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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I flipped it through it and really dug the art and the look of it. I’ll definitely be looking for it on Unlimited.


Superboxers (Marvel # 8 OGN Dutch version): I already had several versions of the Dutch edition (because I could never leave them … so good !!) but when I finally saw this original I HAD TO take it with me!

The Darkness: Four Horsemen # 1-4 (or 4)> I already had one issues and found it very good. Great that I have now found the other parts!

Semiautomagic TPB (Writer: Alex de Campi Artist: Jerry Ordway): this one I have just read and DAMN is good! Artwork is insane, but the story is so fabulous good !! Goosebumps!


I really enjoyed Conan, the Barbarian #2. A much more engaging story than in the debut issue. This is the sort of story that Aaron does so well. And Asrar’s artwork is astonishing. He’s really coming into his own here.

The return of the “Black Mirror” creative team has been surprisingly unheralded around here, which is a shame because Batman Who Laughs #2 is very tense, almost apocalyptic read. Scott Snyder continues his Batman/ Joker bromance, but even these two are outmatched here. Good stuff.


This Green Lantern run is quickly turning into everything I hoped for and more.

Each issue stands up to re-reads.

One for the deluxe hardcover treatment please

I just hope there’s been good reaction to it in general and that it inspires Morrison and Sharp to do a season 2

12 issues is not enough


With or without extra pages in the paperback version? :wink:


Behind on my comics after a few trips away. I caught up with Gideon Falls today, just look at this:

Best book on the stands today, Sorrentino is outdoing himself, great characters, tension and mood, shocks and surprises. Just fantastic.

Actually Sorrentino’s work here is often reminding me of Arthur Ranson and for me that’s the highest praise, he’s in my top 5 favourites artists ever.


Yeah, I just read the first TPB yesterday; it’s great.


Perhaps because DC has had such a good period, approaching 3 years now, with a lot of good books, there’s been one or two that feel like they’ve been slightly overlooked.

Now onto it’s 8th issue, Hawkman continues to be one of those books.
This is the best I’ve read from Venditti and Bryan Hitch has been at his usual brilliant standard.
This book charts a course through the various incarnations of Hawkman or Carter Hall, some of whom many of you will be familiar with, and some lesser known or unknown forms as well.

I mentioned before that Venditti has come up with a new, and brilliant twist on his origin - which serves to make sense of the concept of Hawkman and also leveraged perfectly for this tale.
It’s an adventure and a mystery, with Venditii making great use of Carter’s journal throughout and with all the various incarnations, Hitch is getting the chance to show off his design sensibilities, in addition to the storytelling and widescreen splashpages he is known for.

Each issue ends on a great cliffhanger which always leaves me wanting more.

As you can see from the fantastic cover (which makes some great use of colour)

This issue feature a Kryptonian incarnation, Catar-Ol, and manages to make a very familiar subject regarding Krypton, fresher and emotional. It almost serves as done in one despite being key part of the overall arc that has been ongoing since issue one.

For those familiar with the character, I really highly recommend picking this run up.



On the subject of DC comics, a guy I’ve given some fair stick to over the past couple of years, Steve Orlando, has hit a high point.

They require a bit of care and serious attention and thought when reading them, but both Electric Warriors and Martian Manhunter are fantastic.
I think that it helps that he has been paired with Travel Foreman and Riley Rossmo on these books, but they are both really great.

It’s a pleasure to be surprised like this, especially as Orlando I feel has been a let down a few times, but if you are looking for something in the DC Universe that’s a bit different and offers something very few other comics do, both these titles are well worth checking out.

He’s still not the easiest writer to read, but there’s enough here that it can be forgiven in both these cases.


I agree with you on this. Each month Hawkman is a fun read and beautiful to look at. I can spend just as much time admiring the panels as I can reading the book.


Hawkman is starting to feel like one of those great runs we all went gaga over here in the past - Brubaker’s Cap, Fraction’s Hawkeye, Morrison’s Batman, etc. Great to see such a solid, well-thought-out run on an often-overlooked character finding its wings (ha!) in its infancy.


I just read this. I liked it, but remember, I think Donny Cates is a good writer!

However, I’m a bit out of the cosmic loop so can someone tell me the key books I need to read to understand:
-when drax died
-when gamora went bad
-why they don’t talk about rocket
-when did Groot start talking (awful)


Guess what day it is? What’re you picking up? What’re you reading?

Looks like Justice League #16 and Naomi #1, Bendis’s new book, for me.


Cover #5 (cause DAVID MACK!!)
Dissension War Eternal #5
Jughead Hunger Vol 2 TP

And cause I forgot to pre-order I am trying to backorder the following!

True Believers Conan Secret Of Skull River #1
Blossoms 666 #1 (another one from the realm of Archie Horror!!)


Drax dying was recent, like two weeks ago:

The Gamora stuff was back at the start of Infinity Wars.


Just the new Wild Storm for me (it’s back!).

Interested to hear how Naomi is though.


Lot of good stuff out this week and I’ve had to drop a few books from my digital pull list, including High Heaven which has meandered a bit and the new Aliens book by Brian Wood, just purely because I’d rather wait until it’s finished, pick up in a sale and read the issues back to back. As much as I’d like to read the first issue now.

American Carnage 3
Aquaman 44
Batman 63
Cover 5
Freedom Fighters 2
Immortal Hulk 12
Justice League 16
Lucifer 4
Naomi 1
Shazam 2

Lot to look forward to there, pretty excited to read Naomi.


Just looking at the list as I’ve posted it and realised it’s all DC. That’s pretty remarkable.

I considered the Oliver book by Gary Whitta, but I’ll maybe hold off and wait for some buzz as I’m not overly interested in the concept plus there’s been a raft of very mediocre new series from Image recently


That was the impression I got from the first issue. It was ok, but a bit directionless.


Al Ewing is keeping you on one Marvel book.