concerned about would be likely if this were a real world situation - there’s a few analogues here to the current day, or various traumas, some of which King will have certainly experienced or had exposure to given his former career. And also mental health issues, that some in here will probably be familiar with.
I think Superman’s speech was a rather good way to put this across both to the world inside the book and to the reader watching on.



Action Comics #1007 - This issue makes an interesting play on the desktop theme that has opened every issue since Bendis took over (see below). It also starts to do some interesting things with the Superman’s supporting characters namely a conversation Lois has with her father, Sam Lane, where she reveals that Clark is Superman. It’s a small change but has huge ramifications. There are also a couple huge explosions that happen taking out those not necessarily on Superman’s side. This wouldn’t have normally been the book I would have went to for a mystery but this really feels like it’s building to something huge and I’m definitely along for the ride.

Justice League Annual #1 - The writing team for the regular monthly book is credited here but this story does not feel like it was written by them. The things happening the story are fun and interesting and really move along the concept that has been set out with this era of the Justice League but there is an overuse of expository narration that really gets in the way for me. I am also hoping that they didn’t just biff Starman by completely depowering him. I’ve been really enjoying this iteration of the character. I’m still very much onboard with this book as it’s been one of my favorite iterations of the team. Bring on the next issue.


Justice League 14, 15, 16

This series of Justice League has been nothing short of epic, and the density of it rewards, maybe actually requires multiple reads.
It’s rich with grounding in DC history going back to Crisis era DC concepts and there’s an impressively complex tapestry being woven here.

What Snyder and Tynion have done here, together with their group of talented artists, is make this JL book key to the current DC universe. I mean this in terms of keeping up with the status quo off the back of the likes of Metal.

I would actually go as far as to say this is like a mega, extended event book, such is the scope and cast of characters who have played their part.

Across these 3 issues, something Ronnie has been posting about in recent weeks, is a mini arc which still ties into the overarching plot of the title - and it’s a beauty for all of us who grew up reading DC comics in the early to mid 90s - sticking the likes of Starman (not James Robinson’s version) and Hawkworld in here (remember the amazing, beautiful, Tim Truman prestige series from back in the day?) really appeals and I felt the sense this is likely Tynion IV’s influence, given the 90s influences on his Detective Comics run.

Jim Cheung’s art is nothing short of meticulously breathtaking in terms of his hatching and lines. It is already a dense read, due to the writing style, but it took me even longer to read his pages as I was ogling over those amazing lines, as he grows closer to resembling a sort of peak era JRJR, whilst retaining his own style.
Cheung’s art is instantly recognisable and I’ve long since thought he was moving into the realms of one of the best artists in the business - he’s in the top tier now as far as my personal tastes go. Is a shame that there’s no little of it and that the art duties are split, Cheung doesn’t seem to be the quickest of artists given the rate of his output, but Segovia does a very good job on the Hawkworld set scenes and the flip between the two is not overly jarring.

Back to the density point; Tynion IV and Snyder are both very dense writers, but thankfully it’s Tynion IV who has written the actually script here, as unlike most writers who are on the verbose side these days, Tynion’s dialogue and narrative boxes always tend have purpose and his style actually comes across a lot stronger and more polished than his mentor. He’s the better writer in my biased opinion and this Escape from Hawkworld arc benefits from his fingers being at the keyboard, without losing any of Snyders big ideas. They should actually work like this more often, Snyder with the big concepts and Tynion doing the scripts and reigning in or almost editing Snyder, which Metal and much of his new 52 batman run could both have really done with.

The resolution to the cliffhanger on the 2nd last page of 14 was handled deftly in 15, 15 then hints further at their visit to Thanagar being linked to something much bigger, which the conclusion goes into in great depth in 16.
Most of the arc focusses on Kendra, J’onn and John Stewart in terms of the JL crew - which is a nice break away from the Trinity and the Legion of Doom. It’s also good to see a bit of Thanagar Prime and read about some of its culture while our heroes investigate it’s secrets. It’s a great 3 issue arc and a lot of reading.

Be warned though it’s a lot to get your head around.



Pick up the pace so we can talk about Justice League in real time. :wink:

I’m really enjoying the book. It does feel like one big, sustained event but in a good way.


Funny. I’ve been reading those issues the last few days too. Really loved #13, and about halfway through “Escape …” now, with the annual to read later on.

This book feels very much like Remender’s Uncanny X-Force to me. Every single arc is epic, and it just builds and builds and builds.


I also read Tynion’s Justice League Dark #7, and that’s such a brilliant issue. I don’t think you’re reading this, Ronnie, but I would recommend you and others give this issue a try. It’s a spooky little done in one horror story. Tynion writes this in pure Claremont mode, with gorgeous artwork to match.