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Oh aye, forgot about Hulk


The Wild Storm #19

Nice to see this book back again. This issue is a real tale of two halves and is pretty heavy on exposition, with an early section that sets out an abridged history of Jenny Sparks, and a later section that gives us a big-picture overview of what’s been going on in the series since the start.

That makes sense, given that we’re kicking off the fourth and final arc of the book: it gets everyone up to speed and sets out who is who, what their goals are, and what is at stake.

(It also highlights that this book has a cast that is far too big to be truly manageable, but that’s another story.)

While I found the back half of the issue to be a bit or an infodump, it provides a nice counterpoint to the opening section - with the early pages on Jenny Sparks showing us Who She Is and the later pages filling us in on How She Came To Be (among other things).

And Hunt’s art is great throughout - I love the retro sci-fi look of the 1950s-set pages (complete with moire-inducing dot-patterns) and he pulls off some nice panel-to-panel transitions later on.

Oh, and did I mention the cheeky glimpse of Apollo and Midnighter? Nice.


Uncanny X-Men Annual: I know Cyclops, I know


Is that Star Lord’s original costume? It’s a long time since I read his comics, but… hmm, hold on… [google google]

Yes, thought so:



Well spotted ma man


Look at the bottom left of the cover. It’s a Bernie Wrightson piece from 1975.


Now I feel embarrassed for not recognising Wrightson, but in my defence it was a very small image :wink:

Is it retro cover week at Marvel or something?


I’d love to have a poster of that Wrightson cover…


I know I said this last week about Hawkman, but Immortal Hulk is also starting to feel like one of those classic runs we’re going to run out of praise for, with reviews coming down to “It keeps being so good.” This week’s issue was so great, harkening back to a lot of things established decades ago. Probably the best Marvel book going right now.


don’t know. Hopefully this is one of those Chekov gun type of things and we will learn so what happened to Rocket.

As for the book. The art and the writing could be better. For Instance the Black Order sealing the body for Hela not knowing her plans for it and I had trouble identifying some of the characters on the first few pages


I’m so glad that Ewing has been able to have a run without crossover or relaunch every few issues as he got on the Avengers books.

Those of us that know him first through his 2000ad work always knew he was really talented. A lot has been made of whether Marvel are signing up the right writers but you also have to wonder if they are being given a chance to make their mark. Listening to Millar on the Scroobius Pip podcast yesterday he said he signed for Marvel at $10 less per page than he got at DC but they gave him creative freedom to do what he wanted on a book. Which ended up being great for both of them as his career took off and he gave them a number 1 book in Ultmate X-Men (and then many more that did even better).



I’m finding I need to stop talking about it because I keep repeating myself and boring people.

Glad others feel the same about the book


Justice League #16 - Still loving this book. It’s just so good in the way that it features characters off and on. I know a big deal was made about the change to Martian Manhunter’s origin but it wasn’t anything that particularly bothered me. I’m really liking the inclusion of Starman in this. I can’t wait for more.

Naomi #1 - Wow! Bendis is on fire. This was a great first issue and really starts to set up the main character and mystery behind her. Could Naomi be to Clark Kent/Superman what Miles Morales is to Peter Parker/Spider-Man? I can’t wait to find out.


Naomi was great. I didn’t have high hopes for this at all, but I was really happy with it. What a great issue. Be fun to see where it goes.

Bendis at D.C. has been better than I had hoped. Amazing what a change of scenery will do for the creative mind. I hope he stays on these smaller books, and keeps away from big teams and huge events. I mean, I know eventually he’ll get an event, but I hope he has remembered what about his skill set works and what doesn’t.


Batman #63 looked gorgeous and gave a bit of an explanation for last issue. But I’m really not feeling this arc. As much as I want to see a confrontation with Bane and Batman Earth II, I’m probably dropping this and adding Detective Comics. I can’t imagine spending nearly $150 to have the complete arc.


Contrary to popular belief I actually like that other people enjoy books I think are mediocre. Like this one. So boring and way too many words. Well, too many unnecessary words to be precise. This is most definitely my jumping off point.


Went and picked up Hawkman #8, as I needed my Hitchy-fix! Our Bryan is in fine fettle here, big panoramas and also huge set pieces with his Kryptonian ancestor-self on that fatal last day. The dialog is the story on one level, the art is the story on another level, both adding depth and gravitas. Well done!


I can’t agree enough. I rarely can finish a comic these days but that was what Bendis as always done best. Looking forward to more of this.


I’ve been catching up on Justice League, reading it all again from the start (it’s a bit too wordy and a bit daft but the saving grace is there’s a lot of characters I like in it and there has been some really good parts)

So just started on this week’s books. I’m a bit lost with Batman. Not enjoying this arc of Hulk as much as the others.

Aquaman 44 was awful. After a good start it’s descended into badly written padded out gibberish. Not looking good for Kelly Sue, I can see readers dropping this in their droves afte this issue. I’m going to keep reading in the hope that it’s just a blip but the pacing is all over the place and the 3 pages of gods introducing themselves was just a blatant, desperate way to use up pages. She’s no Pat Mills, I think that’s what’s she’s tried to do here and it falls horribly flat.


American Carnage 3 continues to be excellent. This is a good crime series from Vertigo with good writing and art and a lot of drama. Both Tom King and Kelly Sue deconnick could learn from Bryan Hill on how to put dialogue to a narrative. I hope this does well, I fear it won’t given the lack of publicity and most of Vertigo’s stuff goes under the radar now.


Speaking of a good Vertigo series with top writing and art, Lucifer 4, it keeps getting better. I love trying to figure out what is going on with John, Penny and her cousin and what narration is reliable and unreliable - Watters emphasises this so well when he has the duel narrative boxes for Robert Ewell’s perspective and the coven’s perspective. Where this surpasses most of the nonsense books of this ilk that are on the shelves, and a lot of badly written TV and film is that Watter’s is giving us answers now - not just a bunch of questions he hasn’t even figured out the anwers to yet himself, trying desperately to appear clever.
It’s such a well written book and it’s engaged me so well. The art is just fantastic.


Cover 5 there’s a cover quote here that’s along the lines of what I’ve said before about this book but it will put it far more succinctly than I can in this blizzard of typing unrefined thoughts into my iPhone “A relentlessly impressive example of the possibilities of the comic book medium”
And the story is great an’ all.